Lorenzen had CG at Louisville

For a player who was demoted to Triple-A, pitcher Michael Lorenzen did exactly what he needed to do in his first start by having success. Actually, Lorenzen did more than just have success on Sunday for Louisville. He threw the first complete game of his professional career.

Lorenzen went the distance for a four-hit shutout of Norfolk for a 4-0 win. He allowed one walk with one strikeout.

Reds manager Bryan Price was pleased with the reports, because Lorenzen not only threw strikes but also had a good variety of pitches that he commanded well. Before going down, Lorenzen was 0-6 with an 8.49 ERA in eight starts since his last victory on Jume 21, including a 12.57 ERA in five second-half starts.

“Really exactly what he needed, probably, was a mental break and a chance to go and really focus on pitching and not worry about the things that tend to cloud a young player’s head when things aren’t going well,” Price said on Tuesday. “Certainly he had speculation wondering if he would stay in the rotation, if he would stay in the big leagues, what did he need to do to be successful as a big league starting pitcher? I think he just needed to tap the brakes a little bit, get collected and get back to throwing the ball the way he’s capable of throwing it.”

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yeah he did not have to worry about the little things like being sent back out for 1 more inning when he clearly did not have it anymore like he did when he was with the reds. 90 pitches through 5? get back out there you haven’t reached your 100 pitch count yet! walk the first 2 guys? ok maybe we get someone warming up. ok now the tying or go ahead runs have scored but there are still 2 guys on base? great we will bring in the useless reliever to give those guys hits and drive your ERA up another run. yea price is just the best at handling pitchers isn’t he?

1 K is a little odd? But definitely a step in the right direction. The kid has the stuff for sure. I just wish he didn’t look so much like Tim Lincecum. LOL

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