Duvall called up

The Reds recalled IF/OF Adam Duvall from Triple-A Louisville on Monday. He is taking the spot of Brennan Boesch, who was placed on the 15-day DL with a contusion on his right ankle.

Duvall, who will wear No. 23, was part of the trade that sent Mike Leake to the Giants on July 29.

More here from Louisville media relations:

Duvall hit .189 in 25 games with Louisville and is currently tied for third in all of Minor League Baseball with 30 HR (26 with Sacramento, 4 with Louisville). Duvall hit .192 with 3 HR and 5 RBI in 28 games in his Major League debut last season with San Francisco. A Butler High School graduate, Duvall played collegiately at both Western Kentucky University (2007) and the University of Louisville (2009-2010).

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So glad we called up a.189 hitter to help the offense. Well, maybe, he will hit a home run and get everbody excited. Maybe, he can substitute for Bruce from time to time. Also, how many games did we play short handed by not acting on Boesch sooner. This is not the 1st time we have played short handed for the same reason.

TOW , they have done this for as long as I can remember . They’re stupid .

good for him! now he can learn how to sit on a major league bench and strike out pinch hitting once or twice. great use of a roster spot instead of calling up winker and waldrop and letting them play left the rest of the season to give them a taste of the big leagues. even if they are not ready they will know know what it takes to to get there on a regular basis. but no call up a guy who will never amount to anything. you do not seriously think they will give him playing time do you? not when you have solid vets like skippy to play everyday!. jocketty is a joke of a gm who took a playoff ready team and drove them into the ground by not knowing how to add quality young pieces to get it going. instead he signed washed up ex-cardinals and rejects like hanahan and anyone else who ever played mlb ball the last 15 years. talk about bad contracts,marshall, parra ludwick hanahan and more barley cover it.

Ditto !!!!

You know nothing of the many restrictions that a Front Office must operate around in order to make such maneuvers, particularly a day before roster expansion! There are many complex factors that affect, and often determine, the future financial health of the organization.

Maybe you can be the GM .

I know enough that this front office and jocketty are the worst in baseball. spare me he was great with the cards excuse because he was so great they fired him. he was canned because he could not adapt to the times and was mortgaging their future for vets. they have had what 1 losing season since he was canned? he has no idea how to develop young position players while losing teams like the cubs,astros,mets and royals are now playoff teams and will be for years. meanwhile the reds will suck for years because he can’t develop anybody. all the supposed good ones just are not ready yet and apparently never will be with this putz in charge.

But all your rant, some of it probably on target, much of it NOT, has absolutely nothing to do with an August 31 call-up, which was the topic under discussion, or so I thought.

Nice homer Mr. Duvall.

Yea, I had it wrong tonight. I would be happy to remain wrong. will see.

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