Game 120: D-backs at Reds


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The Rockies released Stubbs yesterday.

Hope the Reds don’t do something stupid and snatch him up.

He’s worse than what they have . Lol

Why call up a rookie outfielder when you have zero thought to put him in the lineup over Boesch, who looks more than awful against mlb pitching, Shumaker who isnt the future of this team and anothet outfielder who has made base running mistakes??? I hope attendance keeps getting lower so they can look even more. Clueless as a ownership.

AGAIN !!!!! This organization is in sad shape .

The Reds are averaging 31,647 per G at GABP this season. Projecting that out for the remaining 24 home games, the Reds will set all time record at GABP at 2,563,399. Their current attendance record for a season was set in 2013, 2,492,101.

Not everybody sits behind their computer moaning and groaning about the team some actually go to the game and support them. Oh my, nasty me what I just said LOL.

I agree. Silly to think fans could or would boycott their favorite baseball team hoping to effect a ransom type situation in further hopes of a personnel change; never happen.

Some people actually have limited funds and spend their money on more important things . Some actually refuse to go watch a losing organization that has lied to it’s fan base for two years . Some refuse to go watch an organization which can’t develope it’s minor league players and have NOTHING offensively to bring to the majors OR WON’T .

I don’t have anything against people going to the games . That’s a personal choice . As far as moaning and groaning, one of you has done his share lately .

Moaning and groaning is part and parcel of being a devoted fan; we are all probably too close to the Reds plight and fight. Boycotting a game in hopes of changing the managements modus operandi is ludicrous, imo. But, as you point out, and I completely concur, it’s a personal choice how one spends their money, how they root for a team, or for that matter, how and what they post on this public board. We all have opinions and that’s what makes the world go round. I hope everyone respects different points of views; above all respect the writer whether you agree or not.

Agree . Good points .

Totally respect everybody’s opinion but there’s a big difference between a discussion and the constant harping without any points made. Believe you me I have had my opinions taken to the cleaners many a time LOL. Being a good fan to me is kind a like being a good friend, you are there through the good and the bad.

Well put ! Thanks . That’s a good way to put it .

This REDS team is pathetic. Middle relief with Mathews, Badenhoff, Diaz and company are terrible. The hitting is pathetic. Boesch has been tried many times and always fails, bring up some hitters, what is wrong with Winkler and 2 or 3 others in the minors. This team is in last place 26 games out, what would it hurt to do a major over haul? OR is everyone happy with this team. Then later $20 million, inconsistent
Homer Bailey will be back. It never improves it seems. Get some hitters & pitchers
up that can help, they sure can’t hurt anything. But it seems the owner & GM are
happy with this team (?) !!!!!!!!!!

I think we’ll see some of the minor leaguers you want come September call ups.Whether Price will play them is doubtful . He’s not very good at his job . With everyone the’ve traded , this is what we will have to deal with until the “rebuilding ” is complete . I just don’t have a lot of confidence in Jocketty.

We now need to take three out of four here to go back to Phoenix on Sunday with an even record for the 10 games, and if that’s to happen, a win tonight becomes almost essential.

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