Game 99: Reds at Cardinals

First pitch: 8:15 p.m. ET


Phillips 4
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Byrd 7
Suarez 6
Pena 2
DeSclafani 1
Hamilton 8


Wong 4
Carpenter 5
Holliday 7
Peralta 6
Heyward 9
Molina 2
Grichuk 8
Piscotty 3
Lackey 1


Cincinnati Reds trade and free agent rumors from

Mets Still Pursuing “Big Bat”

By Jeff Todd [July 29, 2015 at 2:28pm CDT]

Despite making several upgrades already, the Mets “have their sights clearly on a big bat,” according to Jon Heyman of New York has long been said to be pursuing a corner outfield piece, particularly since learning that Michael Cuddyer would hit the DL.

Other recent reports have indicated that the Mets were somewhat more likely to make a value play, perhaps by waiting for prices to drop just before the deadline. But Heyman suggests that the team could still pursue a more impactful piece, presumably meaning the team is at least considering paying a higher acquisition price.

Per the report, the club has previously been unable to see eye-to-eye with the Padres on Justin Upton, but he could seemingly still represent an option. Another possibility is Jay Bruce of the Reds, and Heyman says that Cincinnati previously showed interest in the injured Zach Wheeler in discussions involving Bruce.

Brewers – Mets trade for Gomez collapses. Won’t happen before deadline.

RBI – 56 – 13th in NL
HR – 17 – 13th in NL
Here comes Bruce…

Too little , too late ! And Frazier was struggling before the all star game .

Feel bad for Neb because Bruce will break his heart before season is over.

Has not a thing to do with the All-Star game distractions. He is clearly NOT a great clutch hitter, which was evident even amid all the first-half home runs, and he is even worse, with the home runs slowing to a trickle, as happens to almost all sluggers in the so-called second half, and with his clutch performance worsening as well once the leagues’ pitchers hit their mid-season strides. He ain’t what he appears to be!

His RBI total compaed to the leaders with fewer HRs would indicate without the HR he is not producing with RISP.

No, not that way. I just concern myself when we have a relatively young, productive hitter that plays above average D and we summarily dismiss the guy for someone that doesn’t have those attributes. Of course he is inconsistent, everyone and every team in MLB know this. However, he has talent, power and a glove, and if able to correct himself, as he appears to be doing now, he will put up some great R and RBI numbers; the two numbers that are the most meaningful in baseball. One other note, he’s controllable at an OK salary level. With that said, the Reds put him on the market and they are willing to entertain trades in an effort to let him move on; probably this will occur, maybe not this season, but the next season. Same can be said for Chapman. What is interesting is that Bruce has refused to extend his contract with the Reds; why I don’t know, I would assume that the offers (two of them) didn’t make $$$ & sense. He has a talent that few in MLB have, and inconsistencies are often corrected as he has done after a horrendous start.
April: .181/.310/.403/.713
May: .256/.343/.411/.754
June: .263/.345/.495/.840
July: .318/.362/.624/.985
Season: .257/.341/.486/.826
17 HR, 56 RBI
Lastly, he is one of a handful of players that I have ever seen in MLB, whereby he looks pathetic at the plate one week but can literally carry the team and put up incredible numbers, the next; very quickly and very substantial I might ad. The Reds know this full well, so the bottomline is…let’s get a very, very good trade for the guy; not just some ‘Johnny come lately’ that can field slick but never put up R and RBI.

Last 7 days – .214
July – .226
Somebody got bit by the all-star
HR contest game, and it was the winner!

Went through the same thing last year after the HR derby as I remember. But I’m old and could be wrong.

lol…aren’t we all!?*

Cespedes beat Frazier…but the Reds still ended up
4th in the Central, 14 G back.

You know, to be honest…I now only glace at the games from now on. It’s far more interesting to scout the trades, changes and upgrades; sorry to say. But, I am a long term fan and believe the Reds will quickly turn things around by doing what they are doing…overstock their future by trading their past; just wasn’t the teams time overall.

Interesting…since around the all-star break…many Reds have excelled, including Cueto, Leake, Votto, Bruce…and others.

Wow…another updated record…(78 years ago!)…
John Fay offers:
“Last time back-to-back shutouts for Reds in St. Louis within one season was July 11, 1937 (both games of a DH).”

Remember it like it was yesterday. Just kidding. Not that old.

Cardinals Agree To $1 Billion Television Contract

By Steve Adams [July 30, 2015 at 7:53am CDT]

The Cardinals have agreed to a new, 15-year contract that will continue to give FOX Sports Midwest exclusive rights to broadcast their games, reports Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The rights alone will guarantee the Cardinals more than $1 billion, according to Goold, who adds that the Cardinals will also receive a minority stake in the network that will add further revenue on top of that sum.

The new contract will span the 2018-33 seasons, according to Goold, so it won’t kick in for another few years just yet. However, the Cardinals will, on average, receive more than double the annual amount they’re earning on their current deal over the life of the new contract. As Goold reports, the Cardinals will profit $35MM from their current TV deal in its final season (2017), but the rights fees alone will provide the team with $55MM in revenue in 2018 (to say nothing of the equity stake). That sum will continue to escalate in each year of the contract, he continues. Goold spoke to Cardinals CEO Bill DeWitt Jr. about the agreement, who confirmed the deal but did not cite specifics.

“This does give us a great deal of stability over the next 15 years and does so in a market that has been shifting,” said DeWitt. “It has a nice increase in rights fees as well as the equity component and as a whole it will allow us to remain as competitive as we have been with our payroll, with our spending in the international markets, with our activity in amateur markets and other ways we have invested in development. We have certainty going forward.”

The Cardinals haven’t exactly been a team with limited spending capacity in recent seasons anyhow — they’ve averaged a $114.19MM Opening Day payroll over the past five seasons, per Cot’s Contracts — but the new television contract will allow them greater spending capacity on their roster and international signings if the team wishes. Goold writes that the deal gives them room to stretch the payroll for “the addition of at least one core player” and could make contract extensions for rising stars Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez and Trevor Rosenthal more feasible. (I’d add Kolten Wong‘s name to that mix as well.)

The Cardinals become the second mid-market franchise to sign a contract worth $1 billion or more this season, as the Diamondbacks inked a $1.5 billion deal back in February. Of course, the Phoenix market is notably larger than the St. Louis market, and Goold notes the discrepancy, pointing out that the D-Backs play in the 11th-largest market in baseball, while the Cardinals are in the 21st-largest.

Suffice it to say, while the Cardinals could augment their short-term roster in the coming 48 hours, a 15-year television contract that will immediately increase yearly revenue by as much as $20MM beginning in 2018 is far more impactful news for the team’s future. An official announcement of the deal is expected to come this morning, according to Goold.

It’s no secret that the Reds, as a team, cannot OBP nor H w/RISP…
– Reds are tied with Marlins for 28th/29th with team OBP of .299; only
Seattle is worse (.298)
– Reds are #30, the worst of any team in MLB, H w/RISP with a team
average of .211

that has been the same for years… And if they could just understand those stats and tweak the offense to not worry about power this team could have been the Giants the past 5 years with this pitching staff. Hopefully they figure this out for the future. I doubt it though.

Absolutely correct. plate discipline and fundamental baseball. They lack it in spades, and in all aspects. They don’t play as a team, each player going up to the plate and hacking away while running the bases with reckless abandon. When was the last time we have seen a handful of players hurt for the season while sliding into a base? Well, Ludwick and Cozart come immediately to mind. I lay a great deal of the Red’s problems squarely at the feet of the organization’s managers and coaching staffs. Reds’ players seem to have never learned the basics; it continues to befuddle me how a player of Hamilton’s caliber, possessing his ultra speed, has never learned over his career…how to bunt successfully or hit the ball on the ground. Where in god green’s earth were all the coaches?

Prime example: Reds have 30 more HRs than the Cards do…
Reds are 18 G behind the Cards
Reds are 10 G behind the Pirates
Although, I might ad, pitching also had a great deal to do with outcome.
Still, the emphasis on GABP being a hitters park, coupled with underlining
of ‘hitting HR’s’…has lead the Reds down a slippery slope.

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