Phillips remains day-to-day

Brandon Phillips has been out of the lineup the past two games with inflammation in his right biceps. Phillips was not in there again on Friday vs. Arizona as he remains day-to-day. He’s been unavailable to come off of the bench in the previous games and there was hope before Friday’s game he could be close to returning.

Phillips took batting practice and ground balls.

“He’s had some of the smaller injuries this year with the foot, the hand and the groin,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “With each time, we’ve kind of gotten to the point where he could have a full work day and go out there and take ground balls and hit and feel like he was a lot closer to helping us. Then we could safely assume he could play the next day.

“We weren’t able to have that work day [Thursday], we had some limitations. Today I feel like he’s going to be able to do more and have a better opportunity to assess what he’ll be able to do either tonight off the bench tonight or in the lineup tomorrow if he’s feeling better.”

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Another milestone…
St. Louis 77 43 .642 – 472 349 123 46-19 31-24 18-8 32-18 16-8 6-4 W 1
Pittsburgh (38) 72 48 .600 5 513 440 73 42-20 30-28 21-8 21-29 17-4 7-3 L 1
Chi. Cubs (35) 69 51 .575 8 491 460 31 36-26 33-25 18-10 29-22 14-9 7-3 W 2
Milwaukee (16) 53 70 .431 25½ 489 546 -57 28-38 25-32 16-12 19-28 10-20 5-5 W 2
Cincinnati (17) 51 69 .425 26 468 523 -55 28-30 23-39 16-12 22-26 7-18 2-8 L 7

Projecting to 69-93 season at the rate we are going.

Lowest win totals at GABP…
66 W in 2001
69 W in 2003

GABP was still two years away in 2001…

Marlon Byrd, RF 5 1 3 2 (DBL, HR)

The Jock. and Price are to Reds baseball as Joker Philips was to KY football.

Remember Negron? Really struggling…
Last 30 G – .174/.260/.203

It amazes me how he changed from last year to this year’s performance. Really sad. Hope he recovers.

Frazier’s power outage…
April – 7 HR, 16 RBI, .238 AVG.
May – 9 HR, 15 HR, .327
June – 9 HR, 23 RBI, .287
July – 2 HR, 13 RBI, .226
August – 2 HR, 6 RBI, .187
With continued success post AS, he could
have easily been in top 3 in RBI. Frazier has
73; the NL leader has 91 (Arenado of Col).

Ryan LaMarre starting in CF tonight. Career .261 minor leaguer. Scarry that this is the best the Reds farm system has to offer in CF.

Cmon man, you and I both know it’s not the best they have to offer! WTF is the point in bringing up our prized prospects this season? THERE ISN’T ONE! Maybe in September. But Winker, Rodriquez (on DL), Irvin, and other are way better than LaMarre and everyone knows it.

Last 8 G…
Reds scored 25 R or 3.1 R per G
Opposition scored 44 R or 5.5 R per G

Sure shows Loyalty is more important to the Reds ownership than accountability is!! That is VERY SAD and looks like the dark days are ahead for this Team and for Reds fans.. The Brewers who fired their manager are now playing better than the Reds. Can you imagine the Reds end up with the worst record and the Manager and coaches are not held accountable?? Why a free pass with this mess. The team isn’t good enough but sadly the FO is mum and could care less. And how in the world can they convince Fox Sports to give them a boat load of money on a TV contract deal for a unwatchable team?? Great business plan there huh? Then tell fans they are Rebooting not rebuilding. If your rebooting you get players that can help NOW!!.. Sadly they didn’t do that, but just like 2002, That so called “Future” word is coming back. To bad Walt and BOB didn’t bring that Stable every year its “World Series or bust Goal” here from St. Louis!!. Sadly its lets Pray every player has a career year, everything has to turn out PERFECT and we don’t have to go get any help mentality. Sorry that doesn’t win a World Series!! Last place is our future while they have a Front office that doesn’t show me as a fan Any plan to Win, just sit back and cross your fingers things will work out. Remember when Votto was signed to that long term deal?? BOB said “NO” right away when asked if his contract would hurt the teams future to win. Then they say they have no money and out of the blue sign Bailey for $100 Million. Really??? 2015 they had the All-Star game to Pimp for season tickets.. that’s why it says so many at the game like 39,000 etc.. but I don’t see that many at the games!!..Soon the stands will have 15,000 or less and We the Fans will be blamed they cant do anything in the off season. How can you change the mentality of this team if you don’t show your going to get the right coaches, the right players in to win..?? With Walt saying 2017 looks like it will be the earliest this team can compete, Then why spend all that money on a last place team you already have shown your own players, they can sit back and not have to worry about their jobs for 2016?? I have been a Reds fan for 43 years!!. Bobble heads, free pizza and fireworks do not replace what I want my fav team to be, a World Championship type contender every year like the Cardinals mind set is every year starting in their low minors. Winning should be started in the lower minors here, so when those players get to the Majors for the Reds, that is their mind set. Not a “well I hope everything goes perfect to have a good season”, “Don’t expect any help”, as it is now!! Im just venting as I am not happy if this Current Ownership takes us back to the dark ages with no plan to fix this mess!!

Reality is that this team sucked before the rebuild began at the end of July. Injuries being the reason doesn’t hold water when compared to how other teams, especially the Cardinals, have dealt with their’s. Up until the last several games the Reds pitching staff had the 3rd best ERA in all of major league baseball and they still had a losing record. But now Price has another reason to be protected, bad pitching. T

Era stat was from end of July through first 2 weeks of August.

Actually, they have been bad for a very long time, including all of last year when they had a very good pitching staff. And, as we have said a number of times, we can all point to situational hitting (all aspects), basic plate discipline, achieving contact at the plate, game situation (runners and outs), clutch hitting, getting on base (OBP), batting with RISP, HR fever, etc. The worst part about this story is that it never got better and continued on from last season to this season. Now, it appears that it permeates the minor league system as any hopefuls have the same symptoms; hope they prove me wrong on this point. Then we have the manager that doesn’t seem to concern himself with change, only to fill out a lineup card and ‘let em play’. Then, like clockwork, the after game milk-toast reasoning as to why we lost another one. If Price ever, ever got into the face of a player and jawed him into shame (when deserved), I would faint. I have never, ever, seen him go after a player with one exception…when Chapman finished the game with a ‘somersault’. And until this is fixed, we will continue to be one of the worst teams in all of MLB in offense; the stats bear this out in spades. And a ranking of MLB managers has Price as #29 of 30…appropriately ranked.

Amen. I think the somersault occured under Baker’s last year.

Of course you are correct. See, there I go again trying to give Price credit. Even Baker had the sense to correct the kid immediately.

“…very good pitching staff.” Should have said, SP (3.57 ERA),
not the BP (4.11).

Yeah – all these aspects can be worked on and addressed asap – but no…just let this lameness work out to rock bottom. Maybe “the Price is Wrong” is going for world record of losses before getting the axe.

One last note…in the private sector, when a VP selects a manager, and the manager just doesn’t get results, he or she replaces them ASAP. Why? Because their service and/or product lines are affected by the day to day routine of the failing manager. However, in baseball, only the responsive and responsible teams make immediate changes. It appears that the others hang on to their initial choices much too long and the service and/or product suffers. As distasteful as the situation is, a change must take place in order for change to occur, otherwise we can bank on the same thing happening night after night, day after day.

With Price, we are caught up in…’groundhog ball’.

Our bright light…
Last night was Joey Votto’s 9th game reaching safely 4 times since ASG. Only Goldschmidt, McCutchen, & Rizzo have that many in NL over the entire season.

John Fay tweet…
Thought Parra was a good candidate to trade. Won’t happen now.
On the DL till Sept. 4

Excerpt from Andy Call…
The Reds added a fresh arm to their bullpen on Sunday, recalling right-hander Collin Balester from Triple-A Louisville after left-hander Manny Parra was placed on the disabled list.

Parra has biceps tendinitis in his left shoulder. He is 1-1, 3.24 in 31 relief appearances. The Reds made room for Balester on the 40-man roster by designating right-hander Donn Roach for assignment. Cincinnati had claimed Roach in July after he was placed on waivers by the Chicago Cubs.
Balester, 29, was invited to Spring Training by Pittsburgh as a non-roster player. He made 13 relief appearances for Double-A Altoona (1-0, 1.77) and eight appearances for Triple-A Indianapolis (0-0, 3.07) before having his contract purchased by the Reds on June 19. Balester has pitched in 21 games for Louisville (0-0, 2.05), bringing his combined season ERA to 2.21 with a 0.98 WHIP and .204 opponents’ batting average.

Isn’t this Parra’s 4th trip on the DL. Also, pretty good stats for Balester.

Although early, from what I have read, the Reds have penciled in their SP for next season which is projected to include: Bailey, DeScalfani and Iglesias. We have 40 G and spring training to figure out the other two.

Iglesias should be #1. We’ll see. Probably will be Bailey, Mr. Mediocrety because of experience not talent.

The guy that is quietly becoming a major force in the NL…our Mr. Iglesias.
For August:
5 G
32.2 IP
8 BB
35 SO
7 ER
1.96 ERA
Throws 4 pitches, but is baffling the batters with his slider and change up;
throws FB and CB as well.

Reminds me of a younger version of a dread-locked SP we used to have…

Hope Bailey comes back long and strong; he’s got two no-no’s against the Pirates (2012) and Giants (2013), so I don’t underestimate the guy. He’s only 29 (May) so I think he’s got some excellent ball ahead of him. What is nice is that we are slowly getting some SP that is better than the ‘norm’. We still have some trades coming up over the next year or so. As long as we receive some quality for our trades; I believe that the Reds would trade Chapman, Bruce and even Phillips (he has alot of say-so as to where he goes). I would not trade Votto, Frazier or Hamilton. Parra and Pena may go but both are on DL. And then, of course, there is our manager, however, I don’t think there is any reason (now) to cut him loose until the season is over. I’ll say it again, and I know Castellini and Jocketty know this full well…as long as Price is manager, the Reds will not play >.500 ball.

I don’t share your evaluation of Bailey. Can keep the no-nos. Would prefer many more wins over the .500 pitcher he’s been for his career. Don’t expect him to be ready for opening day. If I’m wrong, I’ll be a happy camper. Time will tell.

Here’s the current pool of would-be SP for 2016…

Chapman??? If we are not going to trade him. Then flip him to a starter for a year. What do we care if we are not going to resign him. I like the idea of having about 7 or 8 starters next year. You know with these kids they wont be able to make it through the year. And why cant we just have 3 long relievers to sub these starters out after 5 or 6 innings to help reduce their pitch count. I never understood why we are soo enamored with 1 inning relievers. Start Lamb for 5 innings then bring in Lorenzen to close it out for 4 innings. Keeps their innings going too. Lorenzen can hit so it wont hurt the team either….

Unfortunately, the arms wear out under that scenario. They would both need 4-5 days rest; you would spend your BP. But, I think you will see a couple of these guys in the BP regardless. As for Chapman, Price said he isn’t afraid to use Chapman for more than 1 IP. True to his word, he has used him one time beyond 1 IP this entire season…a 2 IP stint against Cleveland on July 19th. And with soooooo many save opportunities the Reds present, Chapman is a bargain (TIC).

Hal McCoy in his Sunday “Ask Hal” column indicated the Reds need to use the pitcher rich talent in the Minors to work trades for some young hitters that know how to advance runners.

You know, we have to give credit where credit is due. Jocketty said a short time ago that the Reds would rebuild, but would do so with emphasis on the SP staff.
And, within a blink of the eye, he did just that. And, with ample, young SP prospects, a team can literally trade for whatever they want. Further, I think Jocketty knows that and will continue stocking his SP prospects looking to the
future. We don’t need to trade for any hitters this season, unless opportunity knocks. We need to do what the Reds are doing; continue to evaluate trades based on ‘Reds worth’ long term. I am fine with 2016 being a ‘sacrificial lamb’ year if we could rebound for the 2017 season and be contentious; t-r-u-l-y contentious! Therefore, we need to continue to make perfect trades between now and then; no mistakes. I really like what Jocketty is doing and I hope he continues to improve the team overall while bringing down the salary to unprecedented levels; one day we might find that million-dollar FA and need some coin to pull off the deal. But first, let’s keep stocking the cabinets full of SP prospects!

Neb, if it’s OK with you that 2016 be sacrificial year, after what 2014 & 2015 has been, then yoy must not be as old as me and a lot of my fellow old timers who may not have years left to wait. Had my years of waiting and I’m tired of it.

lol…I understand, but we can’t expect a turnaround in 1/2 year; or can we…

Just to remind everyone…the Reds offered Chapman to another team and the other team said they were “shocked” at what the Reds wanted in return; Cueto like prospects. I love that talk. Heck, Chapman is probably the best all around reliever in all of MLB; we should get a ransom for the guy. He’s young and controllable for another year. And, when a team gets in trouble with their reliever and the playoffs are on the line, we will receive better than current market value. Chapman is our prized trade-centerpiece now. Anyone else will be difficult to trade; not expecting anywhere near the return we’ll get for Chapman. But, we are only interested in youth/prospects right now.

Chapman may be the best pitcher in baseball and the biggest waste in talent in years. Would you rather have Mariano or Clemens? If i am the Reds I go to Chapman with a extension, take the gamble and give him a high dollar amount he earned for being a closer, but move him to a starter which would be a bargain knowing how good he could very well be. The Reds need more forward thinking to compete. We are playing catch up with the rest of the league. I love that we are stock piling starters now, but the league has been doing this for 10 years plus knowing that is the way to win. Now it is becoming a pitching dominated league so good hitters are becoming scarce. Votto’s numbers are better than they seem with his OBP because of the era he is playing in. The Reds need to think outside the box on how to dominate and I just don’t think they will do that. The Cards, Cubs, Giants, Red Sox, and Devil Rays have figure it out and the Reds just need to follow suite.

Unfortunately, the Reds tried to move Chapman from a reliever to a SP on two occasions, the last try in earnest. They said that Chapman would prefer to stay a reliever and they agreed; end of experiment. If Price would open the guy up a bit and let him pitch more than 1 IP, he may well pull his own weight, but talk is cheap when it come from Price’s office. In my mind, he isn’t going to be worth the money he will command after this next season, so I would trade him for another 3 would-be spectacular prospects; preferably in the AL. I think the conversion to SP experiment is a dead issue, although I was for it when it was initially discussed.

bigblu…one other item. Sometime ago I posted an analysis that reflected the prospects on each team. The Reds were the worst farm system when it came to
prospects coming up into the bigs. Our farm system is depleted and few if any of the up and coming minors are ill prepared and few have true talent. We need only look at the last handful to validate this finding; nobody ever stays beyond a two week bench sitting, and few can hit the ball as we have talked about incessantly on this board…me being the most vocal I believe. In summary, we need a great deal of help in our minor league system and all of this falls at the feet of Jocketty; he can do some things well, but others are starting to fall through the cracks…this is one of them imo. We need to restock our minor teams and stock them now if we ever want a chance at being competitive. We made our run in 2010-2013 but came up empty and now that initial crew is becoming far too expensive for such a small market team.

Prime example..Suarez. He took his basic training at Fort Detroit. He comes on like gangbusters; knowing how to hit, etc. yet we have nobody from our own system that can rival the guy. Why? Well, I think we all know why. Look at guys like Dominguez, Negron, Lutz… We invest a number of years and what do we get? I think we know the answer to that question as well.

“Mariano or Clemens?”…both.

Agree he should have been a starter but the Reds chose not to. Most experts agree it is now to late. Management allowed the employee, Chapman, tell them how it was going to be. As a result you have what most agree is the most dominant pitcher in baseball who has pitched a meager 49.2 innings this year. The Reds have reaped what they have sown and will continue to do so.

The only voice we have as fans is to stay away and not purchase tickets. Then they will blame us for not buying and expanding payroll blah blah blah blah. And the whole vicious cycle of having a team in the abyss continues. It sure is more fun following a winning team.

Mark Sheldon – sidebar please. Can you give us some insight. There has to be a powder keg brewing on Joe Nuxhall Way ! Has to be. Price has to be the bone thrown our way this week. He had his chance for a year and a half. Now he has no chance and he did not earn his staying papers.

Dewitt had it right when Walt got his walking papers. Time tells no lies.

Very very unfortunate. Whoever would have thought someday we could have a 100 million dollar payroll and stink up the joint.

Today is a one-game rescheduled G…if we are going to end this loss streak, today should be the day…
DET B Farmer (0-2, 8.39)
CIN K Sampson (2-2, 4.43)
Farmer hasn’t gone farther than 5.1 IP this season and when he did go that far,
he was pummeled…8 ER.

I predict a lot of runs by the Reds. 8 or more. Multi hit game for Bruce, Frazier, and even Skippy if he plays. Bruce and Frazier will homer. All will be well until tomorrow and we’ll go back to 0fers.

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