Game 129: Reds at Brewers

Bourgeois 8
Bruce 9
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Frazier 5
Suarez 6
Pena 2
Schumaker 7
Lamb 1


Last night’s game shows what the Reds are capable of doing. How exciting it was!!!
Let’s keep it rolling so the season can finish on a HIGH note. GO REDS!!!!!!

Like your optimism. A rare commodity on the blog.

Usually after a game like yesterday nobody can buy a hit the next day. Be interesting to see if that happens today.

True, true. We’ll see/

The game is in Milwaukee .

Your crystal ball was right on.

Line up the same so maybe they found their MOJO!!!!!

they scored all the runs they will score in the next week last night. anytime you have skippy in the starting lineup your teams sucks!. great he had a hit or 2 last night what’s that bring his average up to .223? combine that with the mighty Bruce’s .235 and they have the most feared out field in baseball! I don’t care what his stats are at the end of the season Bruce is the nmost overrated red there is. he bats .167 the first 2 months then goes on his annual June/July tear and people act like he is babe ruth when all those numbers do not translate into wins. imagine how impressive his numbers would be if he was hitting above .200 when starts those streaks. he batted like .400 and raised his average to .253! then he batted .167 this month! now he will get hot again Sept. and end the season with 30 homers and people will talk about how great he is. for 12 million he should be more consistent.

So LeCure isn’t good enough to be with the Reds until recently but all of a sudden he’s asked to pitch two innings and keep the Reds in the game . Another poor decision by Price . God forbid Chapman pitch more than one inning .

Yeah. Unfortunately on the Ask the Manager segment on tv Price talked all about “Lamby,” but he didn’t say a thing about “Sammy.” I feel like they deserved equal time, since they each gave up the same number of runs. Guess Jim Day didn’t think it was a worthwhile question. Another fair question might be to ask him where he sees himself coaching in 2016

There isn’t ONE reporter or “announcer” that ask any of the Reds’ management or players a tough question . Not one . It’s always love dovie .

How would you know? I know I didn’t see you in there


I really like Lamb definitely a keeper. A couple of these rookie pitchers show signs of being very mature for their age reminding me of when Leake came into the league.

Agree about Lamb, also Iglesias. Think Lorenzen will be OK. Holmberg and Sampson will be AAA or with someone else. We’ve got Stephenson, Finnegan, and Cody Reed(many sportswriters feel he was the sleeper in the Cueto deal). Lots to look forward to if we revamp offensively.

Yes, your list of pitchers sounds like how it will pan out. I see where Lorenzen has been recalled and will start today and Holmberg has been sent down.

Seems to me like team was secondary to the All Star whoopla and effected the entire season.

With an organization deprived of hitter, why doesnt management think outside the box and let some of these all around pitching athletes like Lorenzen develop as a fielder too. What could it hurt. why does it have to be one or the other. When they are in the minors who cares. Let your catchers play LF a lot quit being so concerned on one position all the time. Lorenzen from what I recall played the field in college when not pitching and was considered a very good hitter. This may be crazy but so are the hitting prospects coming up through this organization.

Will be interesting to see if the few hitting prospects we have will be called when roster expands. Should give an indication of where were heading.

Did you watch the tape of Devin in the outfield it was just plain sad. He was so uncomfortable and totally out of place out there. That is why that experiment came quickly to a halt Not everybody is equipped to play all positions. Lorenzen has already been used as a pinch-hitter a great deal so they recognize his hitting ability. Some players have the ability to play different positions others don’t, it has to be dealt with on an individual basis.

I am not saying you move someone to a position that they cant play. I am talking about a state of being open minded. I never said Mez in LF. I was using the idea that a Catcher cant catch every day and if the bat is what you want then if they are athletic enough you can move them around. If they had thought this way in the minors then maybe Mez would be in a spot to play LF. Look at Frazier and Hamilton, neither came up in the position they are playing but moved there. The Reds unfortunately are wasting talent keeping them in one position now. Move Frazier to LF if Suarez can play third. Move players around with needs. Or just move them around to change the need of the game. We have come to such an age in baseball that we play the same line up every day no matter what and play these players in the same position no matter what. There is no strategy. Its sad. In other sports you change based on what is working or to make something work. In baseball you throw the same people out there in the same positions and hope they catch fire.

I have a feeling you might see some players trying out different positions in spring training with the reasons that you have mentioned. Suarez might even be at second and BP might be sent off. That will be a tough one because Brandon is such a fan favorite.

Agree,but it can be done. the announcers in tonights game talked about how the Cubs had so many players who could play multiple positions and what an advantage it was.

If any has asked a tough question , I haven’t heard it . If there was , write what it was on this blog .

Questions are asked after the cameras leave. That’s how it works. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

I stand corrected . I apologize .

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