Game 117: Royals at Reds


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Getting a little tired of Reds line-up and really why not bring Stubbs back and add 2or 3 aaa players with a clearence sale for Byrd,Pena and Hamilton and time is running out —-waiver deals are still allowed Reds.

Stubbs batting .216 for Rockies. Sent down to AAA. Last thing we need. Post AS Hamilton is .250. His last 6 games .350.

Hamilton OBP leading off a game this season – .300.

Phillips OBP leading off a game this seaon – .295
(lst AB only)

Without a true lead off hitter , why not try Votto . What have they got to lose ?

Since this season is a washout, I would hope they would improve their players in the lineup and their respective fielding position. As Hamilton has “disruptive” speed on the base pads, they need to get him more real time at the top of the lineup while working with him on bat control, contact and bat disciplines, while cutting down on his upper cutting. Nothing is more wasteful than Hamilton popping up or flying out. In other words, the rest of this season is a training exercise for next season, but in ‘real time’, not practice. Since we continue to avoid these types of exercises we continue to slide further and further back in the standings and WC races. Price seems to be working with the SP but I have seen little nor read anything that would indicate they are working diligently with their players in the field. Batting Hamilton 9th underlines this thought; ergo: they bat him 9th which eliminates approximately one full AB rather than work with the kid. Him leading off and getting on base was underscored the other day when it lead to 3 R for the Reds and chaos by the opposition (7-3 over SD).

Exactly – team without a plan. Ownership/GM have shown no concern about it – that’s what they need and a mgr. that can execute it.

As they say in business…’deal with the situation, or the situation will deal with you’.
And the sad part about the way the Reds are rolling now is that both Price and Jocketty will be the stone layers relative to the new Reds foundation in a very, very key year. Jocketty seems to be stern and committed to rebuilding by trade; some very good trades thusfar, some never transpired because, “he wanted too much” (he being Jocketty). I like that kind of league talk; we won’t be a giveaway team. Price is not an inspiring manager, sets funny lineups and handles the BP poorly imo. He may or may not be around next season; it is his last of a 3 year contract. Actually, for the record, It’s Jocketty’s last contract year as well.

Dombroski no longer available Redsox got him tonight.

Cozart may well be in a poor position when he returns next season. Suarez clearly can outhit cozart in nearly all categories; most importantly AVG & OBP. And, a superior SS coming off of “torn ligaments” could be problematic for him when going
to the hole and breaking for a strong throw to lst. Too bad…he was coming on this season and finally getting his OBP in respectable territory. With all that said, Suarez has some pop. (he hit another while I was typing this).

You make too much sense Neb . However, you know as as well as I , this organization dies very little the correct way . Besides , Price has to make sure it’s okay with Mike Matheny and the Cardinals first .

Neb, I watched them work with Billy in Louisville. He has been instructed, instructed, and instructed some more. Me thinks what you are seeing from Billy now is the best you are going to get. So, no matter how much more you do it ain’t going to make much difference. I know it makes for conversation to keep saying that but as I said me thinks what you sees is what you gets.

That actually is a great point. If we set Hamilton aside for the moment, let’s look at the rest of the field; nearly all of them, save Votto, are plate undisciplined and free swingers. It appears that the minors did little if anything to teach fundamental baseball, the kind that emphasizes contact and situational hitting. Hitting in such a small ballpark I would have thought that somebody would have hit 40 HR; 25-30 appears to be a major challenge, and the paltry RBI totals follow. Did they all learn this poor hitting in the minors? Does Price and co. do anything to correct these deficiencies? We aren’t a poor hitting club, we are pathetic! So now, back to Hamilton, has he just learned to hit like the rest of them? Awfully systemic imo, and points to poor coaching and poor management throughout the different levels of
the entire team. And, if true, something that can’t be changed overnight.

Sorry I do not agree that they do not instruct in hitting. Check out Dunners average in the minors you will be greatly surprised, when he got to the majors he discovered that he could make millions hitting homers and not singles so guess what he hit and his average went down. There was a period of time when the Reds were a hitting organization now they are pitching organization maybe someday we will reach a happy medium LOL.

Well, for the Reds sake I hope he can improve. Their newest notion is to have him only hit from the R side, but that won’t be happening until seasons end. We all know that Hamilton’s speed and defense is nearly unparalleled. And, it is my belief that the Reds will play him due to those attributes, regardless as to how he hits. So, it would behoove them to raise his numbers. He worked with DeShields after last season and his base stealing abilities increased noticeably. I am hoping that they start the process sooner rather than later and he will mature into a reasonable hitter; he has got to stop hitting the ball in the air. We all need to remember that the guy has only been in the bigs for 1 1/2 seasons and is only 24 (September 9th). I have not seen a player of his caliber destroy the SP, C and infield D as he has done once he gets on base ahead of any other hitters; not sure we ever will again. As many have remarked, he literally outruns the baseball while stealing a base and outruns the baseball in the field. I think it would be a major, major mistake to arbitrarily thrown in the towel on this guy when it comes to making him an adequate lead off batter. As I previously pointed out, he sports an OBP of .300 when lst up in a G; that’s a good start. Now let’s see what the Reds do and how Hamilton responds.

Don’t think the Reds are throwing in the towel, I think they have simply made an adjustment to his talents hence where he is batting. If they had thrown in the towel he would be gone.

Wow, tried to get Diamond Seats for Wednesday’ s game none left for my grandson and I. Luckily we found the last two for Thursday’s game.

I am talking about batting lead off or not. His far superior speed and D will allow him to play for the Reds while maintaining a less than attractive AVG and OBP. Same went for, goes for, Cozart; these two positions are key defensive positions and can be held by lightweights at the plate.

One of the most trite saying about the Reds in black and white and by announcers, is the statement that Price has no problem letting Chapman pitch beyond 1 IP. He has appeared in 49 ball games this season and pitched 49.2 IP. Once he pitched Chapman beyond 1 full inning; July 19th. He pitched him for 2 IP…once, all season.

Feel really bad for Iglesias. Can’t pitch much better than he did, but to no avail. We get 1 run in 1st and none for the next 12. 0-4 RISP. 9 LOB. This team looks like it is just going through the motions realizing nothing really matters.

Hamilton jams right shoulder; will be examined tomorrow.

Excerpt from one of Sheldon’s articles on…
At Double-A Pensacola, Winker has been on a hitting tear. The No. 1 prospect in the organization tied the team record by hitting a home run in five straight games, a streak that ended on Sunday.
Winker, who turned 23 on Monday, entered the day batting .379/.455./.741 in 16 August games, including 10-for-22 (.455) with five homers in his last six games.
“I’m trying to get there next week. I want to see him before the season is over,” Jocketty said.
Following a slow start to the season, Winker is batting .275/.374/.433 with 13 homers and 46 RBIs overall in 107 games. There was speculation entering the year that he could be in the Majors this season, but that now seems unlikely.
“We haven’t really talked about it,” Jocketty said. “It hasn’t been discussed, but probably not.”

What a disappointment if Winker isn’t called up when roster expands. Can’t say I’m surprised though.

The Reds’ organization is one of the worst in baseball . Their owner and GM grasp at straws and they don’t have enough money to compete in free agency . And to top it off their player development is pathetic

One ray of sunshine is that at the end of next season, their TV contract will expire. Often, contracts are negotiated ahead of the termination date. It has been discussed that the Reds should sign a contract moving forward; 10-15 years at a yearly rate of somewhere north of $35m. Pretending that $35m is the number commencing in 2017, the Reds could go into next season with more than prospects being targeted. In other words, the Reds could have a mix of prospects, trades and a free agent or two. The timing of this rebuild, coupled with the new TV contract may be a godsend depending on how Castellini wants to play it. In summary, if the Reds play their cards correctly, they could be back in the saddle by 2017 with a new team and new manager (who said that!).

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