Game 128: Reds at Brewers

7:10 pm ET first pitch 

Bourgeois 8
Bruce 9
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Frazier 5
Suarez 6
Schumaker 7
Barnhart 2
Sampson 1


Watching little league international championship game. Just maybe the Reds should watch them lay down a bunt.
Hard to b a REDS FAN :(((

So damn true !

Regardless of the outcome, Bruce batting 2nd is the epitome of a manager lost in the chaos of this season.

Amen…he’s lost it.

We now see Price as Captain Queeg.
And it no longer is in vogue to say anything more
about the guy or his work; it’s over.

Wow – he musta really put the names in a hat! Who in the world is Votto supposed to advance? the ghosts standing on 1st and 2nd after the first 2 strike out?

Lost it ??? He never had it !

Why wouldn’t any manager wan’t a guy batting .140 for the month batting 2nd ?

Don’t care if u win but just score some runs to fans who bother to tune in get some pleasure out of it ! Enjoy your last 5 weeks Brian P.?

I can totally understand why he stuck Bruce up there that is so Joey might see some pitches he can hit, he wants Brandon behind him so they have to pitch to Joey. Votto is not seeing anything good because all Jay and Todd can hit right now is thin air. Price really doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot of choices.

You put the struggling hitter in front of your best so the struggling hitter sees better pitches . Hence Bruce is I front of Votto .

Right, another good reason to put Bruce up there. Good point. A commonsense move for two reasons then. It sure wasn’t working the way it was set up before.


If what we are seeing these last 5-6 weeks a preview of 2016 I think the Reds can soy good-bye to those 35-40,000 that come to see the Reds. I suspect they’ll home and watch some paint dry. Price’s management skills is confusing to just about everyone. Please, please, please……no more people who wants to learn to manage a baseball team.

You supporters of Price remind me of a guy explaining why the 3rd deck hatch of the Titanic failed…1 1/2 hours after it hit the ice berg. It’s over guys, there is nothing clever or wise about the batting order, the position players or the SP pitching, including the BP. Put a fork in him, Price is done, and so are the Reds. The only question any of us should have is…what will it take and how do we rebuild in order to contend.

Not trying to be a snuffer of discussion but this is where we are today. Until something changes radically, I will take my leave and hope to see all of you at a later date. One common denominator we all share…we seem to all be devoted Reds fans and are all very frustrated and not happy with the team today. Obvious, eh? Have a good remaining summer.

Hurry back.

Hey Neb, I’m not a supporter of Price I simply was explaining what I thought he was thinking and a lot of managers would’ve thought the same thing. They have to play the season out there is no easy way to do that and it’s kind of sad to listen to some of the comments. I see we are digging out the good old clichés about the titanic LOL.


What is the over/under on how many runs Sampson will give up in the first inning?

Wild ride. Great comeback. Glad to see Bruce hit the ball, of course everyone did. 17 hits. Guess we’ll see Bruce in the #2 hole tomorrow. A negative IMO was Price’s mishandling of the pitching in the 4th and 5th. Almost cost the game.

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