Game 110: Reds at Padres

Phillips 4
Suarez 6
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Byrd 7
Pena 2
Holmberg 1
Hamilton 8

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Price’s lineups are a joke .

Nothing wrong with that lineup considering what is on the roster.

I know Hamilton sucks but jackin’ him around isn’t going to help. Price’s Lineups are a joke !

I would offer that Hamilton batted lead off yesterday and went 2 for 5 and scored a R…however,I feel like I am really redundant; as redundant as Price is trying to set a reasonable, consistent and winning lineup.

And in the game before that he went 0-4 striking out once in the leadoff spot.

Bating lst: .232/.287/.354/.640
AB 164, 5 DBL, 3 TPL, 3 HR, 58 TB
Batting 9th: .215/.215/.251/.478
AB 181, 2 DBL, 0 TPL, 0 HR, 41 TB
Now that the Reds are grooming their SP for the
rest of the season, they should also be grooming
their lead off batter of the future. Burying him in the
9th position is ludicrous; much to much speed to
be mired in the 9 hole.

Exactly, that is why Hamilton’s batting ninth they don’t see him as their leadoff batter of the future.

@HoosierVirg – evidently you have inside information that none of us have concerning Hamiltons future. Please share your source.

No inside source , simple common sense, if they thought he was a leadoff man guess what , he would be batting lead off.

I agree. Might as well lead him off the the rest of the year, and see if he can improve.

Another wasted pitching effort. Good job by Holmberg. 10 LOB. Very boring team to watch. Heading for a 72-90 record at the current pace.

Hoosier , I see your point . But, why even put him the leadoff spot ?

Billy is what he is. The sooner the Reds decide the better off we’ll be. He’s a defensive specialist, late game pinch runner.Note the game he was 2 for 5 I believe all those hits were from the right side. Stats don’t lie. Pena’s horrible too. These cast of players just don’t compliment each other.

Well put . The biggest problem is that the Reds really don’t have a true leadoff hitter . Not since Choo . They don’t have an everyday catcher and left field has been a revolving door . This management team is absolutely terrible at making a decision on most things . Thus , as you say , they are what they are . LOSERS!!

He’s a “defensive specialist” and therefor, you can’t take his leather off the field. He has made plays I have never seen before based on this lightening speed; even if his bat is meek and uppercuttish.

I think Price tinkers too much…. Votto doing great in 2 hole and they just had to move him. Suarez was doing great in the back of the order had to Cozart him to the 2 hole.

It is far too early in Hamilton’s career to indicate that he cannot hit lead-off, nor have the Reds made any such decision. They are currently utilizing Hamilton and Phillips in lead-off based on the opposing pitchers and success patterns. Here is a brief look at how the two are fairing while batting lead-off this season:
Hamilton – .287 OBP
164 AB
28 R
Phillips – .299 OBP
241 AB
32 R
As you can see, the AB/R differential is telling (77 AB/4 R); Hamilton’s speed is key.
The Reds and Hamilton have said that the plan is to have Hamilton stop batting from the left side (.238) and bat solely from the right side (.251) but that that decision will be made after the end of this season. As we all know, the Reds cannot contend this season and since we will be trying a host of players at a number of positions in a short time, I would think that the Reds would start the process of identifying strengths and weaknesses in Hamilton which will allow him to increase his OBP percentage; if shutting down from the left side is beneficial, now is the time to tinker and adjust, not after seasons end.

I agree . This organization does this all the time . They’re a day late and a dollar short all the time . Whether it’s Hamilton, Chapman as a starter or closer , putting a player on the DL , trading a player ,teaching any of them how to bunt or hit behind runners , or putting the contact play and running themselves out of innings , this organization never gets any better . Jocketty needs to go and if Castillini can’t pull the trigger on that , then he needs to sell the team . The best thing this organization has done in the past few years is put on the all star game . Now we are stuck with the reality that the on field product will be LOSERS for the foreseeable future . Good luck selling season tickets next year Bob . You’ll need it .

Reds, after two years of losing, rank 12th out of the 30 franchises for home attendance in 2015 and are on a pace to come very close, if not exceed, their all-time gate totals for any given year, including those of the Big Red Machine era. Winning and losing have very little to do with an activity that is now mostly a social outing. Marketing is where it is at, and, apparently, they are doing a good job at that, if little else! The long term problem, though, persists, for gate receipts and concessions are no longer the main games going. It’s all about television revenue, and while that too is ABOUT TO RISE WITH A NEW CONTRACT, IT WON’T RISE TO KEEP PACE WITH COMPETING CLUBS SINCE IT IS TIED TO THE MARKET SIZE, WHICH, EVEN WHEN MILKED FOR ALL ITS WORTH, IS STILL TINY!

@ drfoust2000. As you have stated in the past, without revenue sharing there will not be the hope of parity. Since revenue sharing has been a boon to the NFL, I don’t understand why the owners don’t collectively agree to it. Baseball benefits and therefore over time so would the owners. I assume it’s greed on part of the larger market teams.

As soon as someone in the REDS organization wakes up and can tell the team need some hitters. They didn’t do much to correct this at trading time, except for one position player, who seems to have a lot of “pop” in his bat. Bring him on up along with two or three others who are having a good year in the minors. This losing close games, getting 4 to 5 hits (or less) a game, not bringing in runners in scoring position
with one or even 2 outs, can’t bunt a runner to 2nd., etc…Bringing some bats up sure couldn’t hurt the team. 20 or more games out, what can it hurt?

I agree with one fan, the REDS need a new GM. He did a decent job of getting some young pitching talent (we hope), but only 1 position player. When Hammels was traded he brought back 6 players, when Cueto (who is as good as the lefty) he brought back 3, seems to me Cueto was more valuable than that. Leake got back a pitcher and finally a position player that can deliver the long ball. REDS need to bring up some hitters and let them play, not sit, and play them more than 1 to 3 games. This losing the close games, getting 4 to 5 hits, or less, a game, can’t bunt runners over etc…is getting very old. Isn’t it time, well pass time, to see if the team have ANY
hitters in the minors. Come on Mr. Castellini, you promised a contender on the field, not a team 20 or more games out. PLEASE get the team some hitting!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

I believe the Reds wait too long to trade a player . The player (imo) is a lot more valuable if the team that wants him has a little control on him . That’s why you trade Chapman now or in the off season . Don’t wait until the last minute and settle for less . If this stays the same , they’ll have a worse year next season than this . A great closer is useless if you don’t get to use him .

Revenue Sharing

In order to combat the growing revenue disparity among major league teams, MLB first instituted a revenue sharing program back in 1996. The plan was slowly phased in over a couple of years, and then was simplified and improved during the 2002 CBA negotiations. The current revenue sharing program has not changed much since then, with minor tweaks along the way. Although the plan is far from perfect, it has managed to give small market teams a much needed boost in order to keep them on somewhat-competitive footing with large market teams.

Under its current iteration, MLB’s revenue sharing program looks something like this:

● Every team in the majors pays in 31% of their net local revenue, and then that money is divided up and equally distributed to every team. Since large-market teams will have much greater local revenues than small market teams, this already puts small market teams in the black.

● On top of this, a large chunk of MLB’s central fund (which are acquired through things like national broadcasts) is set aside to be allocated to teams based on their revenues.

● By 2016, the fifteen teams in the largest markets in baseball will be disqualified from receiving revenue sharing. This feature is being phased in over the coming years. The disqualified clubs will receive a refund for the amount that they would have received in revenue sharing, although teams that have exceeded the Luxury Tax threshold in recent years will not receive a full refund.

The magic words being somewhat competitive.

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