LeCure, Boesch back with Reds

Among the many roster moves on Wednesday:

Billy Hamilton to the 15-day DL (sprained capsule in right shoulder)
Sam LeCure — contract selected from Triple-A Louisville
Dylan Axelrod — optioned to Louisville
Brennan Boesch — recalled from Louisville
Nate Adcock — transferred to 60-day DL

Here is the story on Hamilton:


In 41 games this season for Louisville, LeCure was 5-4 with a 5.25 ERA. But he had a 1.93 ERA over his last eight appearances, including a 0.90 ERA over his last six games with one earned run, three hits and no walks over the past 10 innings.

Here are a LeCure quote that did not get into my MLB.com story…

What did it take to get back in the Majors?

“I would say just, just because comfortable with who I am again,” LeCure said. “I’ve never astounded anybody with my stuff, I was just trying to make it better and better and when I realized I didn’t need to, I think was the turning point. That what I do is good enough, it’s what I’ve done here for years. It’s rare you see me throw any ball over 90 [mph] and I was trying to throw them 100 down there. That gets you out of whack mechanically, that gets you out of whack mentally, as far as trying to do something you’re not capable of doing physically and then wondering why mentally. Once I accepted who I was, it made it a lot easier to go about my business and focus on getting people out instead of trying to be something I’m not.”

Boesch batted .331 with four home runs and 28 RBIs for Louisville. He was sent down June 15 after he batted .125 in 32 games earlier this season for the Reds.

“He’s done a nice job down there and was playing regularly and swinging the bat really well,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “He can play all three outfield positions and he should be rewarded for going down and playing really well.”

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Another incredible gem by Hamilton in CF; catching a one-hopper and throwing the runner out at 2nd base. His defense is superlative. Too bad he was hurt on the play.

That play and Byrds play the other night show you that they are not just “phoning it in”.

Boesch can be okay, Lecure will be back that is good—but when will a deal be made

Glad to see Reds back home. We needed the rain.

LOL, yes glad we are going tomorrow night instead of tonight.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
The Reds have had “zero conversations” on theoretical August trade candidates Marlon Byrd, Skip Schumaker, Brayan Pena and Manny Parra, general manager Walt Jocketty tells John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer. That said, the Cincinnati GM didn’t shut the door on activity over the next dozen days. “We just haven’t done much yet,” he explained.

They haven’t done much yet ???? LOL That’s par for the course .

Aug 19
Showers and a heavier t-storm
Lo 63°
Aug 20
Showers early in the morning
76°Lo 54°

Aug 21
Mostly sunny and pleasant
79°Lo 54°

Aug 22
Mostly sunny and pleasant
80°Lo 55°

Suarez is hitting the ball extremely well; making contact, showing power and practicing plate discipline. And, he’s only 24 years old (June). One of the Reds
bright lights…however, he came up through the Detroit minor league system!

BTW…8 HR, 31 RBI, .293/.329/.478/.807 over 205 AB.

Lecure looked like old self. Good to see. However, the beat goes on with 1/10 RISP, 9 LOB, coupled with a basic baserunning error. How does a player reach the major league and not understand infield fly rule. Well, you get the picture.

Yes,lack of knowledge and fundamentals . More glaring was Bruce ,once again , choking .

Bruce has 6 hits in last 54 at bats for .111 average. Reports were that Reds could have traded him, but got cold feet and backed out. Next year will be different and he’ll put it all together……sound familiar.

Actually, the Reds attempted to trade him some time ago. Due to his inconsistency at the plate, opposing teams would not offer anything of substance in trade that Jocketty would accept.

The last publicly stated trade was Bruce for Zack Wheeler. Wheeler is coming off TJ surgery; Jocketty got cold feet.

someone indicated the reason Jocketty is still here is because he and Castillini were friends fromst,louis days well its too bad ,but friendship have to effect the lives of all Reds fans—Dombroski was popular in Detroit with the owner ,but he went bye bye==to the Redsox maybe Walt could go to Montreal and Caslinlini get a new place to practice poor management oh well the pope is not chinese.

Jocketty’s contract expires at the end of next season (2016). As the Reds are in the midst of rebuilding their team, I wouldn’t want anyone else there but Jocketty. Whether he remains after the end of next season will probably be answered based on what Castellini sees in 2016. I don’t believe that Castellini would keep Jocketty on board because he knew him in the past; Castellini is the primary figure head and owner of the Reds, but he is responsible for the success or failure of the Reds and must report to the other partial owners. Don’t think that Castellini got to his current position by playing favorites within his domains. What will be interesting, in my mind, is whether Jocketty will keep Price after the end of this season. Seems to me that a rebuilding will be ongoing and keeping a junior manager that has proven to be junior (everything I have read and seen) and not much of a motivator, during a critical time in the team’s life would be a huge mistake for the Reds moving forward (2016 and beyond). Price will never lead the Reds to >.500 W/L and Jocketty knows this…so does Castellini.

The good news is that Bourgeois got on base three times last night with a H and 2 BB; the bad news is that twice he erased himself on the base pads (picked off lst, caught attempting to score from 3rd). Bonehead mistakes that turned out to cost the Reds at least one R, maybe more. What is becoming ridiculous is our talking post-game head…”He knows the rule. I think it was just a reaction,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “It was a tough day”. This is all we get; explanations of why the Reds failed. He sounds like a reporter, rather than the manager.

He also muffed fielding a single that lead to extra run. Agree that Price’s explanation was ridiculous, obviously Bourgeois didn’t fully understand the rule. As far as “It was tough day”, recently most of them are.

AGAIN!!! This whole organization is in SAD shape !!!!!!!

Tough days are OK. After all, it’s not as though we are a contentious team. Everytime I look up I see us farther and farther behind…heck, the Brewers now have a W more than us. We’re 25 GB the Cards and 16 GB in the WC race. We have lost 5 in a row, but again, that isn’t very meaningful anyway. What I would hope the Reds immediately do; don’t wait until next season…get Suarez in LF and start the process. He makes far too many errors at SS, but wields a very healthy bat. With Cozart coming back next season, we had best be prepared to play Suarez somewhere. Up until Hamilton got hurt and is now on the 15-day disabled list (whether he needs that full amount of time or not!), I would not allow him to bat LH for the remainder of the season. Somebody has got to work with Bruce on his plate discipline. When he’s off, he’s really off, but when on, he puts up numbers like crazy. Additionally, we need him to be presentable for trade, not inconsistent like everyone knows he is. These are only a few of the things I would start working on immediately, yet all I hear is ‘manana’. Why after the end of the season? I continue to believe that any change is best made with live pitching and in live games. Certainly the three changes I have indicated above could be made today. Wouldn’t it benefit the Reds in the long run? Let’s get going, none of us are getting any younger.

Thought this article from MLBTR was telling concerning Lecure possibly being non tender. But what was most telling was the part concerning their injuries. They don’t make excuses. They just keep winning.
By Jeff Todd [August 20, 2015 at 10:45am CDT]

Let’s take a look at a few notes from the National League:
•The Reds announced yesterday that speedy center fielder Billy Hamilton will hit the DL, with C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer adding on Twitter that Hamilton suffered a sprained capsule in his right shoulder. It’s not clear at this point how long Hamilton will miss, though he’ll obviously have plenty of time to work back to health over the offseason regardless. It’s been a trying season for the 24-year-old, who continues to draw strong defensive ratings and put up huge stolen base tallies but has hit just .226/.272/.290. He’s still a good bet for a regular role in 2016, when he’ll be looking to increase his production in advance of arbitration.
•Cincinnati also brought back righty Sam LeCure, who’d spent the entire season at Triple-A. The 31-year-old struggled in the minors as he played out the second year of his extension, and figures as a likely non-tender candidate this fall.
•Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams is nearly at full-speed in his rehab progression, as Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. He seems to be slightly ahead of Jon Jay and Matt Holliday, who are also looking to return in the coming weeks. St. Louis is also dealing with injuries to outfielders Jason Heyward and Randal Grichuk, and could theoretically look to add another bat, though it appears that the club will begin to welcome back some key pieces in relatively short order.
•Top Dodgers prospect Corey Seager played third base the last two days at Triple-A, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times notes on Twitter. The 21-year-old has spent some time there previously and has cooled off at the plate since moving up to the top level of the minors, so it’s not entirely clear that a promotion is imminent. But as Shaikin notes, with the club designating Alberto Callaspo for assignment last night, Seager could conceivably see some time at short and/or third at the big league level once rosters expand.

“Their” should have been “the Cardinals”

Unfortunately for LeCure and the Reds, he lost his ‘mo-jo’ at the end of last season and the beginning of this season, while making $1.85m. And, he hasn’t fully gained it back either…at AAA: 60 IP, 1.45 WHIP and a startling 5.25 ERA. As he was paid as a full time, major league, reliever, the Reds will probably let him loose after this season.

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