Games 102-109: Off

I’m taking a few days off. Will rejoin the fray from San Diego on Aug. 10.

Enjoy the week. And thanks.


Wow, just like Congress, summer break. Just kidding, at least you accomplish something while you’re working. Enjoy.

No. Thank you!

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Game 102:

1.2B: Brandon Phillips
2.1B: Joey Votto
3.3B: Todd Frazier
4.RF: Jay Bruce
5.LF: Marlon Byrd
6.C: Brayan Pena
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.SP: Raisel Iglesias
9.CF: Billy Hamilton

Game 103:
1.2B: Brandon Phillips
2.LF: Skip Schumaker
3.3B: Todd Frazier
4.RF: Jay Bruce
5.CF: Marlon Byrd
6.C: Tucker Barnhart
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.1B: Ivan De Jesus
9.SP: Keyvius Sampson

Mark missed all the fun today …prior to the Pie-rats vacating the premises.

Also – I guess Votto just too hot – not in lineup today…I mean tomorrow is an off-day right?

Let’s skip ahead to next Spring Training: The Reds will still need a left fielder, so they’re going to try, in no particular order, Suarez, Winker, the AAA-lifer they got in the Leake trade, possibly Mesoraco, and whatever ex-Cardinal they pick up in the off-season in case these guys don’t pan out. Why is there such a revolving door in left field – shouldn’t this be the easiest position on the roster to fill? Makes you miss Dunn and even Gomes!

Do the Reds have Byrd under contract next year or an option on him. I have become a Byrd fan. If they do left field is solved for 2016 IMO.

This is just my personal opinion – but props to MLB for making the batters stay in the batter’s box between pitches. The games are noticeably shorter and crisper, to me. The pitchers appear to have sped up as a result, too. Fewer ‘human rain delays’ on both sides of the pitch exchange.

I watch games on DVR and appreciate the faster pace, but I’m still surprised how often I FF 30 seconds and haven’t missed a thing. One reason I like Matt Carpenter of the Cards is he doesn’t wear batting gloves and is not wasting time constantly adjusting them.

Agree . Now if they could just trim a minute off of commercial breaks ……….. Foolish me . TV is more important than the game .

Without ’em you would have to be at the ballpark to see the game.

True . Lol

Where is everybody ?

Exhausted from trade deadline ? LOL. By the way, Adam Duvall has started 3 games in AAA since coming over from the Giants. Has 2 HRs and has fielded all 11 chances in his new LF position. Could he be our power hitting LF?

Why does everyone hate Marlon Byrd so much? Duvall will be a good one too. But Byrd’s got some left in the tank folks. Has been a plus defender as well.

Love Marlon Byrd. Got our moneys worth this year, but I have the impression that Reds want to trade him. If not, I’m happy.

I don’t know if anyone hates Byrd . I think people are looking to the future. I like Byrd but like everything else , it boils down economics .

Right Byrd cost money. And everyone in the minors does not. Duvall does not sound like the answer though I would have no problem if he was. I actually wouldnt mind the Reds bringing up a couple of guys to play it. And maybe help sub out Hamilton at times, he is really struggling at the plate.

The knock on Duvall was he couldn’t field his position of corner infield. If he ends up making a respectable transition to OF, it opens things up. I also want to see our young guys get the opportunity and I hope Reds will develop these young guys in multiple OF positions. Going to need a RF in the next year or two.

Really disappointed in Hamilton’s batting skills and his inability or unwillingness to learn. He should have developed outstanding bunting skills in the minors. That he didn’t points to a problem with our minor league coaching or with Hamilton himself or both.

$8M Vesting Option Option for 2016 vests with 550 PA in 2015. If the option does not vest, it becomes a team option. Byrd is projected for 480-490 ABs. I suspect that the Reds will release him after this season.

BTW…the reason I suspect the team will release Byrd at season’s end is not due to him, per se; he has been terrific. However, this next year will be a ‘learning’ year and I would hope we try several young players in several positions. LF could be managed by Rodriquez and/or Winker; possibly other new position players. Bottomline: $8m would be paid for a potential WS LF…but we ain’t going to the WS in 2016. With Johnnie’s $20-$25m, Leake’s $9-$11m and now Byrd’s $8m…the Reds can move forward without a cash crunch.

Not the brightest bulb in the bunch…

Byrd has not been terrific. With RISP he has hit 3 HR and has posted a line of
.183/.274/.317/.591. Not too sure what it is, but when a player comes to the Reds they fall into the same routine as most of the lineup. I do, however, continue to think that the Reds will not offer him a contract next season and therefore, will take a look at several of their youths. Makes sense as they will use 2016 as a rehearsal season.

Game 105:
1.2B: Brandon Phillips
2.1B: Joey Votto
3.3B: Todd Frazier
4.RF: Jay Bruce
5.LF: Marlon Byrd
6.C: Brayan Pena
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.SP: David Holmberg
9.CF: Billy Hamilton

Sean Marshall had a BP session; all went well, no concerns. Probably will see him
in the BP a bit later.

Hamilton’s D will allow him to hit .220-.240 and not be of great concern. However, with that said, I would love to see the guy hit .260-.270. More importantly, regardless of what his BA is…let’s see him raise his OBP to over .300; far more important in my mind. We gotta get this guy on base; he destroys the C, turns SGL into DBL, DBL into TPL, pressures the D into E’s and can pull the tail on a cheetah! He’s a one-man high lite reel; a game changer with his speed and glove. Not sure why he wants to stop batting LH at season’s end…why not do it now.

Game 2 against Cards – mired again not getting guys in. Inning 11 not looking good. What is the deal with Hamilton? Seems to me mgmt. just leaves him to his own devices – going up to bat no particular plan. And again that is my beef with Price in general. He’s not equipped to outfox most opponents. Just throw guys up there – play with the lineup and see what happens.

1/11 RISP, 11 LOB. Sad. Should have been 4 wins in a row against Cardinals. I agree that Hamilton looks bad, seems to be getting worse.

The real sad part is that they don’t have anyone else to put out there that’s any better . The position players in their minor leagues seem to stay there until until they turn 35 years old and they always trade for or sign 1 year fixes . I realize they can’t afford big time free agents but they better fix their minor league development .

would Finnegan be our top prospect if he was eligible? I would love to see how he ranks compared to what we have coming in. I know Disco, Lorenzen, and Iglesises would all be top 5. Just makes you feel better with what pitching potential we have right now.

I’ve really enjoyed watching the new faces on the mound. Encouraging and brings newness to an otherwise bleak season. What I can’t figure out as I look at the talent the Reds put out there everyday is how they can be so far out of it.

It’s pretty easy to figure. WE HAVE THE WORST MANAGER IN BASEBALL.

Yeah – how’dya like how Cards don’t feel compelled to throw one over to our best hitter Votto – but our mgr. is like “Yeah – go ahead – give Carpenter something to hit” (instead of just walking him)

Game 106:
1.2B: Brandon Phillips
2.CF: Jason Bourgeois
3.1B: Joey Votto
4.3B: Todd Frazier
5.RF: Jay Bruce
6.LF: Marlon Byrd
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.C: Tucker Barnhart
9.SP: Michael Lorenzen

If nothing else Price should be fired because of his line up card. Bourgeois is under .200 OBP. That is just insane to put him in second. Now that should be 9th if you are going to play him.

It’s a complete joke that we continue to see Bourgeois in the 2 hole. I mean the guys has proven to the whole MLB that he completely sucks, yet our stupid manager keeps putting the worst hitter possible ahead of our best hitter. IT’S ABSOLUTELY IDIOTIC. IF HE CAN’T SEE THAT, HE HAS NO BUSINESS MANAGING AN MLB TEAM. Yet he continue’s to get away with his horrible lineups and bullpens moves. A 5 year old can see that Bourgeois sucks, yet our manager keeps putting him in the 2 hole. IT MAKES NO DAMN SENSE. SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON OR PIECE OF LOGIC TO HAVE THAT GUY HITTING IN THE 2 HOLE.

Once again, 0/6 RISP (last 2 games 1/17 RISP).
10 LOB (last 2 games 21 LOB)

Where are you at Hoosier/Virg ?


Okay . It’s time to see Stevenson and Winker . I don’t want to hear this integrity of the game stuff like last year .

Not a surprise, but the Reds rank 30th for the number of RISP left per game. They rank 25th for LOB per game. Interesting that that Cardinals rank 28th in LOB and 23rd in RISP left, yet we are 20 games behind them. Does a change in team management seem in order to anyone else?

Biggest difference between the Cards and everyone else; team pitching ERA of
only 2.63…amazing. Red’s is over 4.

Reds rank 20th. Still presents a disconnect with W-L record. Lots more wrong with this team.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
Reds GM Walt Jocketty provided some interesting thoughts on his team’s trade deadline moves, especially the Johnny Cueto deal, in an appearance on MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM (links to Twitter). “We had the Cueto deal done, then another team came in,” said Jocketty, “and I was actually able to get a little more out of the Royals.”
One key piece of that deal, of course, was lefty Brandon Finnegan, who Jocketty says will be expected to work as a starter at Triple-A before joining the big league club in September. After entering the year with 28 days of service and tacking on about 37 more thus far in 2015, Finnegan still has six years of team control remaining and won’t line up as a Super Two candidate even if he spends next month (and all of next year) on the Cincinnati staff.
Jocketty also discussed the Reds‘ timeline to return to contention (Twitter link), saying that “our plan at this point is that we realistically have a real good shot in 2017.” While he praised the team’s “nucleus,” Jocketty’s statement seems to suggest that next season will be something of a regrouping year. The club has worked to fill its system with young arms after parting with Cueto and Mike Leake, but it remains to be seen how and when they will develop into productive big leaguers. With several big contracts limiting flexibility, and players like Aroldis Chapman and Jay Bruce entering their final years of control, it will be interesting to see whether Cinci pursues further trades over the winter.

If they are going to use 2016 as a “regroup” year to compete in 2017, they will need to “regroup” their field management also, IMO.

So the Red’s GM and more likely the owner are OK with sucking till 2017. Great way to tell your fans, season ticket buyers and your own Reds players- no need to get excited as Spring training 2016 arrives, no need to hurry to buy tickets, and the Reds players can relax as they are not expected to try and win as losing will be accepted. I guess Reds fans can expect 40 bobble head nights, fireworks 3times a week, and free pizza as that will be the only thing to look forward too till they magically will know what it takes to win in 2017. I doubt we will ever see the Cardinals make statements like this plus their billion dollar tv deal will help them be great for the next 15 years. While our team is allowed to suck with ZERO accountability. And how will they get Fox Sports to pay the Reds anything close to what the WINNING Cardinals will get over a non watchable losing team??? Is that sound management??? I’m just frustrated that we Reds fans were promised Championships and all we get is going backwards while the Cardinals and very good built Cubs and Pirates will keep getting better. Guess we fans have to pray EVERY player has a career year to even have a chance with zero injuries as having this team go get help is never going to happen!!!

Well said. Free ride for everyone including Price who couldn’t light a fire under his players with gasoline and a blowtorch.

Mr. Leake pulled a muscle in his leg and will miss a start for SF.

They actually DL’d him, so probably about 3 starts. Bad luck for them.

correction – just read that they are saying 2 starts

Price’s illogical moves don’t really mean too much now. He’ll send them out and bat them in whatever order he sees fit; the reality is that the rest of this year is nothing more than playing the remainder of games while seeing what the Reds currently have; win or lose, just play em. The rest of 2015 is meaningless relative to W’s and L’s. Interestingly enough, Price’s contract expires the end of 2016, so he will never see a winning team called the Reds.

Honestly, I’m hoping he keeps doing it. The more losses, the higher the draft pick. No point in winning this year.


I just hope he plays the call ups in September and not send an apology to Matheny for doing so.

Obviously not a Red, but check him out…beyond amazing…could be best of all time…
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim outfielder Mike Trout turns 24 today — yes, he’s only 24 — and he seems to always deliver on his birthday. He’s notched two home runs in three career birthday games.

Trout is tied for the fourth-most home runs by a player at 24. He also ranks in the top 10 in baseball among players entering their 24th birthday in runs scored.

How does he stack up to the all-time leaders at age 24? Take a look:

All-time home runs leader: Barry Bonds (762)
Trout’s HRs by his 24th birthday: 130
Bonds’ HRs by age 24: 59

All-time hits leader: Pete Rose (4,256)
Trout’s hits by age 24: 689
Rose’s hits by age 24: 311

All-time RBI leader: Hank Aaron (2,297)
Trout’s RBIs by age 24: 375
Aaron’s RBIs by age 24: 399

All-time total bases leader: Hank Aaron (6,856)
Trout’s total bases by age 24: 1,265
Aaron’s total bases by age 24: 1,243

All-time total runs leader: Rickey Henderson (2,295)
Trout’s total runs by age 24: 449
Henderson’s total runs by age 24: 368

All-time total walks leader: Barry Bonds (2,558)
Trout’s total walks by age 24: 320
Bonds’ total walks by age 24: 161

Wow! Knew he was good. Didn’t realize how good. I think his defensive play is excellent also.

Imagine…he’s only 24…today! He may well have 10-15 years ahead of him; doubtful, as the salaries will be so large moving forward, he won’t have to play
many more years.

Cards are far, far superior in pitching; #1 in all of MLB…
Here’s a look at the comparison against us…
Cards – .254/.322/.389/.711
Reds – .251/.316/.399/.715
Cards – 88 HR, 1,435 TB, 411 RBI
Reds -114 HR, 1,457 TB, 401 RBI
Cards – RISP – .248/.332/.372/.703
Reds – RISP – .211/.301/.354/.655
Cards – .263 ERA, .239 BAA, 884 SO, ER 289
Reds – .406 ERA, .245 BAA, 786 SO, ER 432
Cards – RD +113
Reds – RD -45
…yes, that’s a differential overall of 158 R!

Yes, that’s correct…the Reds have 26 more HR than does the Cards, yet
they have allowed 143 more R by the pitching staff. Any question why we are so
far behind? Bottomline…our new SP kids best be picking it up or we will be stuck in
this position for quite some time. One last note: HR’s don’t mean much in MLB; certainly doesn’t mean squat against a superior pitching staff that produces a superior ERA overall. Not much of a revelation…we need only look at all the WS winners…nearly all have superior SP.

Not even a question about whether Aroldis/Bruce are on the hot plate…it’s a question about what we get back…and when…I love Jocketty in this regard, he won’t just give it away…gotta give credit where credit is due…superb trades on Cueto and Leake…
In his latest Inside Baseball column, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports provides a laundry list of free agent and trade-related info. He kicks off the piece with a lengthy look at the curiously passive approaches of two teams that were seen as likely to be active sellers: the Reds and Padres. San Diego GM A.J. Preller told Heyman that his team discussed a number of deals and felt that, ultimately, the long-term nature of most of the Padres’ trade chips outweighed the value they were offered. The one notable exception is Justin Upton, who, as first reported by Buster Olney, could’ve fetched Michael Fulmer from the Mets. Regarding Upton talks, Preller told Heyman: “…the evaluation was what we’re being offered versus the value of the pick and having Justin for the rest of the year. There were offers right on the line, but none that made us move.” As for the Reds, Heyman notes that many are questioning the team’s decision to hang onto Aroldis Chapman, who is controlled through 2016, when the Reds may not be competitive until 2017. The Reds backed out of a Jay Bruce-for-Zack Wheeler swap, a source tells Heyman, with a second source telling him that Cincinnati simply “got cold feet” when it came to dealing Bruce. He also spoke to a number of executives who expressed disbelief that neither team was more active at the deadline.

Game 107:
1.2B: Brandon Phillips
2.1B: Joey Votto
3.3B: Todd Frazier
4.RF: Jay Bruce
5.LF: Marlon Byrd
6.C: Brayan Pena
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.SP: Raisel Iglesias
9.CF: Billy Hamilton

Another wasted pitching performance. Shutout 2 games in row. 3 losses in a row. Last 3 games 1/21 RISP, 26 LOB.

Go gettem boys!…
Looking to avoid a fourth consecutive defeat, the Reds (48-59) were last blanked in three straight games April 18-21, 1989.
Cincinnati has totaled 14 runs while losing five of the last seven, Joey Votto’s .468 batting average in his last 20 games is the highest in the majors since the All-Star break.
Teammate Todd Frazier, however, is hitting .114 with 14 strikeouts in the last 11 contests.
Frazier may want to consider ‘passing’ on next years HR Derby…too many have passed up the event due to it being “negative” to their honed batting swing. This may
have exemplified their thoughts, and caused a temporary depression relative to Frazier’s swing.

In the last 6 games it’s worse:
Frazier: .080/.115/.080/.195
Bruce: .160/.192/.320/.512
Byrd: .167/.200.292/.492
Phillips and Votto have been on base 20 times in the 6 games, but have only scored 3 times. I think you can see why.

Game 108:
1.CF: Billy Hamilton
2.2B: Brandon Phillips
3.1B: Joey Votto
4.3B: Todd Frazier
5.RF: Jay Bruce
6.LF: Marlon Byrd
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.C: Tucker Barnhart
9.SP: Keyvius Sampson

Put Votto on the lead off spot .

St. Louis’ pitching hasn’t allowed a run in 36 consecutive innings; 3 SO games in a row.

Do you know what the record is for consecutive scoreless innings. Also, wondereing what the season record is for lowest ERA. No wonder Pirates at 20 games over .500 are 6 games out.

The record for the most consecutive shutouts by a single team is held by the Pittsburgh Pirates, who recorded six consecutive shutouts in 1903. That team also holds the record for most consecutive scoreless innings pitched with 56. Lowest ERA by team is 1.62 ERA for the Boston Americans during the 1901 season.

Thanks Neb. You da man!

Thank heaven we didn’t waste Sampson terrific effort. Scary though in that Reds were not able to score without HR. Hamilton and Frazier look totally lost at the plate.

Amazing collapse…
Pre All-Star
25 HR/57 RBI,.284/.337/.585/.922
Post All-Star
2 HR/11 RBI, .157/.211/.277/.488
What if we were fighting for a WC position? Not that
anyone in the lineup is doing even mediocre; save Votto.
And, when they do show signs of life, they are quickly
taken out of the lineup or moved around like a game of

As I said before, free ride for everyone including Price who couldn’t light a fire under his players with gasoline and a blowtorch.

Since Price’s contract expires at the end of 2016; next season, I have to wonder
if Castellini and Jocketty will allow Price to stay after this season. Why on god’s green earth would you allow a milk toast, junior, manage-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, sub – .500, 29th ranked, occasional blow-up, none-inspirational, manager…guide, develop and mold a team in such a critical, developmental and key season as the one that is on the horizon in 2016. They have got to see and understand what the media, the fans and the statistics are showing us. I will be extremely depressed if the ownership does not make a change for the better at seasons end. Replacing Price with a quality manager is essential as the team will be re-born in 2016 and having a lame-duck as manager would, once again, be detrimental for the Reds in the following seasons.

It’s not like you to beat around the bush. Tell us how you really feel. KIDDING & LOL. Oh, I agree with you.

Yeah – ditto! I have heard more than once by local so-called “sports hosts” how it doesn’t matter who the mgr. is given the players they have.Drives me nuts.

Totally agree with Neb . I also believe there needs to be somewhat of a rebuilding throughout the minor league system . I mean , how does Cingrani get to this level with just a fastball or Hamilton , who has no real idea of how to hit . And they both have gotten progressively worse . I’m sure there are other examples .

Game 109:
1.CF: Billy Hamilton
2.2B: Brandon Phillips
3.1B: Joey Votto
4.LF: Marlon Byrd
5.RF: Jay Bruce
6.SS: Eugenio Suarez
7.3B: Ivan De Jesus
8.C: Tucker Barnhart
9.SP: Anthony DeSclafani

Under the heading…”Sundays’ odd stat”…
SB – Hamilton 51, Gordon 34
CS – Hamilton 7, Gordon 14
AB’s – Hamilton 360, Gordon 406
OBP – Hamilton .262, Gordon .346
Say what?

Doesn’t compute does it.

Somebody is getting ready to be called up…
Winker since June 1: .295/.388/.449 with 12 DBL, 1 TPL, 6 HR, 26 RBI, 28 R. He had two hits tonight as well.

With this mgmnt. I wont hold my breath. And if they do bring him up, he will be a bench decoration.

Actually, in September, they will showcase the guy based on his abilities; he is their future.

Disagree. Rather than showcase players last year, we were more concerned with playing best lineup in respect of the teams in the hunt. Went so far as Price sending explanation to Matheny on why certain players were not in lineup. I was vilified on this blog for even suggesting that we should play our call ups as being against accepted tradition.

When I say…”Actually, in September, they will showcase the guy based on his abilities; he is their future”, I am talking about showcasing him initially for us, the Reds…not anyone else. We would never get rid of our #1 prospect, nor should we.

#28. Cincinnati Reds (49-60, Previous: 26)
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
Last Week: 2-4
The remainder of the 2015 season will be about talent evaluation for the Cincinnati Reds, especially in the starting rotation where they have some decisions to make.
A total of 12 different pitchers have started a game this year, and only Anthony DeSclafani and Michael Lorenzen have made double-digit starts among the pitchers still on the roster.
Rookie Raisel Iglesias turned in one of the better starts of his career last time out, and he’s currently joined in the rotation by David Holmberg and Keyvius Sampson who have both thrown the ball well. Top prospect Robert Stephenson could also get a look before the season comes to a close.
Hitter of the Week
•SS Eugenio Suarez (8-for-24, 3 2B, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 2 R)
Pitcher of the Week
•SP Raisel Iglesias (L, 6.0 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 K)

Vottomatic is back…
Since the All-Star break, Votto has led the Majors in walks and and on-base percentage. He also leads the National League in batting average, slugging percentage and hits since the All-Star break. At the break, he was batting .277 and went into action on Sunday hitting .306.

Projected for…
159 GP
565 AB
89 R
171 H
33 DBL
28 HR
76 RBI (64 DBL, TPL & HR and his RBI total is pathetic…)
129 BB

the pace thing is based off his year so far. If he continues the streak he is on since the all-star game which is very Votto, his number will be much better than that. His OBP would be much much higher along with BA.

All well and good, but who is going to move him over and get him in. Might be wrong but Bruce is getting deeper into a long term funk which we have seen over and over through the years. I think Frazier will pull out of his and the sooner the better. The Reds have good individual talent but they don’t look like a team.

The projected numbers above, coupled with his current stats, indicate that he should be hitting 3rd. And, based on his production, he should be coming to the plate with runners on base…as we know, that isn’t happening based on Price (lineup) and players (OBP). Sad but true…wasted performance. The rest (Frazier, Bruce, Byrd) are waffling or sputtering daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the weather…or whatever. Not much to identify this group as a…”team”.

God do I wish we wouldm have traded Bruce at the dealine…..Back to his jekyll and hyde ways.

I totally agree . Bruce couldn’t hit in the clutch if his life depended on it. He can’t hit a good curve ball if you told him it coming . Trade Him ASAP. I am so sick of watching this man try to hit on a consistent basis .

Bruce has been on the market since June according to reports. And, although his projected results of 25 HR and 90 RBI, he continues to be largely inconsistent and nobody wants inconsistency. Sad to see, he’s has talent that few do, but then again…show me a Red that doesn’t have talent and is off key, save Votto…for now.
Point being, this team is full of inconsistent batters; few if any hold a flat line for more than a few games.

Sad but true .

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