Skipworth called up

To take the 25-man roster spot from Johnny Cueto, the Reds recalled catcher Kyle Skipworth from Double-A Pensacola on Monday. Also, OF/IF Chris Dominguez was designated for assignment to clear space after Sunday’s acquisitions from the Royals.

Skipworth was up with the Reds in April, but did not get into a game. You may have seen this already, but check out the video below from his ejection on Saturday while playing for the Blue Wahoos. It was only topped by the ejection of manager Pat Kelly.

The Reds will have to make another move on Thursday to fill Cueto’s rotation spot, and start vs. the Pirates.

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Too bad that No one has that kind of fire at the big league level .

Todd Frazier does. So does Votto. But when you’re team sucks, you don’t pull stunts like that.

Absolutely not. Throwing your cloths around and making childish gestures won’t fire up a team much; actually was embarrassing for such silliness.

I have not seen it out of either one of them . Except when Votto got thrown out earlier in the year . I agree about taking your clothes off but this team is the most laid back team I’ve ever seen .

My take: Good bye Pena or Barnhart as part of trade. I still have hope for Dominguez, hope he finds a good home.

My thoughts exactly. Do not believe Barnhart is gone…too young and not making enough money. But, if Mesoraco recovers (???), the Reds would have three catchers. However, Pena is not making that much money either and catcher is not a worrisome position now. Keep both Pena and Barnhart. With the Skipworth call-up, you have to wonder though. Maybe the house-cleaning is just getting started.
Hope not. Pitching (starting and the relief corps) is the issue. With the exception of Leake (can’t Castellini afford even him?), the cupboard is bare. Next year will be the same…..even with .500 Homer back.

Unfortunately for Dominguez…he’s not helping his case…
He’s struggled with Cincinnati’s Triple-A affiliate in Louisville this season, batting just .216/.264/.368 in 221 plate appearances. The Reds will have 10 days to trade him or place him on waivers for the purpose of outrighting him.

Does this mean that Pena might be traded

Anybody’s guess, however a move like this isn’t necessarily indicative; usually you call up a second catcher after the trade occurs, not before.

Pena is only making $1.4m this year and although he will become a FA the end of this season, I don’t expect the Reds to move him. I have read absolutely nothing when it comes to Pena or Barnhart. With that said, you never know when a team might make a demand on one of them in addition to another player (s).

No reason to trade Pena but I guess if someone gives you something valuable in return. Barnhart has potential and is not a FA for till something like 2020.

Absolutely. Pena has been nothing but spectacular as a backup, now the primary.
He’s a team player, he’s clutch and he even played lst base better than I would have suspected; he’s truly a diamond in the ruff for not much money. And, the guy can hit and call a very decent game. I hope he drags down triple his salary next season, hopefully with the Reds.

Agree, unless he or Barnhart are going to be a necessary chip in another deal. Love Pena. Don’t want to see him go.

With all these changes that the Reds are making, it is becoming clear that they are giving up on this season in order to benefit the following seasons. With that in mind, Price is safe for the remainder of the year as his role will be to try out these new guys when all the dust settles. What are the chances he will be replaced between this season and next? 50-50 I would guess; depends a great deal on how Castellini and Jocketty view his progress or lack thereof.

But why a 3rd catcher. As a pinch hitter? I think there would be others I would choose.

96 hours to find out.

Could be that he’s just up for a cup of coffee…Thursday we will need another SP; he may be sent right back down. If this is true, Price may want to see him catch/hit for a day or two.

The more I think about the Cueto trade, the more I like it. Jocketty pulled off a terrific trade. We have controllable interest in Lamb and Reed for 6 years and 5 years on Finnegan. Two in AAA and one in AA; all thought to be superior prospects. Of course, that’s what the marquee says…we’ll have to wait to go inside and see the movie.

From John Fay…
Catcher called up to allow the other two to PH…

Thanks. Sometimes things aren’t complicated.

The park is a pitchers park, no question about that…
however the numbers are:
KC…#12 – 420 R
Reds…#20…384 R
KC…#5 – 3.43 ERA
Reds…# 25 – 4.19 ERA
KC…#13 – 56 E
Reds…#8 – 51 E
…dang…KC just got a whole lot better in the RA stat…

I have read where KC is touted as being a slick and plus fielding team…then what the heck are the Red rated?!* Geez…sometimes these stats urk me…

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