Game 124: Dodgers at Reds


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Pretty sad when a veteran fan (i saw Purkey, Joey Jay, #14 in his rookie year, Jim Maloney, Gary Nolan Tom Seaver; Frank Robinson; etc etc) , who has been out of town for an extended period checks in randomly on Mark’s blog today and can only recognize 4 names of 9 starting Reds…. So sad….

Suarez’ numbers are impressive for a short season. Here are his projected numbers:
80 G
12 HR
46 RBI
If there is any negative on the guy; he doesn’t accept BB much.
He’s projected for only:
14 BB
72 SO
The really good news is that he makes contact when he doesn’t SO.

Typical Jay Bruce . Frazier leads off with a double . No outs . Bruce fails once again . Strikes out with a little league swing at , you guessed it , a curve ball . TRADE HIM NOW . He chokes way too often .

The Tigers game was a hiccup. The beat goes on 0-7 RISP, 8 LOB. And of course there’s BBRRRUUUUUUCCCEEE!

Did you in your wildest dreams think the Reds would be 21 games behind the Cubs at this point in the season?

Those pesky Cubs have won 21 of 25 ball games. They made a concerted effort to
turn their dismal ball club around and it appears they accomplished what they set out to do. Just being a fan, you have to give it to the Cub’s fans, they are probably seeing ginger cookies and sugar plums dancing throughout their dreams. Now, with that said, we need to get back on track although it will take some time for it to occur. Right now we are going through auditions for starting roles in 2016; the remainder of games this season are nothing more than the stage. Makes for watching games completely different than what they were at the beginning of the season…unfortunately. Yet, I have optimism looking down the road, but only if handled extremely well and accurately. A rebuild could set us back several years, make us mediocre or do what I anticipate it to do, make us a contender, yet once again. Methodical and reasoned trades, pickups, buys are our mantras. No mistakes; I think Jocketty knows this full well. And, in due time, I also sense that Chapman, Bruce and even Mr. Phillips will be playing for a different team by trade deadline, next season or before. I will say it again, at the top of my trade list is a 5 letter name; not offered for trade, but can be signed in 2016 to any team in need of his capabilities; I hope.

Do not share your opinion of Jocketty. It is under his watch that we have gotten to this point. The game, player evaluation be a changing and I don’t think Jocketty has or will or can change along with it.

As I have commented before, I think Jocketty does some good things and he does some bad things. However, trades are in his wheelhouse and obtaining talent (ie: for Cueto, for Leake) in exchange for talent is one of his strengths. One of his exposed weaknesses is the minor league system, as I also have recently commented on. But, while we talk about ‘on his watch’…he then needs to receive credit for the Reds reaching the playoffs in 2010, 2012 and 2013. Nobody did it prior to 2010 for 14 seasons.

The year he signed Votto, Bruce, and Philips to unaffordable contracts the wheels began to come off because we had no money to spend. Then he exacerbated the situation by repeating his error with Homer, the Lion killer. We do agree on his inept handling of our farm system and as President of Baseball Operations it is his job to develop the philosophy and hire the personnel to carry out that philosophy. If it is being carried out he has the wrong philosophy. If it isn’t he has the wrong personnel carrying it out. The fact is we are not developing what we need in our farm system. It seems it is not get em on, over, and in, but rather swing from the heels and hit it out of the park.

Of course they could afford the contracts, otherwise Castellini would not have OK’d them and they would not have been signed. Additionally, the new TV contract will be negotiated which will cover several years moving forward. Votto is an interesting contract in that it is multi years outward, but I suspect he will be brought in to the office or dugout some years from now. Who wouldn’t have signed a budding star to a relatively team-friendly contract; when it was signed, Bruce was doing little wrong and his consistency demons were are a couple of years away. Having him in the fold for $12m, then $13m was brilliant. Even as we move forward, his yearly salary isn’t obtrusive for another team to pick up. His inconsistency over the last 1 3/4 years is our albatross. Homer is only 29 and although I think they should have signed Cueto to a long term contract, hind sight is always 20-20 and when these contracts were signed, the players were showing signs of being spectacular and without flaws.

And to be honest, I am more offended by our consistently inconsistent play over the course of the last 1 3/4 years; if we back up and look at the big picture, nothing really has changed much when it comes to our total lack of R & RBI production…the very two most important stats of all stats. On this board, we call it OBP, RISP, lack of disciplined hitting, knowledge of contact hitting, etc. etc. etc…..Unfortunately, that may be deep rooted in the minor league teams; at least it appears that way. And if true, why on god’s green earth do we believe that by bringing them up that it will improve.
If we take a realistic look at the guys that have come up through the Reds system, name me a player that has excelled; heck, name me a guy that has just stayed longer than a week or two based on his merits! I can’t remember the last guy, and our current team has zero consistency, save Votto. They looked good in 2010, they are now setting records at the bottom of MLB stats today.

Yes…the Cubs are that good, and it has been coming on for a few seasons for anyone to correctly anticipate, and the Reds are that miserable, and were before the season started, as a few of us picked them for dead last in the division before the injuries began accumulating once again. In fact, this has been coming on and was there for anyone to see, if one wanted to see it, ever since 2012!

I also picked Reds 4th or 5th. But really, 21 games behind 3rd place?

Pittsburgh 75 49 .605 –
Chi. Cubs 73 51 .589 –
San Francisco (31) 66 59 .528 7½
Washington (29) 63 61 .508 10
Arizona (27) 62 63 .496 11½
San Diego (26) 61 64 .488 12½
Atlanta (18) 54 72 .429 20
Milwaukee (17) 53 73 .421 21
Cincinnati (18) 52 72 .419 21

If the people in charge of the REDS don’t get some hitters on the team they may not win another game this year, which the season is almost over. There are players in the REDS farm system right now that hitting the ball very, very good. But do they get called up? NO! The Reds bring Boesch back up, continue to put Shuemaker in LF, while other fans watch Bruce swing at pitches that a little leaguer would take for a ball. Bruce has lost all his ability as a hitter, defense seems to be there, BUT, the REDS need hitters. Lamb with any backing at all should be 1 and 1. As soon as he gets his confidence built up (even though that’s hard to do when no one on the team can hit, and if you can’t hit, you can’t score. It would be so great to see this team get a
real make over–Larkin named manager-Bowden come back as GM-Price, Gullett, Soto or Maloney named pitching coach—–and get at least one real good veteran starting pitcher to help all the young starters-revamp the middle relief AND get some hitters…BUT, as usual no one will do anything and the fans go home really let down!

You all have valid points . The bottom line is the Reds have done a poor job of player development throughout the entire organization . Smaller markets need a strong minor league system and the Reds don’t have one .There isn’t a whole lot of attractive pieces that other teams want . Jocketty likes to trade for talent and there just isn’t enough of it . The organization is in bad shape .

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