Game 130: Reds at Cubs

Bourgeois 8
Bruce 9
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Frazier 5
De Jesus 7
Suarez 6
Barnhart 2
Lorenzen 1


Better correct your lineup, Mark. Barnhart can’t play 3rd and catch at the same time. Nor can he fill two spots in the offensive lineup.

Sorry, he can’t play SS and catch simultaneously.

Screw it, let him try. Can’t be get any worse.

He doesn’t catch particularly well when that’s the only thing that he’s scheduled to do

It will be interesting to see if Lorenez has improved any with his AAA stay

And he’s the fourth best hitter in the lineup tonight

Not a Skippy fan, but in last 7 games he his hitting .353. Suarez last 7 games is .133. Why not DeJusus at short and Skippy in LF. Must be a reson, right?

The reason is Skippy is gone next year. Suarez will be starting for us somewhere. I’d keep playing Suarez as well. See how the kid can react to a slump that every major leaguer goes through at some point.


Meant a day off, not replacing him.

Had this wrong for tonight also(see Duvall). I’m on a roll.

A big shout out to Joey Votto for his comments to Jim Day Saturday night. Thanks Joe

Y – agree. Appreciate his skill – and BP.

Why pitching coaches are allowed to come out to the mound boggles my mind. After they leave, bad sh….happens. Just watch. Nothing good comes of it.

Nice homer Mr. Duvall.

Breaking News From Redsland. We’ve scored in 3 straight innings. Uh oh. Here we come. World series or bust boys.

Hey Joe Deters. Come on man where is your Reds gear. That’s holy horrible

Might be time for Lorenzen to be put in bullpen, he doesn’t seem to have it all together yet for starting.

He has good stuff. Just needs to learn what to do the third time around. That is no unusual for a young pitcher.

Yes, I agree, that is why I say the bullpen for awhile till he learns to make the adjusents for the third time around. All part of the learning process for young players. Patience is very necessary for dealing with a young staff that has to do their learning in the majors rather than in the minors.

The Duvall story is a crazy one. His first MLB at bat was for the Giants against the Reds. Guess who was pitching to him? Mike Leake. Guess what he did? Hit a homer. Then at the trade deadline this year, the Reds trade Leake to the Giants, and get back guess who? Adam Duvall. Then he does that last night. Kid looks like he could be a good one for sure. He showed plate displine in that at bat that I was certaintly not expecting based off his batting average in the minors. Do not put Lorenzen in the bullpen! Why don’t people understand that it takes a little while to learn how to pitch in this league. Good pitchers always have to fight through the growing pains. Putting him in the bullpen would not benefit him in any way at this point. Who cares if we lose, who cares if he gets shelled. His gaining experience with every outing, and will figure more and more out with each start. he’s got the stuff, there is no questioning that. He just lets way to many pitches get up in the zone.

Putting him in the bullpen also allows them to control his innings a little better because all these guys are on a inning count. The Reds are actually thinking about going to a six man rotation to control the inning count factor. Iglesias is the wild card in all of this because he has no innings base line from last year to work from.

Seriously. I hope that is true, wish they would have gone to a 6 man earlier. You could look at more rookies at once that way and let them pitch the whole year. You dont want to lose a kid to innings before they hit Sept. You play some strong teams this time of year that are pushing for playoffs or top seed.

Something else you have to deal with is that a lot of these guys are not used to playing deep into September because the minor-league seasons end in early September. I think Hamilton may have run into that a little bit at the end of last year when he tailed off so badly. Very unique situation that we are witnessing with this all rookie starting rotation

Trust me Virg, I hear you. In my opinion, starting compared to coming out of the bullpen are two totally different mentalities. Let the kid learn how to be a starter if that’s where we want him to be

Oh I agree Mike it is two different aspects of the pitching game. Since were dealing with these young dudes we have to be a little more careful and many a starter has had his beginning in the bullpen. Right now I think we both agree he is not where he should be to be starting major league games.

Totally agree! It’s one of those damned if you, damned if don’t situations. I agree that with his stuff, right now he would be a much more effective 1-2 inning pitcher.

We treated Bailey with kid gloves and look what he’s done for us. He wasn’t no Johnny Cueto.

Has anyone commented the things Matt Latos brought to light just may have been right on?

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