Game 125: Dodgers at Reds


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Please, no managers ‘in training’ while in a critical year and rebuilding the Reds. I don’t know who’s out there, but I would commence an extensive search (if one isn’t ongoing already) and find the most qualified, seasoned and professional manager available. I love Larkin, but not as the Reds future manager. If they want him to be a manager for the big club one year, make him manager at the minor league level; not today though when we are going through the very same thing with Price. Larkin would be an absurd choice in my opinion.

Excellent article. Hope Rosenthal is on the right track. I think it will come down to money. If the determination is that keeping Price coupled with the rebuilding team would cost the Reds more in ticket sales and attendance than it would cost to buy out Price’s contract then they will pull the plug. Larkin would be perfect. And remember Mike Matheney had no mgr experience.

I believe the Reds missed the boat by not grabbing Joe Madden, but nobody probably knew he was available. I think he would have been the “second coming of Sparky Anderson”. Of course it didn’t hurt for the 1975-76 Reds have a few pretty good players, such as Bench, Morgan, Perez, Rose, Conception, among others.
Holmberg needs to understand that 9 innings is a complete game….not 4 innings. There may be room for him in Dayton to pitch.
Why do the Reds keep bringing relief pitchers into games and the first thing they do is walk the first or second batter they face….and guess what…..they score….many times via a home run by the first or second batter following. It’s my hope that the relievers guilty of this are with another team in 2016.
Billy Hamilton…… certainly a gold glove center fielder. He’s not really a switch hitter…it’s affecting his success batting left handed instead of right handed. Virtually every position player, and most of the pitchers are better at bunting than Hamilton. He strikes out too often and he should be hitting above .275 and he should be working to get on base @ a .375 OBP.

Get Holmberg out of the rotation, he’s not ready and I’m beginning to doubt he ever will be. Cingrani taken out of game again yesterday with a sore shoulder, so I say forget him too. Lets see some new guys the rest of the way. Absolutely can’t be any worse.

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