Game 114: Reds at Dodgers

Phillips 4
Suarez 6
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Byrd 7
Pena 2
Lamb 1
Hamilton 8

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Maybe it is less pressure on Hamilton batting 9th., to me just doesn’t seem or look right. He made the club as a leadoff hitter, and should stay there. Some one really needs to get him aside, find out why he doesn’t use his speed more even as a hitter,
bunting, hitting down on the ball more etc….PLUS, I just think the REDS need to beef
up the team up with more true hitters. Get them via trades, or free agent or from the
the minors. There has got to be 3 or 4 ready for the majors hitters in the minors that can hit major league pitching. Like to see them brought up, not to sit, or PH ever so
often, but play several games straight and see if they can hit now, or more seasoning is needed. What would it hurt?

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