LeCure pleased with first outing

Overshadowed somewhat in Wednesday’s 4-3 loss to the Royals was the two perfect innings of relief from freshly called up pitcher Sam LeCure. In his 2015 big league debut, LeCure worked two perfect innings in the seventh and eighth with two strikeouts.

It was definitely a meaningful moment for LeCure to succeed the first time out after spending the whole season at Triple-A Louisville trying to get back.

“It wasn’t so much emotion, you always kind of tell yourself, ‘hey, I’m a Major Leaguer. I know my stuff plays there. The game’s the same,'” LeCure said on Thursday. “So you believe it but you still have to prove it to yourself, you know what I mean? It was just real nice to go out there and have that type of outing and just reinforce the fact that it is the same game. My stuff does play here. I can get people out here like I had in the past.

“I didn’t do a whole lot wrong last night but there’s always going to be things you’re working to get better at. I’ll try to get better for the next time they give me a chance. Hopefully, we’re winning the game and we win the game and I can help out.”

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Sitting behind home plate tonight, fourth row Diamond Seats. Casual observation, Lamb is a keeper, looks like a vet, reminds me of a left handed Bronson.

Nice vantage point…

How does Badenhop look? Like a Major League pitcher? Or just a guy throwing high school b.p.?

They really didn’t hit the ball that hard off him but he is no Hoover or Chapman. I have always been impressed by Hoover even when he had his bad year last year and obviously the Reds felt the same way. I am glad they kept him because he could take Chapman’s place in a heartbeat. He will get the job done maybe not with the flair as the Cuban Missile but just as well and a whole lot cheaper.

For some of us that don’t live near the ballpark…where are the “Diamond Seats” located?

They are located right behind home plate and are very expensive select seats where all the food and drink is provided inside in a nice restaurant and outside in your seat

Wonderful seats! However, over the years we all find our favorite spot; mine is on the lst base side between home plate and lst base. I like watching the ball hit to
the left side of the field.

My favorite seats are the first row in right field right behind Billy or Jay. I only sit in the Diamond seats once a year because they are very very expensive. In right field in Great American Ball Park you can see everything in front of you like watching TV and you can see the big scoreboard.

HUH? Bronson Arroyo’s max fastball was like 85mph. How can you compare a guy that throws 10mph faster to him? I agree though, he is a good one.

His manner was very much like Bronson he was a pitcher not a thrower. He found the umpire was giving him the outside corner and he used it to his advantage. He threw a lot of curves and changed speeds. I was ten feet from him and his hair reminded me of a young Bronson. Sorry speed is not the only comparison I make in comparing pitchers.

I don’t want to come across as being negative, but I’m beginning to have some doubts about the Reds’ pennant chances this year …

C’mon Max, you’re crushing my fantasy of the Reds winning the next 25 and being back in it. LOL.

lol…good one Max.

His debut was a whole a lot better than the guy they sent him to the minors for to start the season……Remember the Kevin Gregg disaster? How about the Jason Marquis disaster? I told everyone then that our organization was TRYING to lose so that trading Cueto became “the smart move”. Look at where we are today…..

One is a stunner in right-handed reliever Sam LeCure, while pitching prospect Michael Lorenzen was the other. LeCure cleared waivers and was sent outright to Triple-A Louisville.

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