Game 84: Reds at Marlins

I am not in Miami for the series as I’m back in Cincinnati for All-Star Game stuff. Here is tonight’s lineup:

Phillips 4

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Bruce 9

Byrd 7

Suarez 6

Barnhart 2

Lorenzen 1

Hamilton 8


MLB Trade Rumors…
Reds outfielder Jay Bruce is as “as good a bet as anyone” on the team to be dealt, team sources tell Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. That is rather a notable viewpoint given the club’s nice collection of even shorter-term assets. Bruce, 28, is controllable for three more years (the last via option), though Rosenthal adds that he rebuffed two offers of a second extension last year. It’s hard to gauge Bruce’s trade value given his rough 2014 and slow start to this season, but he’s bounced back nicely of late. Bruce is neither old nor expensive, offers an established power bat, and has at times graded rather well on defense and on the basepaths.

Bruce is terrible . I hope they trade him . He’s the most inconsistent hitter I’ve ever seen . Just because he’s cheap and controllable doesn’t make him a good hitter . He can’t hit to left field and he strikes out too much .

Hate to lose his bat WHEN it’s working, but this would be a good place to start the rebuild IMO.

Who takes his place?


What is somebody hitting ?

Trading Bruce sounds tough….But it’s an absolute MUST if we get a good return. Great human, good ballplayer all around. Just way to streaky of a hitter. if were starting over, let start over for real. Trade Bruce & Byrd, and call up Winker, Y Rod & possibly Ervin.

PS-the fact that Holmberg is in our organizations top 20 prospect should show us all exactly where this team is. That guy sucks! Hoping the rainout makes it so we don’t have to see him.

have not heard the Reds rumours today yet do know Walt sitill the GM.

Rethinking Johnny Cueto’s trade value
John Fay, 12:08 p.m. EDT July 9, 2015

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written and tweeted many times that I didn’t think Johnny Cueto would get a top-line elite prospect in a trade.

The reason being Cueto is a free agent at the end of this year. The team that trades for him no longer gets draft-pick compensation if he signs elsewhere, and Cueto has dealt with elbow issues this year.

I’m starting to rethink what the Reds can get for Cueto. Well, it is more correct to say I think I was wrong.

First, Cueto’s proven he’s healthy. He’s gone eight and nine innings in his last two starts and hit 95 consistently.

And after watching him last night, you know other GMs are thinking: This guy can get us over the top.

Cueto shut out the Nationals on two hits. He walked one and struck out 11. But the more impressive thing was how he did it. An error and a bloop hit put runners on with one out for the Nationals in the first. Cueto pitched out of it. In the fourth, Todd Frazier made an error on the potential double-play ball, putting two runners on. Cueto simply served up another double-play ball to the next hitter.

“Nothing bothers him,” Frazier said. “He told me, ‘I got this.'”

Cueto gave up a leadoff hit in the fifth and proceeded to strike out the next three hitters.

“He was unbelievable,” catcher Brayan Pena said afterward. “Today he really was making a statement. I don’t know what he was thinking, but he really was on a mission today. And he accomplished it. Today was impressive. He was hungry. He was very, very excited about the start and man, I’ve never seen anything like that coming from him. From this year and last year, I think this one was one of those when he really wanted it. It was fun to behind home plate.”

Cueto is rolling. He looks as good as he’s ever looked. I think a club would give up a lot of the future to get him today. I don’t know which specific players the Reds could get. I don’t see the Dodgers giving up Corey Seager, the No. 1 prospect overall. But anything short of that, I think, could happen. My guess is the Reds are looking for a big bat.

In the meantime, enjoy watching Cueto. Pitchers like him don’t come along very often.

The dodgers also have that 2nd baseman prospect who is ready.

Great minds think alike – after Cueto’s masterpiece in DC, I was thinking that the Dodgers have prospects, they can afford to ‘rent’ a pitcher for a couple of months and Cueto owns the Nats, whom the Men in Blue figure to face in the playoffs. I look in my crystal ball and see Cueto going to the Dodgers. Good to see this John Fay guy, whoever he is, agrees with me. And John, hey, it’s no shame to be wrong. Even I … well, everyone else here has been wrong at least once!

CINGRANI UPDATE: Left-hander Tony Cingrani (shoulder) threw three scoreless innings Tuesday night for Triple-A Louisville on a rehab start. He allowed two hits, walked one and struck out four.
Cingrani threw two scoreless innings in his previous rehab outing.

Don’t understand what has changed with Cingrani. Start of the year he was a starter. Then it was decided he wasn’t a starter because he didn’t have the pitches or stamina. Then became a RP and again the stamina falters. Now he is on rehab being stretched out to become a starter again. Did he suddenly develop a couple of pitches he didn’t have before? Did he get a magic pill that has resolved his injury and stamina issues? I really don’t understand this teams’ thought processes.

Yes, when it comes to pitching, the stories given make no sense. Reminds me of Chapman…starter, no…closer…starter, no…closer. Same here with Cingrani. I gave up trying to follow the bouncing ball; gotta try to pluck the reality from the gibberish.

I agree on that , Neb . Indecision is what this organization is all about .

Inside Baseball: Wish lists for 23 would-be buyers…
July 10, 2015 10:45 am ET

With possibly unprecedented parity this year, plus the expanded wild-card playoffs and in some cases an unwavering faith in what they’ve built, as many as 20 or more teams look like buyers, or at least potential buyers.

That makes for a very crowded field of teams looking to add key pieces, and an intriguing trade market.

Here we attempt to make some sense of what the contenders and would-be contenders need may do this month:

1. Astros

Overview: They are clearly a team on the come, with terrific power, a rebuilt bullpen and an improved climate. But they are very young, have shown a few cracks lately and clearly need at least one more veteran starter after too many wasted outings. Word is, Cole Hamels isn’t anxious to approve a trade there. They’ll be in on the best rentals (Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija and Scott Kazmir, a Houston product) but will look at several others, as well. Kyle Lohse has a connection to Astros GM Jeff Luhnow from his St. Louis days, but he’ll have to show more than he has to this point.

Needs: Starting pitcher.

Possible Top Targets: Hamels, Cueto, Samardzija, Kazmir, Lohse, Aaron Harang.

2. Dodgers

Overview: Baseball’s West Coast behemoth has extraordinary talent and depth, and should be built for the playoffs, with a great one-two pitching punch despite two big losses to the rotation. But they are a bit thin there without Brandon McCarthy and Hyun-Jin Ryu. They seem to remain adamant about keeping their two exceptional prospects — shortstop Corey Seager and young left-hander Julio Urias – just as they were about center fielder Joc Pederson.

Needs: Starting pitcher, bullpen.

Possible Top Targets: Hamels, Samardzija, Cueto, Kazmir, Lohse, Harang, Dan Haren, Jason Grilli, Jonathan Papelbon, Tyler Clippard, Brad Ziegler, John Axford, Joaquin Benoit.

3. Royals

Overview: Their extraordinary bullpen and excellent defense makes them quite possibly the class of the AL. But with one starter on the disabled list (Jason Vargas) in the year after losing James Shields, it’s pretty obvious where the need lies. The eight-week absence of All-Star Alex Gordon has them eying the outfield market for depth, too, though Jarrod Dyson isn’t a bad replacement.

Needs: Starting pitcher, outfield.

Possible Top Targets: Samardzija, Cueto, Kazmir, Harang, Gerardo Parra, Ben Revere.

4. Cubs

Overview: Baseball’s best group of young positional players looks like it may make its presence felt even a year earlier than believed. The starting pitching is better than most believe, and the pen is showing signs of improvement too, with Rafael Soriano due to join them within a week. The injuries to Javier Baez and Tommy La Stella could leave an opening for an infielder. They possess prospect depth from which to deal.

Needs: Starting pitcher, infield depth.

Possible Top Targets: Hamels, Samardzija, Kazmir, Cueto, Ben Zobrist, Martin Prado.

5. Blue Jays

Overview: Baseball’s best offense could use help with some improved pitching, starting with the rotation. While Toronto is eying pen help as well, it is committed to improving a rotation that was hurt in spring with the loss of promising young starter Marcus Stroman. Hamels has signaled he won’t go to Toronto, but the team has very good prospects to make deals.

Needs: Starting pitcher.

Possible Top Targets: Samardzija, Cueto, Kazmir, Harang, Haren, Grilli, Papelbon, Benoit, Axford.

6. Angels

Overview: Their team is talented but a bit top heavy with Mike Trout and Albert Pujols carrying the offense, in particular. They have been seeking an outfielder almost from the start, from the time Josh Hamilton eliminated himself from Angels land.

Needs: Outfield, lefty bat.

Possible Top Targets: Revere, Parra, Adam Lind, Carlos Gonzalez.

7. Mets

Overview: Their great pitching rotation of the future is just about all here now, with Steven Matz joining the crew and immediately wowing folks with his arm and bat (before suffering a torn lat muscle). They need some offense to support these great talents though, as only Curtis Granderson has really hit lately (they recently went nine games without a homer). Jeurys Familia has needed help in the pen, but Jenrry Mejia is back, and Jerry Blevins should return in time.

Needs: A big bat, or two.

Possible Top Targets: Zobrist, Justin Upton, Prado, Marlon Byrd, Juan Uribe, Jean Segura, Aramis Ramirez.

8. Giants

Overview: The three-time world champions have shown signs of slippage lately, with age showing in the rotation and power needed in the lineup. They have plenty of starting options with ample pedigree, so they seem likely to concentrate on offense.

Needs: Outfield, positional depth.

Possible Top Targets: Upton, Parra, Revere, Byrd, Zobrist.

9. Orioles

Overview: The best balanced team in the tight, tough AL East has its players all back now, but it hasn’t played its best lately. The thought-to-be ace Chris Tillman has struggled, and Bud Norris hasn’t been great, either. They aren’t big spenders, though, so Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter, an effective odd couple, will have to figure out a way.

Needs: Starting pitcher.

Possible Top Targets: Samardzija, Cueto, Kazmir.

10. Yankees

Overview: The Yankees look like the favorite in the AL East, especially if Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira can keep hitting like this. But they’re the Yankees, so you know they’ll be on the lookout for help. They have the inclination, and you know they have the wherewithal. They do seem determined not to surrender their top prospects, righty Luis Severino and slugger Aaron Judge, so Cole Hamels is probably out.

Needs: Starting pitcher, second base.

Possible Top Targets: Cueto, Samardzija, Kazmir, Zobrist, Aaron Hill.

11. Cardinals

Overview: Baseball’s best team in the first half has endured an extraordinary number of injures, and only recently is finally showing a tiny crack or two. Really, it’s been a performance for the ages. On the other hand, they’ve used 13 players from Triple-A Memphis to date. They aren’t a team that rushes into things, and it’s a strategy that’s served them well; they are said again to be committed to waiting to see what their health dictates.

Needs: Lefty bat for first base, starting depth.

Possible Top Targets: Lind, Ike Davis, Adam LaRoche, Jeff Baker, Cueto, Lohse.

12. Nationals

Overview: One of baseball’s best teams has had a bit of an up-and-down first half due to various injuries. The rotation that was expected to be the best in baseball has been decent but isn’t the same with the continuing various aches of Stephen Strasburg. However, while they’ve taken a peek at a starter or two, it’s quite likely that are looking more long-term, as Jordan Zimmermann and Doug Fister are free agents. Anyway, with many of their injured stars getting closer to returning, the pen is the main area of interest. Perhaps some added positional depth couldn’t hurt considering the injuries, though.

Needs: Pen, depth.

Possible Top Targets: Zobrist, Clippard, Grilli, Benoit.

13. Tigers

Overview: They haven’t shown their usual dominance thanks to a variety of injuries to big stars, including Victor Martinez, Justin Verlander and most recently the great Miguel Cabrera. Some believe they should consider selling, but there’s no sign of such a consideration yet. A starter is the prime thought, but they could also look for a corner bat, perhaps someone to play some first base now while Carbrera’s out, and maybe third if Nick Castellanos continues to struggle.

Needs: Starting pitcher, maybe corner bat.

Possible Top Targets: Samardzija, Cueto, Kazmir, Harang, Zobrist, Aramis Ramirez.

14. Pirates

Overview: The Pirates look like one of the better balanced teams in baseball, with very few needs, though they are known to be in on the starting pitching market.

Needs: Starting pitcher.

Possible Top Targets: Cueto, Samardzija, Kazmir, Harang.

15. Rangers

Overview: While they hade a rough few days this week, they’ve hung around long enough to start to see the pitching reinforcements come (Matt Harrison Wednesday, with Martin Perez and Derek Holland to come). Some saw them as an also-ran, but they can hit and may yet be a threat. If they slump now, though, they could reverse and sell, and thus consider a trade of excellent right-hander Yovani Gallardo and maybe a big lefty bat.

Needs: Pen, right-handed bat, maybe starter.

Possible Top Targets: Papelbon, Francisco Rodriguez, Benoit, Axford, Grilli, Hamels.

16. Twins

Overview: Under new manager Paul Molitor, the Twins have made amazing strides. It’s still hard to believe they are in the race – some Twins people are even surprised — but they are. Beyond excellent local closer Glen Perkins, the pen needs a bit of work, though.

Needs: Pen, outfield.

Possible Top Targets: Rodriguez, Axford, Grilli, Ziegler.

17. Rays

Overview: They’ve defied logic by staying the AL East, which features a couple of the bigger markets in the game, but are hitting hard times as their unproven lineup looks like it could use a hitter or two. They’ve been surprising folks for a decade, so maybe there’s no sense counting them out. They don’t usually have much money for extra expenditures, so they might need to be subsidized by the trading team in some cases. One problem: There aren’t many obvious fits.

Needs: DH, hitters.

Possible Top Targets: Byrd, Ryan Howard, Mike Napoli.

18. Indians

Overview: Sports Illustrated’s favorite team hasn’t had the best of first halves, and has a few needs.

Needs: Corner bats, pen.

Possible Top Targets: Ramirez, LaRoche, Zobrist, Prado, Lind.

19. White Sox

Overview: The pitching is as advertised but the hitting and fielding have left quite a bit to be desired so far. What they need most is for their players to perform to their baseball cards, which hasn’t happened. Top exec Kenny Williams suggested they are still in buy mode, and that’s true for now. They also are playing much better in recent days, so that may stay the case. Realistically, they need to avoid any slips in the next couple weeks during what looks like a very tough part of the schedule and probably remain more likely to sell.

Needs: Second base, third base.

Possible Top Targets: Uribe, Zobrist, Aaron Hill.

20. Red Sox

Overview: They were right to hold off on a sale as they’ve worked their way back into striking distance (or at least close) in a division where there’s no standout to date. There’s little doubt where the weakness lies at present. While the rotation is only serviceable, there’s a “glaring” need in the pen, one Red Sox person conceded.

Needs: Pen.

Possible Targets: Grilli, Axford, Rodriguez, Ziegler, Papelbon, Benoit.

21. Padres

Overview: Their boffo winter doesn’t look like quite the bonanza at the moment, not with the team sinking in the NL West. They may do some selling, but they could also do some buying. Free agents-to-be Upton and Ian Kennedy are obvious trade possibilities.

Needs: Shortstop, third base, lefty bats.

Possible Top Targets: Segura.

22. Mariners

Overview: They haven’t played like a contender, as they’ve had Robinson Cano and several young stars underperform. There’s some belief they are tapped out after adding Mark Trumbo, but perhaps they’ll find some cash in the cushions if they manage to get hot.

Needs: Pen.

Possible Top Targets: Rodriguez, Benoit, Ziegler.

23. Diamondbacks

Overview: They’ve played beyond expectations with a lowered payroll but are realistic about their standing and unlikely to make a big splash at this point. They may be just as likely to sell but could check out the starting market, though they seem to have sworn off rentals.

Needs: Starting pitcher.

Possible Top Targets: Tyson Ross, Andrew Cashner.

Would appear from this that the Reds have an outstanding opportunity to get an excellent return for Cueto. So many teams at the top willing to go for a rental to secure a spot in the playoffs. Hope the Reds are up to the task and realize they are in a power position.

I believe that is why they want to wait to the bitter end; the 11 1/2 hour. I think in this case, Jocketty knows what he’s doing. Let em all churn the cream; we’ll wait
until it’s butter. Also, we have a bunch of cream, although I would choose carefully and thoughtfully. We don’t need to change all four tires plus the spare, necessarily.
Remember all…we are doing this drastic exercise because we can’t possibly pay what some may make moving forward; that’s actually reserved to two players…
Cueto and Leake. Chapman is good for another year…Bruce and Phillips are signed for a few more years. With all that said, it obviously depends on what the offers are and what the Reds will accept. Setting the above aside, I would think we would love to move Bruce’s and Phillip’s contracts as they are bulky, yet not obtrusive, yet we have talked about these guys before in numerous posts. Personally, I remain lerry of letting loose of Bruce for anything other than a spectacular trade as, although inconsistent, he remains very productive.
The Reds are looking for getting out from underneath some potentially heavy contracts…nothing has been said about getting out from underneath current contracts; again, trades talk, contracts walk. We be get’n close to find’n out!

The REDS ACT AS IF THE GAME WAS STILL IN THE 50S,please Reds get some modern people for GM and owner,

I’m not sure about waiting. Neither Cueto or Leake will get to be hotter commodities than they are after their last starts. I guess I’m more of a strike while the iron is hot type (not necessarily good). My concern is for the last 2 years the Reds drug their feet waiting on the “right deal”. Then we get the speech about not getting the right fit or they wanted too much or we just couldn’t make it happen.

Well, we are there now. Only a few days away from mid-season. I would guess that Jocketty already knows who he wants to trade with and more importantly, who he wants to trade for. I would guess that the last two weeks of this month are going to be pretty exciting. Again, though, we aren’t in the market to obtain “like salaried” contracts but instead, I think we will get a bunch of solid prospects and manageable players. Cueto should bring us a king’s ransom; lots and lots of interest in that guy.

By Mark Newman /
CINCINNATI — You’ve been involved since late April in deciding roster spots for the 86th All-Star Game presented by T-Mobile. Now balloting in the Esurance All-Star Game Final Vote has ended, and the results will be known shortly after 6 p.m. ET.

The deadline to vote as many times as you liked to select the final player for each team was 4 p.m. (ET) today. The drama was high in the National League race as Cardinals right-hander Carlos Martinez moved ahead of Johnny Cueto of the Reds to take a slim lead.
And then there was defending NL Most Valuable Player Clayton Kershaw, who passed Colorado shortstop Troy Tulowitzki for third place as of this morning and was closing in on the leaders. The NL morning standings was rounded out by Mets closer Jeurys Familia.

the Reds are fantastically doing actually the wrong thhing agaain acting as if they do not see any hope in the future other than the same old same old beliefs.

Game 85 Lineup:
1.2B: Brandon Phillips
2.1B: Joey Votto
3.3B: Todd Frazier
4.RF: Jay Bruce
5.LF: Marlon Byrd
6.SS: Eugenio Suarez
7.C: Tucker Barnhart
8.SP: Mike Leake
9.CF: Billy Hamilton

•The Reds have acquired righty Miguel Celestino from the Red Sox, Portland Sea Dogs broadcaster Mike Antonellis tweets. Celestino, 25, posted a 4.53 ERA, 6.7 K/9 and 4.3 BB/9 in 45 2/3 innings at Double-A Portland and Triple-A Pawtucket. He’s spent most of the past three seasons pitching in relief. He did not rank in’s list of the Red Sox’ top 30 prospects.”

Evidently, our scouts saw something they liked.

I guess you’re right, but looking at a lengthy Minor League stat sheet, especially the AAA ones, I don’t see it. Of course, I’m not a scout and haven’t personally seen him throw. Looks like a mediocre guy which we seem to have our share of already.

Game 86 Lineup:
1.2B: Brandon Phillips
2.1B: Joey Votto
3.3B: Todd Frazier
4.RF: Jay Bruce
5.LF: Marlon Byrd
6.C: Brayan Pena
7.SS: Eugenio Suarez
8.SP: Raisel Iglesias
9.CF: Billy Hamilton
Didn’t know Iglesias was back up. Who went down?

Yorman Rodriguez.

Everyone assumes the Reds are close to selling off a significant part of its roster for a total rebuild. But what if the Reds simply re-tool instead?

If the Cincinnati Reds decided to sell off every marketable asset, they could build the best farm in baseball. Between Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake, Aroldis Chapman, Todd Frazier, Jay Bruce, Brayan Pena, Manny Parra, Marlon Byrd – if the Reds moved all of the above, they’d replenish the farm system instantly. And with two MLB Top-100 prospects in Robert Stephenson and Jesse Winker heating up in Double-A, they could load the Triple-A Louisville Bats with the next wave of Reds.

I think they should, because an organization like the Reds needs sustainable financial flexibility. Without it, Walt Jocketty is relegated to the clearance rack, ripe with options like Kevin Gregg and Jason Marquis. To avoid that, I think a fire sale is a smart option, especially because of the suddenly bright future of the starting pitching rotation. That’s easily the biggest part of any rebuild, and with three rookie pitchers making their case to be a part of it, the Reds could feel good about moving some of their best talent in hopes of a better future.

But they don’t have to. They really don’t have to.

Bob Castellini could opt for a facelift instead, a re-tool instead of a rebuild, a nip/tuck. Instead of moving everyone, they could move the obvious out-of-reach assets and build around the talent they do have. After all, the Reds are only five under .500 and six games back of the wild card, though to be fair, behind six other teams.

But since losing nine straight, the Reds are 18-15. It’s not far fetched to assume that without the injuries to Homer Bailey and Devin Mesoraco, the Reds could at least be challenging Pittsburgh for the top wild card spot.

With young starting pitching in bloom at Great American Ballpark, and with the offense the Reds already have in Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Frazier, Bruce and Mesoraco, and even Billy Hamilton, why couldn’t the Reds field a competitive team next year if they simply re-tooled?

Trading Johnny Cueto should be boiled noodles at this point. There is no keeping this ace, not with the market the Reds are in, and not with what he’s expected to make. Shawn Brody of writes, “Cueto should earn an AAV somewhere between $28.9 million and $33.6 million. Should the deal be seven years, Cueto will make between $203 and $235 million.”

The Reds have already spent over $300 million just to keep Joey Votto and Homer Bailey. Another contract like that would likely stifle a team with a limited market, whose TV deal with Fox Sports Ohio isn’t renegotiated until after 2017.

So Cueto’s out, meaning the Reds will need an ace to return to serious playoff discussion. But there are a lot of worthy candidates in the organization, especially MLB’s No. 22 prospect Robert Stephenson. Michael Lorenzen has also dazzled in his short time up, but it’s way too soon to be writing his name and the word ace that closely together.

Still, Cueto can bring back at least one outstanding prospect, maybe two. Aroldis Chapman can net talent. There’s no reason J.J. Hoover can’t fulfill Chapman’s role. He’s already thrown an inning more than Chapman, and despite only tallying 26 strikeouts to Chapman’s ridiculous 60, batters are only hitting .161 off Hoover compared to .181 off Chapman.

The Reds should also do whatever possible to move Marlon Byrd. His services are needed for plenty of contenders in search of a bat, and despite his age, his bat works fine. He’s only hitting .234, but with 13 home runs, he’s a great bat to have in the middle of an order. Plus, that’s a nice wide opening for corner outfielder Jesse Winker.

If the Reds were to retool instead of rebuild, they’d need to focus on building a bullpen this offseason, along with finding some sort of ace. Leake may be the top candidate for that job until Homer Bailey proves otherwise, but that’s assuming the Reds can re-sign him. He could also be a valuable trade asset. But with Mike Leake, the Reds would field a rotation resembling:

Homer Bailey
Mike Leake
Mike Lorenzen
Anthony DeSclafani
Raisel Iglesias

That’s a promising young rotation that Stephenson might head by the end of 2017. But until then, the Reds at least field a competitive rotation, even without a bona fide ace.

The lineup looks solid for at least two seasons more, as Bruce, Mesoraco and Frazier are all signed through 2017. Ditto Phillips and Votto, obviously. Isn’t there something to build on here?

I still think the smartest decision is to fire sell. The Reds will be walking a fiscal tightrope if they’re still balancing all of the aforementioned by then. And that’s problematic, especially for a team that incurs injuries at the rate the Reds do. They need the finances to be flexible, play add-on in July and address major holes in the offseason. Again, if names like Gregg and Marquis aren’t to become the norm, the Jocketty will need more spending power. A fire sale ensures that, and because of the pitching talent already here, the rebuild, even one of that caliber, probably wouldn’t take very long.

Re-tooling means the Reds would have until the end of 2017 instead, that’s when guys Frazier, Bruce and Mesoraco all have expiring contracts. Could the Reds find another ace and return to NL Central favorites after just two seasons?

You’d have to believe in that to be thinking retool. And that’s not impossible, just unlikely. The organization should be thinking about starting fresh, parting ways with as much payroll as possible and building a brighter tomorrow. But if they don’t decide to do that, they’ll still field a competitive team next season. Just depends if Reds brass want to field a competitive team, or a contending team.

You have to love Price, at least he is consistent…just now he left in Iglesias enough to spit the bit and give up the lead; 3-2. As a prior pitching coach, he has learned to coach in a manor that trusts, backs and enlightens any and all pitchers in any ball game for as many innings as it takes to, as to say, ‘spits the bit’.
I think in his case (Price), he is thoughtful and brilliant down the left field line and behind the seen field. His rehab assignments, training and coaching (there, and only there) is unequaled, his professionalism and analysis of early stage talent is almost, unparalleled as well. However, it is without a doubt that his acumen of baseball substitution of pitching is also unequaled when it is tried against MLB live action, or the management of a MLB team. There has been no transition as he has tried, and failed imo. Very nice and quality person…very poor decision making manager of a MLB team. His 1 1/2 years at the helm of the Reds kinda depicts the above…unless you love managers with a less than .500 record.

I truly trust that Jocketty and Co. keep in mind one thing… that this team, moving forward look like and replicate a real and valid MLB team after the trade…right now, they look and play like a sandlot, goofy and minor league team that can’t find nor hit their way out of a 24-hour lake soaked paper bag. They are truly the baby wipes of the Central and I expect them to finish dead last in the division. They are deplorable and look that part. They are lead by a rookie and play like a rookie team. I am done with this team as is…let the selling begin. Unbelievable…


Once again lack of fundamentals started the Marlins surge. Votto’s not getting in front of a ground ball hung Iglesias out to dry.

if the fans do not go to see the product then action will be swift.

Damn Neb . You write more than Sheldon . This site should be Neb My Word .

But I do agree with you . Lol

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