Game 91: Cubs at Reds 



alright a guaranteed win tonight with skippy starting in lf! the reds sure got a bargain with this guy and his.215 batting average! only 2.5 million a year! is there a reason they do not play bourgis instead of the useless ex-cardinal? guess they want skippy to get used to left field in case they trade byrd right? wait you did not think rebuilding under walt would include calling up and playing prospects like winker and waldrop did you? no see they have not done their mandatory 1 year in triple A yet and besides they are just not ready like all the reds prospects it seems. and they do not want to put pressure on them since the reds are so close to making the playoffs. so skippy is your man if they decide to trade byrd.

Skippy 0-3 tonight. Get’s a person excited to know that we get to see him tomorrow also.

Trade deadline 240 hours and counting.

Time to do something, anything just to let us know you are awake and functioning.

Great MLB debut this series for Schwarber in front of family and friends!

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