Game 132: Reds at Cubs



you are telling me the reds can’t play any of the call ups in left field because they want to be competitive because they are playing playoff teams? newsflash guys they have not been all season with the same lineup why would the last month make any difference? any time you have skippy in left you are not going to be competitive let alone win. what is the point of calling up any outfielders if you refuse to play them? they may not be the prospects and future of the organization that we want to see but they have to be better than kippy and the garbage they put out everyday. what a joke this team is with the ex-cardinal in charge.

It all has to do with preserving the game’s integrity down the stretch vis-a-vis contenders, whom we play in September most days. Notice: only a pitcher and a catcher have been thus far summoned.

look at the reds record and tell me playing a rookie left fielder will affect the integrity of the game? so because they are playing the same teams that have pounded them all season Lemarre or Duvall can’t play left? that somehow playing them instead of skippy will affect the integrity of the game? sorry there is no way you can justify playing that loser ex-cardinal! and the 2 guys I mentioned are not long term prospects but they are better than walt’s favorite baseball player! I would rather see them strike out 5 times a game than watch skippy play another game!

It would benefit the team and ALL call ups, attention REDS brass, play the call ups especially Duvall who hasn’t played since his PH-2 run HR-actually won the game, play Lamarr also. Call ups should not sit, play them. We know what to nights’ LF can do and can’t do, play the CALL UPS, after all the REDS are over 30 games out. There
is something wrong the way the REDS are being ran. Perhaps a changing of the guard needs to be replaced!!!!

Unspoken rule of the game: you play your veteran bests (even if they aren’t) in meaningful games in September…

It just seems to me that since the REDS are out of contention for anything, plus being over 30 games back in the standings they would play the new men, such as Lamarre and Duvall. They would probably do a lot better than some that are playing. After all how do the REDS know they are playing the best when the new guys do not get to play. I just don’t understand. Winkler, Stephenson and others should be brought up, so far just two, again that is very odd. Seems like a change of the top brass may need replacing. 2016 is what the REDS, in my opinion, should be looking toward. Play
the new call ups, not just sit, or PH once in a blue moon. Just not too long ago Duvall came up as a PH and hit a 2 run HR, has he been in a game since? WHY NOT?

Why aren’t the REDS playing Duvall or Lamarr instead of Shuemaker? We all know what Skip can, or can’t do, most teams play the new faces so they can get exposure to the big leagues, but not the REDS, they bring players up, and they just sit. I don’t believe that’s right> Maybe that’s why REDS are over 31 games out of first. They do the opposite of what other teams do. Hey REDS brass, take a long look at the Cardinals. Plus you have an ex Cardinal in a high position, your GM.

Yep .

If the Reds were in the hunt, would they be able to play who they wanted (including non veterans) if they felt it would give them a better chance to win in a particular game.

It’s completely idiotic. So it fits in with everything else our manager has done all season. Dude probably already knows he’s getting fired and is just doing whatever in the hell he wants now. Skippy shouldn’t be starting EVER at this point. It benefits the team in no way. Yet it’s happening….It really can’t get any worse then the product this organization is giving to it’s fan base this year. Price should have been fired months ago, at least it would look like a step in the right direction to the fans.

Safe to say though that Iglesias is absolutely legit. Just imagine how good he’s gonna be once he starts learning the hitter. 3 games in a row now with 10+ K’s. He’s cueto 2.0 and I’m extremelt happy to see that he sucked about every bit of knowledge he could from JC before he was traded. The kid is honestly a mirror imagine of his hero El Duque. At least our future is looking pretty bright.

Agree . Let’s hope Jocketty makes the necessary moves to put a legitimate offense , other starting pitchers and bullpen to go with him. Sorry . What was I thinking .

Votto scorchin’ – saves the day. At least Votto is worth watching,

Yes indeed . He’s hitting like he did in 2010 .

Baseball is almost criminal in its irony. Iglesias pitches seven innings of two-run baseball. “Home Run” Hoover pitches one inning, gives up the same number of runs, blows the lead, and walks away with credit for a win. How can Price continue to throw LeCure, Badenhop, Hoover, etc. day after day after day? They’re playing the CUBS for goodness sakes

You do realize that Hoover is having an outstanding year and the chances are that he will be our closer next year.

You do realize in his last 4 appearances Hoover has a 5+ era. Also didn’t give up any HRs before AS game but has given up 4 since the AS game. I question him as closer. Is right where he belongs.

Pitchers are just like hitters they have slumps. Still say he will be the closer, who else can handle the job.

I agree that Hoover is having an outstanding year and will be in the running for that role IF they trade Chapman .

The Cubs have no problem playing the rookie hitters. They are all over the place. The mgr even sits the Vets if they cant produce. Unheard of…

Please don’t confuse Joe Madden with Bryan Price . Lol

Hopefully Hoover has a great year, BUT, I do hope the REDS do not have to depend on him to be the closer for 2016. Best to hold on to Chapman as long as possible. Surely the REDS will try their best to resign Chapman. Plus to me there should be a lot more call ups, play them, not sit them, so all can see what they can do in the bigs.
2015 is over for the REDS as far as contending for anything, so play the new men. I do hope Votto continues to stay on fire as long as possible, Suarez has been real good at SS, REDS really need to leave him at short, or make a place somewhere for him. So far, he has proven he can hit, and all know the REDS need hitters and better middle relief. The men in charge hopefully get behind the team and put the best they can possibly get for 2016. And please REDS don’t come out “poor mouthing” as far as trying to get, and keep the best. REDS may not be as rich as the Yankees, Red Sox, even the Cubs, but I can’t believe the REDS are not making a lot of money, which I do hope they are. GO REDS!!!!

Game 133:
1.CF: Jason Bourgeois
2.RF: Jay Bruce
3.1B: Joey Votto
4.2B: Brandon Phillips
5.3B: Todd Frazier
6.C: Brayan Pena
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.LF: Skip Schumaker
9.SP: Keyvius Sampson

Game delay – dry all day then storm cells started popping up –

Thanks anyway. You lifted my spirit. Glad to have female fans on this blog.

The Reds are home, the rains are back, same lineup for a game that means nothing to contending teams, no new faces, the beat goes on, very depressing. Then “ROUNDING 3RD” comes to the rescue and lifts my spirits and gives me hope. THANKS MAN!

Yeah! (truth comes out – ha – female fan here)

rounding 3rd…you character! Your comments and ideas about our Reds are always appreciated, as are everyone else’s. Unfortunately, you just don’t post a great deal.

Come on REDS brass, the team is over 30 games back in the standings. Play the call ups, just don’t let them sit, Duvall been up to bat 1 time, hit a PH 2 run HR, he should be starting in left field. Goodness sakes, what could it possibly hurt. Let Skip sit, not Duvall. Bring up more call ups, there are some hitters down there and the REDS need hitters, got to be some middle relief also down on the farm, bring them up, the middle relief is not too good at all. Bring these young men up to play, not sit, BUT TO PLAY and do it now. All other teams do. What is wrong with the Reds. Try something right for a change. Need to perk this team up, heed hitting, need to score runs, need to have pitching to stop the opposition. So bring them up NOW!

Ha – thanks Neb!

Okay . I know this game was rained out but look at the lineup . Are the Brewers in the race ? Is this a pivotal game ? Where are the young guys ? We get stuck with Skippy again . Again speaking out of both sides of their mouths . Rounding 3rd , I hope your post is accurate . Price and Jocetty have to go for this organization to move forward in the right direction .

Relax, all is well, Manny’s back again and I’m sure he can make at least 2 appearances before going back on the disabled list. Too bad we don’t have any LHP in the minors to call up instead and give them a chance to experience major league competition.
PARRA ACTIVATED: The Reds activated Manny Parra from the disabled list before Friday’s game. Parra had been on the DL since Sept. 3. The Reds had been operating without a left-handed specialist with Parra on the DL.

Game 132:
1.CF: Jason Bourgeois
2.RF: Jay Bruce
3.1B: Joey Votto
4.2B: Brandon Phillips
5.3B: Todd Frazier
6.LF: Skip Schumaker
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.C: Tucker Barnhart
9.SP: John Lamb

I’m glad the Reds played their “A” team today . Otherwise we might have seen how one or more of the call ups could do and without Skippy , they might not have had a rally killer in the lineup . What a SAD organization . I forgot . The Brewers are in the thick of the pennant race .

Neb . I knew you couldn’t stay away . Lol That’s a good thing .

Very hard not to check in from time to time…….also easy to stay away based on
Reds’ play and player situation. Here’s to hoping everything looks in better shape
come next season and forward.

Yes indeed .

These storms around the whole greater Cincy area these last 2 days are somewhat severe – popping up with not much warning. Dark skies and lighting stopping this 2nd game. So anyway – the Reds had 2 days rest, but apparently Price hesitant to use the bullpen. I guess he thought Lamb morphed into a veteran.

Lightning hit one of the light towers GABP tonight.

We want the team to lose as many game as possible. Hopefully they are smart enough to draft the best hitter in college. Today cemented Prices fate. How embarassing to leave lamb in the game that long. The man has no feel for whats going on. Absolutely shameful. Thanks for two losses coach price. We need as many you can deliver.

Lamb is showing to be a good five inning pitcher but after that something happens. It is starting to be a pattern. This is not good as it places a strain on the bullpen. Cingrani showed the same pattern and that was one of the reasons the Reds stuck him in the bullpen plus the fact he is so injury prone. As I have said before with a rookie starting staff like this we have to be patient and see who can do what and then you can plan on what to expect from each pitcher next year and what their role will be.

I agree .

31.5 games out and counting. Keep sending the same lineup out on the field game after game, and you will continue to get the same results. Is LF going to go to Skip the rest of the season? If yes, why? Why are the call ups not playing, Duvall, Lamarr, all they do is ride the bench. It is amazing how the REDS brass do things, completely opposite what other teams do. Reds should be bringing other minor leaguers and let them play, not sit, so all can see what they can do. The REDS need hitting, middle relief help, a veteran starting pitcher or two. It seems the men in charge like the team being 31 games plus out of first place. This is a pathetic way to run a major league baseball team. The GM & Front Office should be ashamed but they aren’t.

I am done with Price as many of are…but it is really hard for me, personally, to understand that such a brilliant pitching coach could not only fill out a lineup card
so poorly, but more importantly…miss-handle a pitching staff entirely, and completely.
I trust and hope he can catch on to another team next season as nothing more than
his talent aligns…a superb pitching coach; he’s one of the best at that position.

Another pathetic showing by the manager. I always thought that Baker was lost to move the team to the promised land; Price is 10x as bad. He is, unfortunately, the illustrated junior or all managers…using his own spinning card to set lineups while
using who-knows-what for his ‘guide to pitching’. He is no longer pathetic…he now is
a very sad case of a manager, and everyone in MLB knows it. Castellini and Jocketty should have10 people making lists today…it’s not about being cruel…it’s about a team making it to the playoffs, and then beyond.

And here is a pledge…if Price is manager at the beginning of next season…I will
not post until he is long gone. The team will not only be doomed, but it also won’t
be worth watching, as it isn’t today, except for the youth coming up. I’m out (for the majority of the day).

A very sad day/season when a devoted fan, for over 43 years (I know there are longer fans) finds it hard to watch or listen to their team continue to blow a G merely based on the manager. Think I am wrong; watch what happens after the end of the season. Hopefully, they don’t plug in another rookish dood that has little to any managerial experience; please o’ please o’ please…don’t make that kind of
ridiculous move. Get the best of the best that is available. The Reds have had the goof balls and look at their records. Then look at the best; look at their outcome as well. They aren’t the team’s best-all, but they are always there when a team picks up the trophy. Now…let’s get er done…maybe not in 16′ but how about 17!

Hope Castellini is embarassed enough to clean house and start over with new front office and field management including the minor league system. I’ll sacrifice 2016 if a total rebuild is done. Need a total youth movement like the Cubs did. Right now the Reds are in total free fall from top to bottom.

Exactly !!! The Reds’ minor leagues lack in player development and the whole organization needs to change it’s philosophy from the long ball to small ball .

If Price was such a pitching guru we wouldn’t be having these discussions. He’s not so stop thinking he is. He’s another nobody who has led us into a deep deep dark hole.

Let’s be fair. When Price was a pitching coach he was thought by his peers to be one of the best in all of MLB. The fact that he cannot manage a major league baseball team is his failing.


Scoreboard stumper of the day. How many televisions has Bob Castellini crashed this year. He has to have the same thoughts as us. Answer coming about October 5th.

Has anyone realized all the rain is the good lord “crying” on this team and how lousy we are.

Are you sure he’s not laughing so hard, tears welled up in his eyes?

Lets see. Duvall has 2 homeruns in 5 AB’s, Skippy has 2 homeruns in 189 AB’s.. yea Price its smarter to play Shumaker over a hungry rookie.. What a joke of managing!!!.. 30 games out and Price is afraid to hurt somebody’s feelings ahh he needs to go like now!!

Game 135:
1.CF: Jason Bourgeois
2.3B: Todd Frazier
3.1B: Joey Votto
4.2B: Brandon Phillips
5.RF: Jay Bruce
6.LF: Ivan De Jesus
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.C: Ramon Cabrera
9.SP: Michael Lorenzen

Where’s Duvall. Why Ivan in left. Regardless of outcome, good to see Cabrera get a taste ig the Majors.

Cincinnati Reds Rumors

Cincinnati Reds trade and free agent rumors from

Bryan Price’s Job Security “Extremely Tenuous”

By Charlie Wilmoth [September 5, 2015 at 4:22pm CDT]

Reds manager Bryan Price’s job security is “extremely tenuous,” and the organization could undergo other changes as well, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports writes. Walt Jocketty could leave the GM job, although there are indications that he will remain with the organization in some capacity, particularly since he’s close with owner Bob Castellini.

A source close to Jocketty tells Heyman that Jocketty “has yet to make up his mind” about keeping Price. As Heyman notes, though, it’s been a brutal year for Price in his second season on the job. The Reds are in last place and Price hasn’t impressed observers with his tactical ability, and he received headlines earlier this year for an obscenity-laced tirade to reporters.

Castellini said late last month that he would not make a manager change during the season. “You look at everything after the season,” he said, via John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “But that’s not something we’re going to get into now. Bryan’s our manager.”

When the season does end, though, it wouldn’t be surprising if Castellini changed his tune. The Reds organization clearly seems to be going in a new direction, having traded Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake, Marlon Byrd, Mat Latos and Alfredo Simon in the past year.

As Heyman notes, there have been whispers that Reds great and Hall of Famer Barry Larkin could succeed Price. Since retiring, Larkin has coached in the World Baseball Classic, worked in the Nationals front office and served as an ESPN analyst. He was a candidate for the Rays’ managerial position last offseason. This year, he’s served as a roving instructor for the Reds, although he said in May that he was not yet ready to commit to managing a big-league team.

Castellini needs to break up with Jocketty. I know it’s said when relationships fade and disintegrate, but that’s life. And under the circumstances with Jocketty’s current position up in the air, he shouldn’t be the one to make the decision on Price.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Jocketty will be here until his contract runs out next season. He definitely doesn’t bother me as much as Price does. And, we are really going to need a veteran to do all the horse trading that needs to be done. When it comes to trades, I don’t have much of a problem with Jocketty. Where he has failed miserably is in the minor leagues. These guys coming up through the ranks are unprepared for the bigs. Imagine, all these younger guys and what do we hear…
Winker. That’s all there is? And others that were thought to be ready are being crossed off the list, but only after we have spent time, effort and money for a number of years…the very years that are used to prepare them! And to turn this around it’s going to take some time. We also have to wonder if some of the coaches throughout the minors is dead wait; that’l take time to restock as well.

This continues to boggle my mind…what happened to these guys?
The year was 2010…and we were looking very, very good…
C Hernandez – 7 HR, 38 RBI, .297/.364/.428/.792
1B Votto – 37 HR, 113 RBI, .324/.424/.600/1.024
2B Phillips – 18 HR, 59 RBI, .275/.332/.430/.762
SS Cabrera – 4 HR, 42 RBI, .263/.303/.354/.657
3B Rolen – 20 HR, 83 RBI, .263/.303/.354/.657
LF Gomes – 18 HR, 86 RBI, .266/.327/.431/.758
CF Stubbs – 22 HR, 77 RBI, .255/.329/.444/.773
RF Bruce – 25 HR, 70 RBI, .281/.353/.493/.846
Hanigan – 5 HR, 40 RBI, .300/.405/.429/.834
Janish – 5 HR, 25 RBI, .260/.338/.385/.723
Cairo – 4 HR, 28 RBI, .290/.353/.410/.763
Heisey – 8 HR, 21 RBI, .254/.324/.433/.757
Nix – 4 HR, 18 RBI, .291/.350/.455/.805
Amazing decline in the guys we still have, save Votto. What is equally mind
blowing is they declined all-together! And look at the OBP of each and every
one in 2010…100% are above .300.

Rolen’s line s/b….285/.358/.497/.854

Men . You are right on the money with your evaluation of Jocketty. I would argue that his failure with the minor leagues is more important than the managers . Not only are the players they bring unprepared , it in turn limits what the Reds have that other teams are willing to trade for . I too am not a Price fan but I feel Jocketty’s failures are more important.

9/5/15 Cincinnati Reds sent CF Billy Hamilton on a rehab assignment to Pensacola Blue Wahoos.
Yesterday he went 1 for 3 with a walk.

I can’t wait until Hamilton comes back . Then the Reds will have another non hitting player in he lineup to take time away from a young prospect . Also , Jocketty has to go .

Excerpt from one of Sheldon’s articles on…
Not too sure what Brennaman was saying; Votto is only 31.
In 130 games, Votto is batting .316/.457/.567 with 27 homers, 70 RBIs and a league-leading 116 walks. He should finish with over 30 homers, which he has only done once — when he hit 37 in 2010.
“I like to think today is the first day of the next stretch of success in this organization. I just have to do my job,” Votto said. “I have to continue to learn and evolve, continue to adapt how I feel, how the league adjusts to me and go from there.”
Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper and D-backs first baseman Paul Goldschmidt have been viewed as the NL MVP Award favorites among position players. But Votto’s numbers are quite competitive.
• With a 1.025 OPS, Votto is ranked third in the Majors and second only to Harper’s 1.086 in the NL. He has a 1.325 OPS in the second half, compared to Harper’s .936.
• A 178 weighted runs created plus (WRC+) is also second in the NL behind Harper (193). The stat measures overall runs created by a player compared to the league average, adjusted for each ballpark.
• Votto’s 6.5 wins above replacement (WAR) is second in the NL to Harper’s 7.6.
• According to Cincinnati TV statistician Joel Luckhaupt, Votto has reached base in 116 of his past 200 plate appearances (.580 OBP). Since 1974, Barry Bonds is the only other player who achieved that rate, when he reached in 130 of 200 plate appearances in 2004.
In the second half, Votto is batting .399 with a .576 OBP and a .748 slugging percentage — all best in the Majors. He’s reached safely in his past 22 games. In the first half, he was batting a more pedestrian .277/.393/.484 and did not make the NL All-Star team when the game was held in Cincinnati. Around that time, iconic Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman stated publicly that Votto was no longer an elite player.
“At the time, I wasn’t,” Votto said. “It was a fair statement by him. His job is to comment on baseball. It doesn’t bother me what you guys write or say. It’s my responsibility to play, and then you guys comment on it. … The elite players go to the All-Star Game. I wasn’t playing up to what I viewed as my level of play. He just made a comment on it. Big deal.”

I do not claim to be a baseball expert, but to me Joey Votto is the best overall player in the majors. He rarely make s blunder running the bases, may be the best defensive 1st basemen around, can hit, hit with power and can get on base with amazing regularity, if there was an equal player hitting behind Votto, Joeys’ on base
percentage would be awesome. If I owned a club I would like to have 8 Vottos’ starting for me. Keep going Joey and you deserve a MVP award this year.

Speaking about the lack of transition from minors to bigs…
Negron…what in the heck happened/is happening to this guy?
49 GP
144 AB
6 HR
17 RBI
42 GP
92 AB
0 HR
And incredibly, he had a WAR in 2014 of +2.1;
-0.5 in 2015.
It appears he has stubbsdisease…

The truly frustrating part about Hamilton is that he is a game changer both with the glove and his amazing speed, and on the base pads with his amazing speed. And, as we all know, if the guy would hit a .325/.350 OBP we wouldn’t even be thinking about the guy in any negative tones whatsoever. However, he is one of the best fielding CF I have ever seen; reminds me of the 1960’s when Willie Davis roamed CF for the LA Dodgers. When and if this kid learns to slap or bunt the ball, he will release his true potential. We need only look at the GB/FB ratio to see if he is adjusting.

If there was an available x-MLB player that produced these numbers…
24 seasons – .375 OBP…
…wouldn’t it be prudent to have him joined at the hip with Hamilton?
Especially when he is a fan favorite forever and he played all 24 seasons
with the Reds.
Talk about a cheap fix…

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