More on Lamb, Lorenzen

You can read my full John Lamb call-up story here:

But I also have some added elements that I was unable to include in the story. Lamb was once the Royals No. 1 prospect until he needed Tommy John surgery on his elbow in 2011. This year, however, he has put it all together again.

“He’s just getting back on top of his game again for the first time this year as far as maintaining the quality of his velocity and his pitch quality and has become the type of pitcher that will regain the form he had in 2010,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “We’re very excited. We’re getting a kid with his best years ahead of him. Really going to take a hard look at him as a piece in the rotation going forward.”

Before leaving, Lorenzen threw a bullpen session here at Dodger Stadium and was very pleased. He used some suggestions provided by his agent, Scott Boras, during a meeting on Wednesday.

“With my other pitches – my slider, changeup and curveball – I trust that I can throw it. When it comes to my fastball, there’s ‘don’t miss here,’ or ‘just throw it over the plate,’ rather than going through the process,” Lorenzen said. “Scott told me that last night. He’s such a knowledgeable person. It was good to sit down and talk to him about it. It was perfect timing, especially that the lord puts everything together for a reason. I’m going to go down to Triple-A and I’m not going to be searching. I’ll just apply what I learned last night and what happened tonight and do my thing down there.”


I found it interesting that Lorenzen and his agent had a meeting and discussed his pitching issues, and they determined that it was mental and not mechanical. Shouldn’t this be the pitching coach’s job?

You’re right on the money.

It’s obvious that Lorenzen is as stubborn as Home Run Bailey in listening to the Reds’ coaches. No wonder he’s struggling.

I wouldn’t listen the Reds’coaches either .

He’s struggling because he’a rookie pitcher. They all struggle. No question about it. He needed to be bumped to the pen anyway. Dob’t want to see the guy getting hurt during a nothing season. That’s the chance were taking pitching all these rookies right now. Tearing up the arms of young SP’s. But, we have to see and evaluate them so it’s tough….

Exactly, they have to be very careful with these young guys. They are use to going home in September with the minor league schedule as it is so extending them into September is very tedious. Billy showed signs of that last year when he wore down in September and his offensive numbers fell off.

What happened this year ? Did he get tired at the beginning of the year ?

General feeling was that he had too much pressure on him this season and so that was one of the reasons why Price moved him out of the leadoff to let him relax more and hopefully help him.

I saw Billy play at Louisville and to me the difference between him then and now is that defensively he has improved tremendously offensively he basically is what he is. If irt wasn’t for his defensive skills and his speed he would probably not be in the major leagues because his batting skills are simply not there yet. Not sure they ever will be, IMHO Choo was much more valuable to the Reds than Billy is.

Last 30 days(26 games): .261/.299/.326/.625
Last 7 days ( 7 games): .346/.414/.500/.914
IMO he is going to continue to grow and get better. With his speed and disruptiveness he belongs at leadoff.

Leave Lorenzen in lou. Advice from his agent Scott Boras. Enough said. What a joke to even tell that to the media. Rockhead Lorenzen.

Hamilton stinks Face the facts. One good game a week doesnt cut it.

Well put HoosierVirg . Makes a lot of sense .

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