Byrd traded to Giants

The Reds pulled their first waiver trade of the season when Marlon Byrd was sent to the Giants on Thursday for Minor League pitcher Stephen Johnson.

Johnson is a right-handed pitcher at the Double-A level. He was assigned to Double-A Pensacola.

“We see him a relief pitcher. He’s got a big arm,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said.. But this is another case of an opportunity to get one of our veteran players to a contending club and a chance to help get a contending club to the postseason.”

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Suarez to left. Perhaps to right with Mesoraco in left.

More salary dump……and even less offense. Suarez to LF next yr.? Good bye Marlon, we hardly knew ‘ye.

great even if you guys dont like it it means Jocketty got the message that he needs to make changes before he is fired —-great Johnson a year of wait then good night irene.

Thanks for busting your ass off in the outfield and rushing back from wrist surgery Marlon. Good luck in SF, and enjoy winning.

Amen! I was surprised by his defense, it was excellent. Glad he is going to a winner. Going to be a lot of pitchers fighting for spots on the roster next spring. Hope they make Homer fight for a spot and don’t just give it to him. Has to be the most over paid .500 pitcher in baseball.

Amen on Bailey . That money should’ve gone to Leake and Uncle Walt needs to worry about the Reds and not about making sure the players he traded go to contenders !

Pena is a FA the end of this season. Unless there is an immediate need due to injury, and a team has no other alternative. There are only some 44G left this season, and I would assume all teams have a C in AAA that can be called up in September. Just can’t see anyone picking up Pena; but stranger things have happened.

Another loss. Shocking!! No lefty in the bullpen to pitch to a lefty with two outs and the bases loaded in the 8th. No Parramatta, Chapman and no Hoover till it’s to late. Yep Brewers will soon pass this lousy Reds team and they fired their manager. We Reds fans get to see Price till fans stop buying tickets. Then the Reds front office will be concerned. They could care less as the World Series of All-Star games. Woo hoo. And excuses continue. Good luck getting Fox Sports to give the Reds a lot of money to watch a non watchable team for the next 2years!!!!.

I think you guys make it possible for the waste ownership puts on the field and Jocketty—you seem to believe the players even Votto can provide more than they do —-look at the Cardinals the Reds bitter enemies they dont really impress until the game starts —TO YOU ALL I BID GOODBYE—-always a Reds fan 64 years out of my 73 years of life OWNERSHIP AND JOCKETTY MUST GO AND YOU HAVE TO BETTER REAL FANS

Jocketty was for Byrd getting on a great team ???? How about us getting a better player for someone they really needed for their run ????

This was about avoiding add’tl money Byrd would be due (salary dump) plus getting some cash in return.

thats just what they always say

Jocketty was just taking some errant credit; he was happy Byrd went to a contender. However, let me assure you, he certainly wouldn’t nor did he target a trade with
“contender” considered. It just worked out that way, and like I said, he just grabbed a bit of credit that conveniently laid at his feet. Had Byrd been traded to the Phillies, he would have dummied up!?*

Financially, Byrd worked out very well for the Reds; especially if you consider his
play, both in the field and AB. Here are the closing numbers on Byrd:
Byrd is earning $8MM this season as part of a two-year, $16MM contract originally signed with the Phillies. Philadelphia picked up $4MM of the tab when he was traded to the Reds in the first place, so there’s only about $1MM remaining for the Giants and Reds to worry about. Byrd is 172 plate appearances shy of triggering an $8MM vesting option for the 2016 season. He’d need to average 3.85 plate appearances per game over the Giants’ remaining 42 contests to reach the 550 plate appearances he needs, which is an attainable rate if he plays every day. Of course, he won’t be with the team for tonight’s game (he’ll join them Friday), and the Giants, though certainly justify benching Byrd against right-handed pitching once everyone is healthy. He’s slashed just .224/.268/.433 against righties this year compared to .280/.344/.500 versus left-handed pitching.

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