Leake traded to Giants

The Reds made their second trade of the week by sending starting pitcher Mike Leake to the Giants.

Coming to Cincinnati will be two Minor Leaguers, including right-hander Keury Mella, ranked by MLB.com as San Francisco’s top prospect. Also acquired was corner infielder Adam Duvall.

Combined with the Johnny Cueto trade on Sunday, the Reds have traded two soon-to-be free agents and brought in five prospects — including four high prospect pitchers.

Mella, 21, is 5-3 with a 3.31 ERA in 16 starts this season for advanced Class A San Jose and was at Great American Ball Park earlier this month for the Sirius-XM All-Star Futures Game. In four seasons since being signed in 2011, he is 15-12 with a 3.01 ERA over 58 games (57 starts) with 282 strikeouts over 272 1/3 innings.

Ranked the No. 25 prospect in the Giants’ system, Duvall played 28 games in the big leagues for the Giants in 2014 and batted .192 with three home runs.

At Triple-A Sacramento this season, Duvall batted .279 with 26 homer, 79 RBIs and 25 doubles in 99 games. The 26-year-old, a Kentucky native, played for the Univ. of Louisville and was an 11th-round Draft pick of the Giants in 2010.


IT SUCKS!!!..crazy-ass move. What a shame.

At least he will see his old buddy Bronson more now being in same division.

Bronson was traded to Atlanta weeks ago.

Since been traded to Dodgers.

What is the record for how many times someone has been tried while on the DL?


Good Luck Leake!

We’ll miss you Leaker! Talk about a kid who knows how to play the game the right way. The Giants got a good one here, and it looks like for pretty cheap. But the Reds knew they couldn’t resign him anyway, so might as well get the Giants #1 and #25 prospect for him,

Mark, can you explain about this? Mella was signed as a 17- or 18-year-old, but in the 4 ‘seasons’ since has only pitched 58 times. Doesn’t seem like much. So, was he in the Pioneer League or some such, playing an 80-game schedule, pitching every 5th day? I figure that gets him about 100 innings a summer. Is that to protect his arm? And what does he do the rest of the year?

Good question. I was wondering why in all this time he only reached high A ball if he’s #1 prospect.

Ok Reds. Nice job ramping up the pitching prospects, but let get some hitters in this organization too… I wish we could get the Gomez deal from the Astros. They got a very good OF in that deal. The reds need to pull in one of those top OF from the Mets in their Bruce deal.

If we don’t get a huge return for Chapman. I’m going to be flipping furious. How can we trade the top pitching weapon in baseball when we still have control of him for next year? We shouldn’t, but maybe we should get a manager that will pitch him more than 1 inning. He’s let the guy do it once this year and he cashed in with a 2 inning, 5k outing. No point in letting him do it again huh? Please please please hire Barry Larkin ASAP!

It is sounding like teams are starting to put together a pretty strong package of prospects for him now. It just seems like a lot of top prospects have been shipped around already. So unless the dodgers who seem to have some of the best prospects are in, I am not sure what we will be getting. I actually would rather offer him an extension now and make him a starter. His talent is just too great. Just convert him to a starter and be done with it. We may get him on the cheap side and end up with Randy Johnson or Roger Clemons. How stupid are the Reds going to look if someone decides to make him a starter and he is as good as we all believe he is.

Bruce for Wheller is something I would be happy with.

All I can say is if Homer Bailey is the Reds’ ace, they are in trouble . Leake is twice the pitcher Bailey is . One more example of this terrible organization’s evaluation of talent .

If nothing is done to put 4 to 5 decent relievers on the roster it really doesn’t matter how many starters the Reds have. Of course that would mean they would have to dispose of the 4-5 “bargain basement” group they currently have.

Again , you are counting on this organization’s. Ability to evaluate talent . Not a good thing .

Well if the Reds can just do what most teams do. Once your starters are line up you grab the next batch that are ready and make them relievers. They are not good enough to crack the staring line up so you use them as you can. Instead of over spending or spending money on a reliever. This is the biggest waste of money over the years for the Reds.

à la Sam LeCure, Tony Cingrani…

cough cough Badenhop cough cough

Castillini needs to sell the team to someone who knows how to build a winning team .

I dont know about that. What have the past three owners prior to Castillini brought us? Nothing. I will take his willingness to go for it. I just think they need to tweak their analytics.

Go for it !? He sure the hell didn’t go for it 2012 and 2013 when the Reds were in the race and he didn’t go get any help . Look around the league in recent days and you’ll see what winning organizations do in order to get to the next level . The Reds are second tier organization at best .

Sorry old Jim totally disagree. Mr. C has put his heart , soul , and money into this ballclub you can’t ask for anything more.

I respect your opinion but I would prefer a winning team .

And so would he.

Doesn’t do any good to put heart, soul, and money into it if you’re listening to the wrong people and have the wrong people running the show.

Exactly . Wanting to win and knowing how to ,is two different things .

Wonder why Bruce wasn’t used as a pinch hitter . He probably didn’t want to . He would’ve struck out anyway .

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