Game 123: Tigers at Reds

7:10 pm ET makeup game…


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Just when I thought I’ve seen it all . Skippy leading off .

Life is good. LOL.

I’m not sure why you even play him. Stick Lamarre out there, or Waldrop, Winkler but not a veteran.

Price still thinks the Reds are in the race . Besides , why use the rest of the season to build for the future when you can you be non productive and waste valuable time .

I think those decisions occur higher up the management ladder. Too bad because it would make the games more enjoyable to watch.

Price needs to go along with this whole lack of inspiring coaching staff. I want new blood outside this organization that come in with their own plan to fix this mess. Keeping this team this way is like moving the deck chairs on the gigantic and expecting it not to sink!!! Latos had one thing right Zero leadership. It’s showing more and more every day. Sadly zero accountability is now the norm. Maybe the Bengals can finally get to the Super Bowl to force the Reds to do something!!


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