Game 100: Pirates at Reds 



oh De Jesus is in the line up. He bats second for no good reason… That is the way it is same with Hamilton batting 8th unless Phillips is out. Deal with it..

Haha meant Hamilton 9th. Its so ridiculous I could not even type it right.

24 hours to go. Found the following stats interesting for the last 30 days:
Hamilton – .231/.259/.269/.528
Phillips – .223/.270/.266/.536 – 2 RBI
So why is Phillips still hitting 1st. Wasting his RBI potential. Wasting Hamiltons speed and disruption. Hamilton has played 1 more game but has 16 fewer at bats.
Frazier – .215/.24/.376/.624 – only 2 homers. Hope he catches fire for the Pirate series

Frazier has been bit by the All-Star game bug…
Pre All-Star Game – .284/.337/.585/.922, 25 HR, 57 RBI
Post – .184/.255/.388/.642, 2 HR, 10 RBI
Some of the guys selected for the HR Derby and All-Star game have declined to attend. Their reasoning was that it “messes up my swing”.
I trust that this is not the case with Frazier.

Just an off day for Frazier? Thought they gave him one right after the all star break?

Price believes that a MLB player should be able to hit anywhere in the lineup; any spot, doesn’t hurt to give em a day off after two really hot games, etc. Yet, when I listen to all the talk shows or interviews with ball players, and this subject comes up, they point out that having a set lineup and understanding where they are batting in the that lineup gives them confidence and an understanding. I honestly have never seen a manager jockey around the lineup as much as Price does, regardless of a players hot streak or groove and regardless of the players consistencies or lack thereof. This one will be a head scratcher until someone endorses Price’s idiosyncrasies…the lineup card being his #1.

No one has of course, I am being a bit facetious…after all, he was
ranked #29 of 30 managers in all of MLB.

Price thinks too much . Probably relies on Sabermetrics .

Interesting to replace Bruce in the 4 hole with Byrd. Since AS break:
Byrd .233/.283/.442/.724 – 2 RBIs
Bruce .298/.340/.617/.957 – 14 RBIs.

Price’s theory is that it…”get’s em going”. The sad part about his theory is that
it hasn’t worked for the Reds in the year and one half he’s been here. Something about doing the same thing over and over and over again in an attempt to get different results…

Yeah and local sports hosts cover for this guy. The deadline I would like to see is for Price. Doesn’t seem to have a plan or know what a plan is – such as why you put guys where in the lineup so pitchers have to pitch to a guy. It really seems to be a reactive style on the fly – throw it up against the wall and see what sticks.

None of it really matters. David Holmberg sucks and is probably going to get shelled anyway. Awesome idea bringing up a guy who we know will only get us 5 innings at most.

Some good news…Cozart and Mesoraco are both off crutches. Both are
expected to be ready for spring training.

Price probably uses Sabermetrics to make out his lineup card .

I think under all the bull this year a pretty good job has been done by Bryan Price and that IF THE jocketty HOUSE OF WAR had been good we good have done better.

Are you joking. I sure hope so. With as much talent this team has we should be in the race. Look att these trade pieces. It’s because our managers can coach or field the team properly.

I agree, Price has done a decent job given the injuries and what he has been given to work with. Just because Hamilton is fast does not make him a lead off batter. He has done quite well where he is.

thanks for the agreement I really feel that the Reds have made a hole for themseles at the top thrr levels’

Arroyo with Dodgers now.

Dodgers, Braves, Marlins Complete 13-Player Trade
By Jeff Todd and Steve Adams [July 30, 2015 at 4:07pm CDT]
The Dodgers, Marlins and Braves have swung one of the most complex three-team trades in recent history. The “basic” structure of the deal (though there’s nothing basic about this move) is as follows: the Dodgers will receive right-hander Mat Latos and first baseman Michael Morse from the Marlins. They’ll also add top prospect Jose Peraza and pitchers Alex Wood, Bronson Arroyo, Jim Johnson and Luis Avilan from the Braves. Atlanta, in turn, will receive infielder Hector Olivera, lefty Paco Rodriguez and minor leaguer Zachary Bird from the Dodgers. The Braves are also picking up Miami’s Competitive Balance Round A pick in next year’s draft (No. 35 overall). The Marlins will come out of this deal with three minor league pitchers — Kevin Guzman, Jeff Brigham and Victor Araujo — plus the financial relief of shedding the remaining $14.3MM that is owed to Latos and Morse. Each team has announced the trade’s completion.

Reds Would Be Willing To Swap Bruce For Wheeler
By Jeff Todd [July 30, 2015 at 7:04pm CDT]
The Reds would be amenable to a deal with the Mets for outfielder Jay Bruce if the return was fronted by righty Zack Wheeler, Buster Olney of reports on Twitter. We heard yesterday that Cincinnati has shown previous interest in the still-recovering recent Tommy John patient (via Jon Heyman of

Of course, it’s not clear whether other pieces would need to be involved from either team’s end to make a deal happen. And the Mets’ level of interest in Bruce is not known. The team is said to have preferred a slugging outfielder capable of playing center, where Bruce has not lined up since his rookie year.

But we do know that Wheeler had been ticketed to become the key piece of a deal to add Carlos Gomez, before that deal derailed, so it does stand to reason that New York would consider including him to grab Bruce. While he lacks Gomez’s five-tool superstar upside, and isn’t a stellar on-base threat, Bruce is actually a fairly well-rounded player himself. Since suffering through a rough 2014, he’s back on pace for a 4+ WAR season with big power numbers, decent speed, and sturdy defense.

Dodgers Designate Morse, Beachy, Heisey, Tsao For Assignment

By Steve Adams [July 30, 2015 at 6:36pm CDT]

The Dodgers announced that they’ve designated four players — Mike Morse, Brandon Beachy, Chris Heisey and Chin-hui Tsao — for assignment in order to clear 40-man roster spot for Alex Wood, Mat Latos, Luis Avilan, Jim Johnson and Jose Peraza. A fifth 40-man roster spot was freed up by placing Chris Hatcher on the 60-day DL. Peraza was optioned to Triple-A, and Bronson Arroyo, also acquired in today’s 13-player trade, was placed on the 60-day DL.

It’s rare — if not unprecedented — to see this large a roster departure in one fell swoop. But most of the pieces figure to have little problem clearing waivers. Morse’s sizable contract makes that an easy expectation, though Los Angeles could look to park him in the American League while saving some cash through a trade. Beachy, too, is owed enough ($2.75MM annual salary) that he’s likely to clear, though it’s unclear what Los Angeles will look to do with him. And the 34-year-old Tsao has struggled badly in his first action in the big leagues since 2007.

Heisey, though, could draw some interest. If nothing else, a team like the Brewers or Reds — both of whom could end up parting with multiple big league outfielders — might like the idea of plugging him into their outfield mix the rest of the way (and, possibly, for 2016). He is owed a fairly reasonable $2.16MM this year and can be controlled through arbitration next season — where he likely won’t command much of a raise after seeing scant time in the majors. The 30-year-old Heisey is capable of playing center and has a lifetime .246/.300/417 slash with a solid defensive reputation, making him a reasonably useful player.

Question for Mark, why did the Reds send Finnegan to AAA? Are they waiting until the 40 man call up at the end of August. Thanks, J R

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