Game 94: Reds at Rockies

Phillips 4,
Votto 3,
Frazier 5
Bruce 9,
Byrd 7,
De Jesus 6,
Barnhart 2,
DeSclafani 1
Hamilton 8

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is suarez hurt? must not be in the lineup because he has been doing so well. gotta rest the hot bats so the cold ones can get luke warm right? what a joke!

Was going to ask same thing. 168 hours to trade deadline.

Hamilton gets 3 hits batting behind Votto and Price goes back to his old lineup . Meanwhile , Jocketty continues to vacation with his thumb up his backside .

Just read, on the Reds site, Jocketty’s comments about trades. As in the past I saw the excuses, the delays etc..that just like in the past, Jocketty will do nothing concerning trades. For once the Reds have some players that other teams would trade for. But again Jocketty would rather a player walk away (as in Cuetos case since the Reds can’t afford what it would cost to sign him. He’ll walk away and the Reds get ZERO) and why he does this I can’t figure out. I wish the Reds would get a GM and get him soon. But in the mean time the team will suffer, and will not improve.

That is Castillini’s fault for keeping him and got him run out of St. Louis .

Good move to who ever makes the lineups for the Reds. Has to be Jocketty. Rest any one that can hit, and play the ones that rarely get a hit. Mercy, what has happened to the Reds. Since Jocketty jumped on board, this team has suffered. And
fans, the Reds will make no trades, just like the past, well since Jocketty joined up. And again no trades-no improvement-no contender-no nothing!

Let’s place blame or praise where it is due; Jocketty has absolutely nothing to do with setting the daily lineup. Unfortunately, the lineup is set by only one person; Mr. Price.

MLB Trade Rumors…
Bruce and Byrd are both appealing trade pieces, in different ways, for a struggling Cincinnati club that is said to be looking to shed salary. The former is controllable and affordable, with two years and $25.5MM left on his deal after this year (the latter season via club option). And after a rough 2014, he’s back on track for a typical .800+ OPS, thirty-homer, ten-steal, solid defensive campaign. The ageless Byrd, meanwhile, is still delivering impressive power, with a .465 slugging percentage and 16 long balls. He makes plenty of sense as a rental for a team in need of that skillset.

3 for 5 must not have been good enough. Phillips has stated he does not like to lead off but he will do what he is told

I like BP leading off. Sometimes you have to do what the team ask of you and BP has been good about that.

Per Marty on radio – interesting note – Votto reached 9 times in double header with Cubs.

Chapman will be well rested if and when Price uses him.

He pitched Wednesday in Game 2 of DH. Lost game. Was that a long time ago?

Referring to Chapman being shown loosening in the bullpen for the 9th, but apparently was not used again because it wasn’t a save situation. Appeared to be held back for the 10th or later. As has happened before, the 10th or later never happened. I guess I should have written it differently, but don’t think it would have made a difference.

It just doesn’t matter anymore Mark . Thai organization is so bad ! Top to bottom , management continues to let this fan base down .

Half game out of a tie for last place in division and 19 games out of first.

Why is it that the average fan and most baseball talking heads knew that this team wasn’t going to be competitive and Castillini and Jocketty didn’t ? The future looks bleak with these two running the show .

On pace for worst record since 2007 according to Hal McCoy.

Mets Have Discussed Trading Zack Wheeler
By Charlie Wilmoth [July 25, 2015 at 11:20am CDT]
The Mets have discussed injured starter Zack Wheeler in trade talks with more than one team, although it remains unlikely that they will actually deal him, Andy Martino and Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News report. One team with whom the Mets reportedly discussed Wheeler was the Reds, although there do not appear to be any active trade talks between the two clubs.

Wheeler pitched 185 1/3 strong innings in his first full season for the Mets in 2014, but underwent Tommy John surgery in March. There’s no reason the Mets couldn’t deal him — the Padres’ inclusion of injured prospect Max Fried in their offseason deal for Justin Upton shows how a team can trade an injured young pitcher for a veteran. While Mets GM Sandy Alderson said earlier this week that the team would not trade any young pitcher currently in the Mets’ rotation, Wheeler is, obviously, not currently in the Mets’ rotation.

Wheeler is 25 and still possesses plenty of upside, so if the Mets were to trade him, the return would surely be considerable. As Martino notes, even if a Wheeler trade is unlikely, the fact that the Mets are discussing him suggests the team could be hoping to land a top hitter at the trade deadline. In the past week, the Mets have been connected to hitters like Ben Zobrist and Josh Reddick, although it does not appear a trade for either one is imminent.

Why would the Reds want 2 pitchers coming off major arm surgery. If history is an indication you’d be looking at 2017 before you’d know what you got. I would not give up anything for that deal.

I disagree…that’s how keen scouting for teams pick off diamonds in the ruff; even
available and inexpensive players that turn into all stars. That very same team (Jocketty and scouting team; and the scouting staff is HUGE) found a few players that turned out pretty good. Sometimes we place too much at the feet of Jocketty or others.

If everyone can just keep these asking prices high then the Reds will be ok… Why would anyone trade for anything less that a top player if you can get a supplemental pick after the first round. I hope it’s a deep draft this year because the Reds are going to be loaded with high picks

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