Game 92: Cubs at Reds

Game 1 of day-night doubleheader. First pitch at 12:35. 

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If this wasn’t a doubleheader, Bruce’s absence from the lineup could be signaling a trade. Still possible, but I’m guessing he’s just getting this game off.

Same with Byrd.

Hamilton playing but batting 7th???????????????

In the month of July, Bruce has played in 15 G…
Of the 15 G, Bruce had 5 multi hit G and only 2 no hit G.
He is projected to hit 27 HR and 85 RBI.
I for one will be very saddened to see this kind of talent and production
traded, even though his first half stats are inconsistent. Trading this kind
of talent is a baseball sin, imo; LH bat, superior glove, talented power.

Agree –

Too little , too late . I don’t care if or any of them end up hitting 60 home runs . They didn’t and don’t do it when it counts and the game is on the line . It’s a lot easier to hit when it’s 10 – 0 one way or the other than it is when it’s tied on the bottom of the ninth . No one on this on roster can do that consistently. Good stats,projected or other wise , don’t necessarily translate into wins .

Bases loaded , game on the line , two outs and Bruce pops out . That’s what I’m talking about.

LOL, about a month ago, people would have traded Bruce for a fly swatter. I said it then, and I’ll say it now. There isn’t a streakier hitter in baseball. The Reds would be dumb not to trade him at his highest point possible right now. Plenty of positives on the guy, yes. But also plenty of negatives. Definite holes in his swing, and major troubles with the curveball. The defensive shift used against him has really hurt him. He’s slowing in the outfield, and is aging. I for one would be happy if we traded him. Been great for this organization….but so has Johnny Cueto.

The best thing individual stats are for is arbitration.

I care if they can get on base and consistently make contact for a productive out. Those two stats mean everything in baseball but are rarely talked about. That is what you used to see all the time. They didnt care about the home run they cared about getting on base and moving runners over. Larkin always seemed to be so good at both…

And that is how the Cardinals and Royals play . I think they win , don’t they ?

I know the Cards figured that out and dropped Jocketty at the same time. Coincidence I hope sooo… But probably not.

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