Walks piling up; other notes

The Reds’ pitching staff entered Tuesday leading the Majors in walks with 310. (They were fifth last season). The staff allowed six walks in Monday’s win and issued 10 walks on Sunday vs. Cleveland. (Cueto had six).

Michael Lorezen lasted only five innings with 106 pitches on Monday in part because of walks. He walked pitcher Clayton Richard with two outs in the second inning. That cost him an additional 15 pitches to get out of the inning.

Manager Bryan Price discussed how it’s been an issue that’s being addressed, especially in side bullpen sessions. But the team also has several rookies, especially in the rotation.

“We’re getting a lot of guys that are coming to the big leagues and trying to establish themselves as credible Major League pitchers, Price said on Tuesday. “This is not the same team that we broke camp with that a lot more experienced guys with a lot more years of Major League service time.

“One thing so far this season has proven is you have to be able to command the strike zone in order to be successful at this level. What we’re finding are the guys that can and the guys that can’t or won’t. We’ll have to make the necessary adjustments. The one thing that I think is extremely important is that if we’re going to have more success, it’s going to start with the pitching.”

*Price gave Skip Schumaker a start in left field Tuesday and shifted Marlon Byrd to center field. Price said Byrd was excited for his second start there this season after he did it June 27.

“He’s up to the task,” Price said.

There was nothing wrong with center fielders Billy Hamilton or Jason Bourgeois.

“Skip has had one start this month. I want him in the game,” Price said. “I have the double header tomorrow. Everybody will start one of those two games. I just like the flow of the offense and wanted to make sure I got Skip I got a start. I’m sure he’ll start another game tomorrow so he’ll be able to put some back-to-back starts together and more than a pinch-hit at-bat. He’s been getting about a pinch-hit at-bat a game this month but he hasn’t been getting the starts. I have to find a way to get him in there and feeling comfortable at the plate.”


There are some relievers that need to be aware of what it’s like pitching in the minor leagues. These are guys with million dollar contracts and they are deeply in debt to the Reds and the Reds fans. My question is “how did they get this far” in the Reds organization. Did the Reds make that many bad deals in acquiring this group of relievers. I know the Reds have 3 or 4 rookie starters, but the 4 or 5 relievers have been around a few years.

Don’t think the “veterans” we had coming out of spring training were any better. We deep sixed them because they stunk. I guess you gotta blame something.

no you don’t have to give skip any starts let alone back to back ones. this guy is batting .215 for a reason and that is he sucks! he is only on the team because he is a ex-cardinal. as for his pinch hitting when was the last time he had one? he did start off hot but has cooled off as the season moves along. they are just prepping him to start when they trade byrd. anybody who expects walt to give any of the prospects a look in this lost season is in for a rude awakening. why would not call up a top prospect and give him the rest of the summer to play and learn and give a head start for next year and beyond is insane and proof he does not have a clue.

Very sad state of affairs with the management and coaching of this team.

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