Game 116: Reds at Dodgers

First pitch at 4:10 p.m. ET

Phillips 4
Suarez 6
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Byrd 7
Barnhart 2
DeSclafani 1
Hamilton 8

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Since 7/29 the Reds are 7-10 using all rookie pitching. On telecast last night they showed a graphic of the 5 best team ERAs since 7/29. The Reds had the 3rd best ERA at 3.10. One of the 5 had a worst record. The other 3 had much better records. My point is that the lack of CONSISTENT, TIMELY, and EFFECTIVE hitting and execution is what is missing. I don’t expect the rookies to continue with these stats. But it still remains the offensive woes that have cost us.

For the month of August Reds hitting ranks last in the NL and 27th in MLB.

Thought this was intersting. Suarez has played in 53 games through yesterday. Cozart played in 53 games before his injury.
Suarez 195AB 59H 7HR 29RBI 11E .303/.340/.482/.822
Cozart 194AB 50H 9HR 28RBI 3E .258/.310/.459/.769

I believe it is time to see some youg players and rid a couple of the older guys, wish Stubbs would be considered as a player again with the Reds.

Seems like game after game that I watch how much the REDS need some hitters. If
Billy Hamilton stays in CF, it is that much more important that your LF & RF are able to take up the slack of Hamilton’s lack of hitting. Frazier, since the All Star break has not been able to bounce back like the first half he had. The one bright spot (and hope I don’t jinx him) has been Suarez at SS. 2nd base with Phillips, has been as good as ever especially with the SB. 1st base Votto just not many any better. The catching has been OK, but sure do miss the power of Mesaroco. Hopefully he can bounce back in 2016. The starting pitching I would like to see a much needed real good veteran starter. Of course the price tag for one would be expensive, but it would seem
important. The middle relief could be beefed up somewhat to make sure the team can get to Chapman. BUT, I still say REDS need more better hitters as it seems once the Reds get behind it is almost impossible to get a comeback. I just hope for 2016
the Reds can address these issues and actually contend. Mr. GM/Front Office, please
try to correct these issues the best you can. It just really hurts to get runners on with no outs, one out etc..and cannot score. Please help the team! Thanks

Main items for REDS to address for 2016: Get some top hitters-get a real good veteran pitcher-beef up the bullpen. To be a contender these have to be corrected. GO REDS!

The Refs don’t need hitters . They have Jay Bruce . That man is a machine . He only struck out 3 times today .

Prediction 66 wins and 96 losses.House cleaning and here’s hoping Jim Leyland is our manager next year. You can say what you want about the pitching but the so called professional hitters are not so professional. Goodbye to Bruce, Billy and Marlon. Try Mesoraco in left, allow Barnhart to catch, and get us a new right and center fielder. Cozart to the bench. Rid the team of strikeout artists please. Can’t wait to see the September call ups. Another 2nd half disaster in the making.

please can anyone tell me if Jocketty will be their after this season and what are the chances of getting Dombrowski

Jocketty and Castellini have been tight for many years, stretching back to when both were involved in St. Louis championships. Jocketty is going nowhere…

And the beat goes on. 0-5 RISP; 6 LOB. Feel bad for DeSclafani, another wasted good pitching performance.

If Castillni can’t make tough decisions because of friendship , he needs to sell the team .

agreed—–Jocketty has a poor trade history

But that’s not the way the real world operates…

that is what is wrong with the real world.

They lose 95 games heads better roll. We are knocking on the basement door boys. And we stunk with a better pitching staff. So disappointing.

If the Reds don’t make significant changes with it’s position players, they will finish in last place next year . Changes need to take place . This organization is in very bad shape and it starts with Castillini .

true,but the manager is not to blame its management above

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