Beautiful night for ASG



The clouds parted…hard to believe! The show went on great.

From Jeff Todd at MLBTR:
•There are “widespread rumblings” that the Reds organization could undergo change shortly after the conclusion of the All-Star Game, Bob Nightengale of USA Today tweets. It’s unclear from the report what that might consist of, but it’s certainly conceivable that the on-field struggles could precipitate a shakeup at any level of the organization.

I’ve assumed all along that today’s the day … so long Johnny, Aroldis, Mike and who knows who else.

Anyone else surprised with Koufax being the 4th of the Living Legends? I was hoping for maybe Mike Schmidt or Nolan Ryan. And one thing I wished they’d have included was a moment of silence for the baseball players who died in the past year, including Ernie Banks, who probably would have been one of the four last night.

Jocketty needs to go . We’ll see if friendship gets in the way of Castillini making the necessary changes .

394 hours until trade deadline.

Correction: 384 as of 4pm today.

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