Game 98: Reds at Cardinals


Bourgeois 7
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Suarez 6
Barnhart 2
Leake 1
Hamilton 8


Wong 4
Carpenter 5
Holliday 7
Peralta 6
Molina 2
Reynolds 3
Piscotty 9
Bourjos 8
Garcia 1

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Dominguez, designated for assignment Sunday, cleared waivers and has been outrighted to Louisville.

Price is getting pointed. He has Hamilton batting 9th where he will bat, 1 less AB
per game versus batting higher in the lineup, including lead-off.

LOL, the even worse thing……He’s batting Bourgeios at leadoff! Yikes!

Sorry to say it, although it isn’t a secret for me…Price just isn’t the right guy.

Diamondbacks Discussing Aroldis Chapman With Reds

By Jeff Todd [July 28, 2015 at 2:32pm CDT]

The Diamondbacks have engaged in discussions with the Reds regarding ace closer Aroldis Chapman, Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports on Twitter. Cincinnati has a “huge” asking price and the chats could just be “due diligence,” per the report.

Regardless of how serious the interest is between the two sides, it’s notable that Arizona is looking into a deal. We heard yesterday that the team inquired on Cole Hamels of the Phillies, another notably available trade piece who comes with future control.

Arizona has control over current closer Brad Ziegler through a 2016 club option, but it would not be the only team that would love to add Chapman regardless of the team’s present 9th-inning situation. He’s arguably established himself as the best closer in baseball, and with another year of arbitration to go he’s a valuable commodity.

Considering Arizona’s interest in both Hamels and Chapman, it seems that the club is at least entertaining the idea of putting some impact pieces in place that would give it an outside shot at contention this year while also providing future value. We’ve heard of similar approaches being weighed by other clubs, and the D’Backs certainly do appear to have some future salary capacity to make that kind of move work.

That being said, investing in a relief piece is always a risky proposition, and Chapman will certainly not come cheap. Spending big on a closer (in both prospects and dollars) has already arguably cost the D’backs once in recent memory. Addison Reed, who was a major trade acquisition of the prior front office, has been playing at Triple-A as he tries to work out his struggles

6:26pm: General manager Dave Stewart candidly acknowledged that he has indeed contacted the Reds regarding Chapman, according to’s Steve Gilbert (All Twitter links). Said Stewart: “I’m going to go down that path and see where it takes us.” The GM didn’t characterize a deal as likely or unlikely, saying he didn’t know how things would play out, but he was clear that he didn’t want to do anything to hurt his team in the future, Gilbert adds.

Well I wonder if Bird was traded… I will be thinking this for the next few days when someone is not in the line up…

He’s on the block, although I haven’t read anything…thus far. BTW…he’s
a very interesting part for a team in need of some power and solid fielding
(especially for his age).

Holmberg will start Thursday.

DEFINITION OF STUPID: Mets right-hander Jenrry Mejia has been suspended for 162 games following a second positive test for performance enhancing drugs

An ultra utility player…I thought we might get him before this season…
“While Cueto came to K.C. before Zobrist, the GM explained that talks with Oakland actually started before the discussions with Cincinnati. There are still a few days to go until the trade deadline but Moore doesn’t expect to make another blockbuster deal between now and Friday. Like a responsible Christmas shopper, it appears that Moore has avoided the rush to get the top shelf prizes. Interestingly, however, he says the timing of it all was happenstance.”

“You’ll have to speak with [Reds GM] Walt [Jocketty] and [A’s GM] Billy [Beane], but for me, they were just satisfied with the package that was offered,” said Moore. “I don’t think anybody is gonna execute a deal unless they’re as satisfied as they can be. When we enter into these types of discussions for a player we want we are very aggressive. We have a good idea of what we want and what we want to provide as far as the package goes and what they desire…No sense in stringing things out and creating unnecessary tension. If you know at the end of the day that you’re going to get to a certain place, you might as well get there.”

Chances are that Angels are no longer interested in Bruce…
after picking up DeJesus, Murphy & Victorino.

Leake: 27 years old, drafted No. 8 in 2009, signed for $2.3m, spent 2 games in minors, is 62-47 in 6 seasons, a solid No. 3 starter.
9-5 with a 3.56 ERA.

Bruce is hitting .308 (6th in NL) since May 16th.

Too little , too late. All it’s good for is sabermetrics . Pad his stats . Didn’t perform when the Reds needed him most .

Seriously how can this team have so many good players and be so bad. I am starting to understand why bob felt this team should have competed for division this year

Couldn’t agree more. So much talent, yet so little execution in baseball fundamentals, baseball discipline and baseball spirit. Not too sure the guys outside the lines have helped this team identify or accomplish those necessary attributes either, and on a daily basis as games are played. It is the most befuddling issue that has occurred far too often for this caliber of team over the last several years. Now, the individual players payrolls caught up with this team, a team Castellini built with a great deal of money and what happens in this case is happening now; a rebuild of some magnitude. Very sad to see for any devoted Red’s fan. But, with all that said, tomorrow is another day and next season is another season. What matters is that we quickly and very smartly put a new plan together which will bring a complete turnaround for this team; one that makes this team contentious in each and every ballgame which will lead us to the playoffs. If we are good enough to get there, we should be good enough to contend for the brass ring.

Well said , Neb !!

Bullpen !!!

The guys that are not signed through next season are Leake and Parra. I haven’t named others as they aren’t going to be traded, imo, Pena for instance. All the other names that have been mentioned for trade are signed through at least next season. Therefore, even if we trade them within the next few days, we have the opportunity to trade them at a later date. So, with that said, in my mind, the necessary trade that must occur within the next few days is Leake. Unfortunately, Parra is hurt and might not look too appealing for now. Any other players (Byrd, Bruce, etc.) will be sought out by the offering teams, not necessarily a move instigated by the Reds. I could be wrong on this; trades are often very tricky and clandestine versus logical.

64 hours to go. Outstanding game by Leake and Votto is so hot he may burst into flames. Awesome.

Don’t disagree. However, with the team in a flux (Cueto gone) there is little if any chance that this season would end up successful. For Price that’s a positive…But, let’s be honest…we are already done being so far back; after the sell off, we’re really done!
So the remainder of the season is nothing more than playing it out and seeing how the players play the game; more importantly, how the ‘new kids on the block’ play.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Totally agree.

Agree . IF they will play the new kids . Track record says they won’t .

I think Bob is going to continue to spend. I dont believe there is going to be a sell off and more just finding out what we can get for different pieces. I believe Bob will keep the budget about where it is and move forward. He may bring in a big free agent pitcher to go with these kids or just see what these kids can produce. The offense is still stacked and just needs a small tweak, same as the bast few years. I would not be surprised for one bit if he is in the running for Cueto next year. Lets not fool ourselves into thinking someone is going to just change the way they do things over night. The Reds do not run like Houston, Oakland, Pitts, Minn, or TB though I wish they would for the fans sake. They do not hold true to analytics like these other teams. I believe as long as Bob is owner and Walt is giving him the advise we will spend money…

Timing is everything…
The team’s deal with Fox Sports Ohio doesn’t expire until after the 2016 season, but that’s not as far off as it sounds. In fact, baseball analysis website says that only four teams in Major League Baseball have deals set to run out sooner than that. In fact, Fangraphs lists the Reds among six teams in a “Soon-to-Expire” category.
While the Reds deal is for a reported $30 million a year, sports media experts have said that could rise as high as $75 million with the next deal. And with the emergence of Time Warner on the sports programming scene, that figure could go even higher if a bidding war breaks out.
Time Warner already agreed to pay a reported $280 million a year for 25 years for the TV rights to Los Angeles Dodgers games.
And Time Warner SportsChannel picked up the rights this year to five Xavier University basketball games. That’s the new channel’s most high-profile foray into local sports programming. But Time Warner also bid last year on SportsTime Ohio, the network that televised Cleveland Indians games. The Indians owners sold the network to Fox Sports Ohio in December.
Stay tuned to see what else Time Warner has in mind in Greater Cincinnati, as the stakes for TV sports rights continue to soar.

Money is the very reason that we aren’t in a position to sign Cueto, Leake, Chapman, etc. Also the main reason that our trades will reap controllable prospects that make squat right now; ie: the minimum or near minimum. Castellini has elevated the Reds over the last few years and he hasn’t really seen a return, relative to several playoff games at GABP and of course, the trophy at the end of the rainbow. The Reds have stated that they are not going to pay their team talent even more money when they aren’t even competitive as a group. And, I for one can’t blame the guy; he is not the only investor of the Reds.
Team payroll:
2015 – 109.9m
2014 – 102.2m
2013 – 106.2m
2012 – 80.3m
2011 – 77.2m
2010 – 75.3m

Spending money isn’t the issue. Spending it wisely is and we don’t know who has been the cause of spending it very unwisely to this point.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
Reds outfielder/first baseman Chris Dominguez has cleared outright waivers and been assigned to Triple-A, John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer tweets. Dominguez has seen short big league stints in each of the past two seasons, but the 28-year-old has played mostly in the upper minors. He owns a .216/.264/.368 slash over 221 plate appearances on the year at Louisville.

Leake obviously smells contract…since July 10th he’s pitched in 4 G, going 30 IP over that span…giving up only 2 ER. That’s an ERA of 0.60.

Or he smells trade and wants to get to the “dance” this year. Both scenarios are sad to think about. Saying his pitching has improved because there is something in it for HIM not the team or just doing his best every time out.

The Dodgers have agreed to acquire starter Mat Latos.

Leake is better than Latos right now…

Leake is better than Bailey anytime .

50 hours and counting.

Highest career OPS in High Leverage spots (min 500 PA)…
Votto 1.094
Mantle 1.060
Ba Bonds 1.052
Pujols 1.036
McGwire 1.020
M Ramirez 1.018
Joey Votto currently has amassed a 1.428 OPS since 7/6 (81 PA). The only other time he’s been this good for this long was in 2012.

Votto is seeing the ball very, very well…
7 days – .667
July – .408
vs. Cards – .440
vs. Lackey – .667’s new Top 100 list includes four Dodgers: shortstop Corey Seager (No. 2), left-hander Julio Urias (No. 5), and righties Jose De Leon (No. 29) and Grant Holmes (No. 67). It also has two Yankees, in righty Luis Severino (No. 16) and outfielder Aaron Judge (No. 21), and three Blue Jays, in lefty Daniel Norris (No. 25), outfielder Dalton Pompey (No. 52) and righty Jonathan Harris (No. 94).

Yorman Rodriguez went on Louisville’s DL yesterday with a left calf strain. He is thought to be the #1 prospect for the LF job in GABP, once Byrd leaves; and yes, even ahead of Winker.

John Fay was asked: What would the reds consider a good package for chapman? In your opinion?
Answer: Similar to what they got for Cueto.

I should think so…he’s arguably the #1 reliever in all of MLB; still young and not a FA until 2017. What other reliever can chuck it 103 mph AND do somersaults?

No way… I would want a little more. We are talking maybe the best pitcher in all of baseball, just because we wasted this talent over the years doesnt mean he is not worth a heck of a lot more especially given a whole year and a half.

Nice controlled stable; keep adding…
Desclafani, Lorenzen, Iglesias,
Stephenson, Finnegan, Lamb, Travieso.

Yes… I was thinking the same thing. We have nice pieces. Lets keep building this. Dont forget Garrit (sp) he has moved up to I think 3 or 4.

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