Chapman available again

Reds closer Aroldis Chapman has only appeared in one game since Aug. 12 — last Tuesday’s blown save vs. the Royals where he allowed the game-tying homer in the ninth before the game went 13 innings. He hasn’t pitched since then because of shoulder stiffness.

Chapman is now viewed as available again.

“I would have used him in a save situation yesterday,” Reds manager Bryan Price said on Monday. “I think he’s past that point where I think the soreness is out of there and he should be good to go.”

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Too bad Price didn’t use him in the 8th instead of Diaz when it was imperative for Arizona not to score. Oh well, he’ll be good and rested when a save rather than a game on the line situation comes up.

How do you get a stiff shoulder when you only pitch two innings a 9 game road trip ? What a wasted talent .

Hard to save a game when your team can’t hit, got to hit to score runs and on and on. But the Reds GM/Front Office seem to care less. A last place team, way over 20 games out in the standing, yet no one in charge will get some hitters on the team, or even hint they are trying to get help in the hitting department. If I was an owner, this would really bother me and I’d have to find a solution to solve the problem. But not this team. Can you imagine the Cardinals, or any other team, putting up with this nonsense? Really pitiful, pathetic and sickening to see how far the Reds have fallen in a few short years. But fans, it will not ever be any different, why should it? The
people in charge of the team are still making BIG money. Dispite the “poor mouthing”
the team is making money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual no hitting-no hitters-now it is catching the pitching getting lousy. Makes a fan
sick at your stomach. What an organization!!

Blue Jackets’ center threw out the first pitch tonight. He’s better than Sampson

Finally a win.

Glad to see Votto get a bomb after all the walks.

Yes indeed .

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Yes, I have said that on a number of occasions…the Reds are not a team that ‘clogs’ the base pads, but clearly, they do not need to ‘back up’ further…

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