LeCure could be back this season

Since Spring Training ended, I’ve gotten the most questions — whether it was on Twitter, in person or wherever — about reliever Sam LeCure. And whatever is the second-most asked question isn’t even close to the LeCure volume of questions.

Lots of relievers have been called up this season ahead of LeCure, who was taken off of the 40-man roster when he was one of the final roster cuts in camp. He struggled at the end of last season and earlier this season with consistency issues and lowered velocity. His numbers for Triple-A Louisville haven’t been great — a 6.12 ERA in 35 appearances with 60 hits, 24 walks, 38 strikeouts and a 1.68 WHIP in 50 innings.

When manager Bryan Price was asked about LeCure on Thursday, he sounded encouraged about his progress.

“I think that I’d love to have Sam’s influence on our bullpen,” Price said. “He brings more then just his physical ability, but he brings a lot of character to the bullpen. He brings a leadership presence to the bullpen. I spoke him with a few weeks ago and just wanted to remind him that he doesn’t need to worry about his ERA, just needs to get to where he’s pitching more on a roll because as a reliever if you’re numbers get sideways on you it’s hard to pitch those numbers down. So it’s not a matter of numbers, it’s really a matter of just consistency of doing what he’s doing and he’s a lot closer now then he was at the beginning of the year.

“I do anticipate that at some time we will see Sam back here because I think we all want him to be throwing the way he’s capable of throwing and I think he’s a lot closer now then he was a couple of months ago.”

When asked about LeCure’s velocity, Price said it was creeping back upward.

“He’s a lot better then what it was in Spring Training,” Price said “And I think even more importantly then that everyone wants their maximum velocity, but more importantly than the the velocity is the fact that he’s starting to make the consistent types of pitches. Every now and again he’ll have a setback, he’ll have a tough outing but that happens anywhere. Stringing together the typical LeCure outings that we’ve seen here is going to get him back here.”

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If LeCure is that valuable as a leader , then why in the hell wasn’t he up earlier . It couldn’t have worse than what they have had in their bullpen . Another example of how STUPID this organization is . My goodness .

LeCure in the minors faces young players that are trying to find their way to the majors and he’s faces a lot of young players for the first time. In the majors there is book on every player,. Every National League team knows how to pitch every player. I would expect he will do well when he returns. Certainly, any improvement is better than being ranked better than the bullpin is now at #13 or #14 in ERA. It would seem that some so called “experts” aren’t really expects.

I think the Cards’ C, Molina, is happy to see the Reds go…he’s 0-8 trying to throw out

Sorry. Am a fan of LeCure, but his time has come and gone. If I translate Price correctly, we might see Sam when the rosters are expanded. If so, I will be rooting for him.

I don’t disagree but don’t say he’s a great leader and could help the bullpen and not have him up . Besides he couldn’t do any worse than 90% of who they’ve had up all year . The Reds are good at talking out of both sides of their collective mouths .

Price is showing a touch of class by saying what he did about Sam and not saying that there’s a strong possibility that his career as a major leaguer is over. His record at Louisville does not warrant a call up.

We need a mgr that worries about team goals and not one player that has lost his ability to spot the ball. Pete Mackanian was the perfect and logical choice but we got baker and now stuck with Price. Give me some one the players fear and respect instead of someone they like as a person. Can’t stand Latos but he might have been partially right.

Amen !!!

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