Four more September call-ups

The Reds announced during Monday’s game that four more players will be called up from Triple-A Louisville:

LHPs Tony Cingrani and Brandon Finnegan
RHP Josh Smith
IF/OF Kristopher Negron

The name not on the list that surprised me is RHP and No. 2 prospect Robert Stephenson. He had a 4.04 ERA in 11 starts for Louisville, but he was hit hard two outings ago in a short three-inning start not long after he missed some time on the disabled list.

“I wanted him to get the innings, I think he’s going to do that down in the instructional league, that’s my understanding,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “We just want to get him up and get him the innings so that if he makes the club or he’s up during the season next year that he’ll be — we won’t have to look at cutting him off in September because he hits an innings limit. My big concern for Robert is he get the innings. If it’s not here and we feel he’s better served in the instructional league, I’m fine with that, as well.”

Cingrani will be used from the bullpen this month.

“He can pitch two-to-three innings,” Price said. “We’ve been without a lefty for a long time beyond Chapman. As you can see, we get into these situations where I’m using Badenhop or Diaz, in today’s case. Trying to find our right-handers to get lefties out consistently. It’ll be nice to have. Manny should be able to pitch here in the next couple of days. Having Tony will be nice for that situation too, just to be able to match up every now and again. It’s challenging not to have a situational left-hander when teams can stack their lineup against right-handed starters, that will be a bonus for us for sure.

For jersey number enthusiasts, Finnegan will wear No. 31. Price said he would likely be used out of the bullpen for the time being as the big league club gets a first up-close look at him.

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I agree . Stephenson should be here . I can’t figure this organization out.

They may be holding Stephenson back because of his injury letting him heal a little bit more before they start him in fullbore again especially after his poor showing at the end at Louisville.

No, he shouldn’t be. If they refrain from purchasing his contract until June of next year they ensure they get a “7th” major league season from him and keep him from becoming a Super 2 Arb player. He doesn’t have to be protected from the upcoming Rule 5 draft, these games mean nothing, this team should be trying to lose to get a better draft pick and higher international signing pool.

Price should stop worrying about having guys healthy next September, he won’t be here and this club won’t be in contention next September anyway.

You have a point .

So the manager shouldn’t worry about the health and well-being of his players , interesting concept.

Is that what I said Hoosier? Nope, it certainly wasn’t. Price shouldn’t be concerned with having these players next season because he won’t be managing this ball club. The Reds should be focused on the longterm, bringing Stephenson up now hampers the longterm.

Kinsm, noticed you left out the word healthy this time. You do realize that the decision of how these players are going to be used in the future is not just Price’s decision. If Price is a true professional which he is, then he will continue to do his job as he sees best and as he is told to do with some players and their development. He has not been fired yet that will happen after the season is over. I don’ t see him as a quitter.

Reds Notes: Finnegan, Frazier, Cozart
By Steve Adams [September 7, 2015 at 7:01pm CDT]
MLB Trade Rumors
Brandon Finnegan, the left-handed pitcher who served as the centerpiece for the Reds in their trade of Johnny Cueto to the Royals, had some harsh words for his former team in an interview with Jonathan Lintner of the Louisville Courier-Journal. “The Royals kind of screwed me over this year,” said Finnegan of his time bouncing back and forth between the rotation and the bullpen. “I wouldn’t have done what I did if it wasn’t for them last year. But you could tell they just didn’t have a clue what to do with me.” (In a series of tweets from his Twitter account, Finnegan said he did not intend his words to express displeasure with his prior employer.) A starter in his college days at TCU, Finnegan was fast-tracked to the Majors to serve as a bullpen weapon in last year’s playoff push for the Royals. However, he believes himself to be a starter long-term and clearly feels that lack of a defined role with the Royals has contributed to his struggles since converting back to a starter with Cincinnati: “I like starting. … Getting back into it has been tough, but I’ve got a great team to do it with. These guys have been very welcoming.” Manager Bryan Price spoke highly of Finnegan’s stuff, though interestingly, his Triple-A manager, Delino DeShields, told Lintner that he believes Finnegan’s best role is in the bullpen.
Fangraphs’ Neil Weinberg examines the second-half collapse of Todd Frazier. As Weinberg notes, it’s a fairly common narrative that the Home Run Derby has impacted Frazier’s performance, but there’s historically little evidence to prove that the Derby can have that type of lasting impact. Looking for the reason behind the slump, Weinberg notes a drastic increase in inner-third pitches thrown to Frazier as well as a large increase in fastballs. Pitchers have begun to bust Frazier in on the inner third far more often, and Frazier is making less contact in general and hitting the ball into the ground much more frequently when he does connect. Weinberg concludes by noting that while breakouts make for fun stories, they’re often notable because they’re difficult to sustain. “…Frazier is a good reminder that judging a player by their best or worst stretches is a good way to misjudge a player,” writes Weinberg.
Shortstop Zach Cozart says that his rehab from season-ending knee surgery has gone well,’s Mark Sheldon reports. He is only now nearing the point where he’ll begin running and performing agility exercises, but that still represents a big gain after having torn both the anterior cruciate and lateral collateral ligaments of his right knee. Cozart says he “anticipate[s] being stronger than ever at Spring Training.” Certainly, Cincinnati will hope that he can pick up where he left off: a .258/.310/.459 slash with nine home runs in 214 plate appearances.
Of course, fellow shortstop Eugenio Suarez — acquired in last winter’s Alfredo Simon deal — has performed admirably since taking over for Cozart, slashing a robust .291/.328/.476 with 11 long balls and four stolen bases over 296 turns at the plate. Suarez won’t even reach arbitration eligibility until 2018, while Cozart has two more years of arb control. As noted in today’s Mailbag, it’s certainly possible to imagine the Reds aiming to open the year with that pair playing up the middle in the infield, possibly by looking to deal veteran Brandon Phillips.

As I said a week ago I could see Suarez playing second but trading BP would be a PR nightmare.

Frazier’s batting woes may also be affecting his fielding…
2012 – 155 CH/5 E – .968 FLD%
2013 – 337 CH/10 E – .970 FLD%
2014 – 298 CH/9 E – .970 FLD%
2015 – 331 CH/16 E – .952 FLD%

I hope he doesn’t plan on the Reds to be any different .

ok so we are going to do what Finnegan was upset KC did to him. Oh and we are going to make him a bullpen guy after he is the star piece to the Cueto trade. Nothing I want more than a solid bullpen guy when I trade my ace pitcher. What are we doing here guys???? You put him the rotation instead of Sampson and see what happens.

Sampson is the best Single A pitcher playing in the Major Leagues (besides Hoover)

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