Game 101: Pirates at Reds 

Price says scheduled day off for Bruce. Not trade related.  


Bruce stays! (fine with me)

I for one am happy about that. Hopeing to hear that Chappy is gone though. Seems there was some really good interest. I am a little worried Walt may have gambled for too long on the teams prices. I really hope they didnt blow this.

Actually, I think Jocketty did the two trades he had to do before the deadline. Bruce, Chapman, Parra, Byrd…they can all be traded at a later date…even sometime during the remainder of the year when a team is about to make the playoffs and are in desperate need of their services. I really like the fact that Jocketty held out for a meaningful trade; obviously nobody bellied up what he thought was reasonable. Everything I have read said that “the Reds wanted too much” or something to that affect…works for me as nobody else is under a time constraint to be traded. Now we can wait for a team to get more desperate as the season winds down; smart on Jocketty’s part imo.

I hope you are right. Bruce not in line-up tonight, however. ??? (Something not announced yet, but still possible?). Hope not. Believe he will finish out the yr. with a strong last part of season. Glad the proposed Mets deal fell through. As for Chapman, the Reds have him the rest of this season AND the next (through arbitration, albeit). So, that’s too yrs. to see how things pan out.

Two 2 years, that is.

Small subhead above says scheduled day off for Bruce – lefty pitcher.

Things will pan out just like they did with Cueto and Leake .

I think the smart move was put Chapman on the block, see if you were blown away. If not, you trade next year at the dealine. Because he will not be back the year after that.

Exactly…now we wait for the desperation team, down the road. Chapman is thought to be one of the best relievers in all of MLB; now and possibly, after several years, all time.

Mets dealt for Yoenis Cespedes from Detroit…

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