Game 111: Reds at Padres

Phillips 4

Schumaker 7

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Bruce 9

De Jesus Jr. 6

Barnhart 2

Lorenzen 1

Hamilton 8

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I see the second team is playing tonight. Perhaps they’ll do better than the first team. I wonder if anyone reminded Frazier of what he was told prior to the home run derby, especially with sub .200 average and (1) home run after the derby. He should be kissing that trophy even more.

Frazier – post All-Star game…
2 HR, 11 RBI

why not bring up some fresh blood —-we know Hamilton and Byrd and Byrd might help another team more than the Reds.

Doug Melvin leaving as Brewers GM.

Sorry, using these players (because others need so, so, so much rest…)
I would set the lineup as follows:
Hamilton CF (S)
Votto lB (L)
Frazier 3B (R)
Bruce RF (L)
Phillips 2B (R)
De Jesus Jr. SS (R)
Barnhart C (S)
SChumaker LF (L)
Lorenzen P

If I were Castellini…when I saw this lineup, my teeth would be gnashing…
Price is goofier than a wooden watch.

not bad,but then if Hamilton still did not hit —get rid of him.

The Orioles have acquired right-hander Matt Buschmann from the Reds in exchange for cash considerations, reports Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun (via Twitter). The 31-year-old is a veteran of 10 minor league seasons and has split the 2015 campaign between the Reds and Rays organizations, pitching to a 4.03 ERA with 7.3 K/9 against 3.2 BB/9 in 131 2/3 innings. Buschmann has a 3.79 ERA over his past four minor league seasons and should serve as a depth piece for the O’s.

Need to send Lorenzen down to AAA. Not doing him any good getting pounded at ML level. Looks like he’s lost his confidence. Bring someone else up for Lorenzens next start.
Hope this was Frazier breaking out of slump.

Lorenzen got shellacked tonight; wasn’t pretty.

Lorenzen has struggled since the All-Star break, going 0-4 with a 12.57 ERA in five starts.

Absolutely agree.

have trouble understaning the resistance of treating players like producive sources hoping Jocketty still has a few things uphis sleeve.

The bad news is…we be…
22 1/2 back of Cards
14 back of WC
The good news is…
Football preseason starts in earnest on Thursday!

Reds are headed for a W-L record of 71-91. Last time they lost this many games was in 2003 (69-93).

ATTENTION REDS GENERAL MANAGER & FRONT OFFICE—-please bring up some hitters from the minors. There has to be 3 or 4 (at least) ready for the majors PLUS another starting pitcher or 2….it is awful to watch the opposing team jump all over Lorenzen. He really needs help, send him down to Louisville and let Ted Power get him ready for the majors again. Believe he has lost his confidence, so bring up the #1 Stephenson up. Let’s see what he can do to help out. Being over 20 games out, isn’t it pass time to bring some hitters up? The position player in the Leake trade, is he even almost ready for the big league? He does have some pop in his bat, he couldn’t do any worse. Plus there is Winkler, Waldrop and a couple others swinging the bat and getting hits. Just tired of seeing runners get on, mostly by walks, bases
loaded, no outs and still don’t score, can’t bunt runner from first to 2nd and so on. It
is pitiful to see a major league team suffer like this. The REDS GM/Front Office have to see this, as well as the fans, so why hasn’t anything been done to try to correct this? At least before the season ends, like right now, bring some hitters from the minors and a starting pitcher or two up, not to sit, but play and play more than 1 or 2 games, give them several games to play in and perhaps the fans might see some wins before season ends. PLEASE TRY TO GET THE TEAM SOME HELP!

I dont understand why they cant use the rest of this season to prepare for next or 2017. Try anything with Hamilton, but he should be leading off. I like Byrd but if he is not going to be here next year then trade him for what ever. If one of these OF can stick then do it. I understand they dont want to start the clock on some of these guys, but some have already been started (Fennigan and the kid from SF) should be with the big league club.

totally agree rid Jockeytty and add kids and maybe Dombrowski

We all have to keep in mind that when we say…”why don’t they trade him”, they may well have tried but haven’t received a reasonable offer. Players like Bruce, Chapman, Byrd, etc. have been open for trade but the Reds have indicated that they have not received a ‘reasonable’ trade in return. Jocketty is keen in this regard as he won’t just get rid of a player while receiving dead wait in trade. Lastly, the Reds have indicated that they would listen to “any and all trade offers”. Can’t fault him for not accepting chump/unreasonable offers. As the season winds down (about 50 G left) there will be teams that are in desperate need of a proven power hitter, a shut-down reliever, etc. and when they do they will keep the Reds in mind; we’ve been branded as a “rebuild club”. We need only play out the season, let price move around the chairs and wait for more talented prospects via trade.

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