Game 127: Reds at Brewers

Phillips 4
Pena 2
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Suarez 6
Bruce 9
De Jesus 7
LaMarre 8
Iglesias 1

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Why do the Reds dislike Boesch so much? He’s hit well in the minors and has some major league experience.

Has a bone bruise on ankle.

Are the Reds saying there is no one else to bring up so we just have him warming the bench.

Mark I have to just say this because that fits this team. That comment made me laugh. The entire team and management with the exception of a few suffer from a bone bruise between the ears. Sorry I’m just so fed up with this whole mess.

I don’t see Boesch playing anywhere in the National League, but could in the American League. The few times I’ve seen him he appears uncomfortable as an outfielder. Even catching a routine fly ball he shows to be uncomfortable in catching the ball. What I would like to see is the audition of the rest of the top prospects. I would like to see some of the current starting and relief pitchers released or traded. I’m tired of seeing relief pitchers who come into the game and promptly walk or hit the first or second batter followed by a home run or double that clear the bases. How can a manager keep doing the same routine with his relief pitching?

Seattle Mariners fired their GM today. Here is excerpt with team Presidents explanation. Article on
Sound familiar.
“It really isn’t about 2015,” Mather said. “As disappointed as the entire Seattle region is, it’s about 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and beyond, and do we have the right leader to get us there? That means Drafts, development, sabermetrics and analytics, Minor League coaching staff. Do we have the right person to lead us there? And I came to the conclusion on Tuesday and Wednesday with [CEO] Howard [Lincoln], I said, ‘I think it’s time to make this change.’ … I think we have a core base of talent here that should be successful for a long time.”
Mather said he felt progress was being made last year, when he gave Zduriencik an extension in a season during which the Mariners went 87-75, but the disappointment of the current season “caused me to pause and examine whether we had the right architect in place.”
Mather acknowledged he’s not the expert on baseball operations, but it was apparent things aren’t working out.
“This season has been a disappointment,” he said. “Our bullpen has been a disaster for the last three months, and the first two months we couldn’t score a run to save our lives. I’m not pretending to be baseball guy to say that. Everybody knows that. We need to get better at all aspects.”

I hope that we do realize that most of the good minor players are up here right now ,there are very few left to call up. We are going through a rebooting , rebuilding , or re-whatever right now. It is going to take time , some teams can do the turn around very quickly example Cardinals some teams it takes forever example Cubs. If you are not a patient person then in order to help your blood pressure it might be wise to follow another team for a while LOL. They are going to have to be very careful with some of these young pitchers because they are getting close to as far as they want to extend them this year.

The Cubs did very quickly once they hired the right GM .

Patience? 1990 – 2015 without getting past the 1st round of playoffs. The reboot was at the Major League level and was only coined after the Cueto, Leake and Byrd trades. When during the course of this year did you hear the management say that our farm system sucked and that we didn’t have the talent to fill in a roster spot for an injury of a non pitcher.. Surely Lamarre wasn’t isn’t the best we have. Maybe things will change come September 1, but I doubt it.


patience?.. tell that to the Cardinal fans, Giant fans, sorry I been patient since 1990. I’m sick of false hope. This ownership cared about ONLY one thing since last year and that was the dang All-Star game!!!. Then our great owner says they will be fine next year. HaHa. When you don’t make adjustments to better yourself as a player with zero accountability, when your front office refuses to go get help when your at the front door of the playoffs and do zero at the last two deadlines 2012-2013. When the beat writers are afraid to question Walt when he didn’t get help in 2013(Byrd). And don’t question Bob saying his team will be all right. And there is no pure hitters coming from the minors anytime soon. Plus the Cardinals teach winning baseball in their minors so when they reach the majors. That’s their total focus. Here it’s lets hope every player has a career year and we might get lucky to win. Sorry that doesn’t win Championships. This whole coaching staff needs to go. Bruce needs to go. And I want a new GM that has a fire to win. Not a old GM that has no clue how to do it. I’m afraid Walt will ignore the everyday players and trade and draft 20 pitchers!!! As he sits back hoping every pitcher is perfect and throws shutouts and hopes the opposition makes a error so a run scores. I hope season ticket renewals goes down 50% to send a message. Sadly that’s the only way they will make a change for the better in my opinion. Love to be proven wrong!!! I’m sure they will blame everything on injuries. Price couldn’t motivate a little league team….much less this team. As the last place spot is well deserved. Man I wish Mark Cuban or another rich Cincinnati person would step up and buy this team and maybe fans will not just see the past in the Reds HOF from now on.

oh my gosh. Price says it has nothing to do with effort or game preparation. Is he serious????? If you don’t make adjustments as a player and as a Manager get on players that refuse to change their approach. Why are you even still a Manager. If it’s not effort or game preparation. Tell me as a fan what the check is it?. This team looks flat and mailed it in. Sadly Walt and Bob are all ok with that. The Brewers fired their manager. They didn’t show their fans it’s ok to look like just a laughing stock and do nothing.

Finally ! Someone agrees with me . This organization is good at one thing ; TALKING OUT OF BOTH SIDES OF THEIR COLLECTIVE MOUTHS . They continue to lie to it’s fan base . The whole organization needs an overhaul . At the pace Jocketty operates none of us will be around to see a championship . All we hear are excuses to why they continue to lose , from the players to the manager , to management and the announcers . Enough is enough !

How about this quote from Castellini, jacking the fan base chain. From Jeff Todd at MLBTR:
Reds owner Bob Castellini said yesterday that the club will not make any moves regarding manager Bryan Price during the season, as John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. But Castellini did say that the organization will “look at everything after the season,” and declined to give any assurances as to how the team will handle Price and GM Walt Jocketty, each of whom remains under contract for one more year. Despite a tough year and questionable outlook, Castellini indicated that he still has hopes of contending in 2016. “We’re down but not out,” he said. “I don’t think next year will be a waste. We don’t have the mindset that we’re not going to contend. We’re not giving up on the year.”

What else could he say.

0 R in last 19 innings; marching our way to a second 100+ L season in Reds
history. McNamara was the manager in 1982 when the Red’s record was
61-101. Bench was in his later years and stopped C in 1982, while playing 107 G at 3rd base, he retired in 1983. His 1982 numbers showed his age 13 HR, 38 RBI, .258 AVG., WAR of 0.0. The Reds would rebuild in the following few years (Esasky, Parker, Bilardello, etc.).

Actually, in 1982 McNamara (34-58) was replaced by Nixon (27-43) after 92 G.

Don’t forget the fine general manager we had. Dick Wagner.

PDoc had a good article describing the Reds plight yesterday which I thought was a good analysis. I too think Bruce will be gone in the off season as the Reds have been
more than patient with him. I agree Price will be gone which is not totally his fault. I too do not understand Toddfathers drop off in production. Because he and Jay can’t hit Joey doesn’t see anything good. Todd is showing signs of being streak hitter too. Interesting article that everyone should read IMHO.

You might want to leave more than a trail of “PDoc” for the many people/fans that view this board. Only a handful of fanatics know of what you speak.

Actually most fans in Cincinnati know I speak of Paul Daugherty at Just wrote a book about his daughter, beautiful story. He is a very knowledgeable sports writer, radio host etc and just plain outstanding writer.

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