Marshall still not close

Lefty reliever Sean Marshall had his latest bullpen session on Friday. Although he expressed hope earlier this week to be facing hitters in the near future, Reds manager Bryan Price felt that Marshall wasn’t quite there yet and needed more throwing sessions first.

“I think he needs more repetition,” Price said on Saturday. “The shoulder injury is so different than the elbow. When you’re out and playing long toss – you have these guys coming off of shoulder surgery – and they’ll go out and look as good as they’ve ever looked in long toss. And as soon as you put them on that slope of the mound, it’s like there’s almost an immediate regression. … the ability to get that external rotation and really whip the arm through changes as you get on that angle. It takes longer.

“The shoulder is just a real temperamental joint. I don’t think he’s there yet. I don’t think he’s to the point where batting practice is to the immediate future. But I do believe because of his situation that if we get to the point where he can go out and face hitters, we’ll do that. At this point in time, I don’t think he’s knocking on the door for that. That could change.”

At the current pace, it’s unlikely that Marshall will be able to do a rehab assignment in the Minors before pitching in his first game since June 10, 2014. The Minor League season runs out after the first week of next month. Instructional league in Arizona does begin in late September.

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This an example of Price doing what he does best, coaching and taking care of pitchers. In this role I have no issues with him.

Good grief! Who got the best part of that trade? Travis Wood has been pitching like crazy since the trade while Marshall continues to languish on the DL. How many innings has he pitched in the last 3 years?

don’t worry I am sure he will recover in time to sign a contract with another team by spring training and have the best year o his career thanks to rehabbing on the reds dime. this is the perfect example of why jocketty is a horrible gm. the guy did well for the reds when he was acquired so he has to give him a fat contract even though he still had a year to go on his current one and look what happened. same thing with the ludwick deal. he had a nice 4 months for the reds but you do not ignore his previous years and give him a fat contract like jocketty did. again how did that work out for the reds? how as the parra deal worked out for them? not saying you do not resign them but you do not handicap the team by giving them the deals he did. because of that and the insane contract he gave the immortal jack hanahan the reds were reduced to dumpster diving for bench help. if you were good enough to make a team at 1 time you got a million dollar deal with the reds, never mind if you have played with 6 teams in 7 years sign here!

Won’t have to worry about resigning pitchers in the near future. If you were a pitcher with any talent would you resign or accept an extension. I wouldn’t. I would want what Leake wanted. To be on a winning team playing for something other than an also ran.

if they were stupid enough to offer to resign me I sure as hell would! most of the guys they are using have no business being on a major league roster which is why they are playing for the reds. add that to the fact their manager and supposed pitching guru has no idea what he is doin and you have part of the reason the reds suck. aside from hoover and chapman none of the relievers have a clue when they will be used and so are ineffective most of the time when used. villareal could be good but we will never know with price as manager. you use him for 3 scoreless innings 1 game wait a week to use him again and he pitches 1 inning. then not used for 3 or more days and is hit hard and ll you hear is he sucks. how about having a defined role for a guy? if he can’t get the job done them get rid of him. last year they screwed contreas around until he was bound to fail and be shipped out. pitches an inning then sits fro 2 weeks. pitches 3 scoreless innings an sits for a week pitches 1 inning then sits again for a week and half and is hammered then sent back down. in the mean time they keep sending out the same guys who don’t do the job every day with the same results. is it any wonder this team sucks? I mean how do you sent guys like greg and marquis out all the time for 2 months with the same results and expect to win?

Don’t remember what the length of Marshall’s contract is, but I agree with a lot of what has been said below. He now has an extended history (with the Reds, of course) of injuries. When his contract runs out, no one is his right mind would sign this guy to anything other than a 1-yr deal. And it will probably be with a contender, not the Reds. Long term contracts work out that way. If you get injured, you have it made with your current club. And then you can say sayonara, nice knowing you. Thanks for the $$$. This will be the case of Sean Marshall.

Hey Thom B. Try watching the last at bat of Seguras again. The pitch you thought was called a strike was a ball to make the count 1 ball 2 strikes. This team has put you guys to sleep as well. Come on man. Every win is good win at this point. And thanks for not crying about pitch counts in “every” inning.

Does anyone really care about Marshall. He has succeeded in robbing us blind of money and wasting ink writing about him. Lets get some real talent in here boys instead of has beens and never was’s. The view from the top of the mountain is way better than the bottom

BINGO !!!! A perfect example and reason the Reds are where they’re at today . LAST PLACE .

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