Game 82: Reds at Nationals

Phillips 4
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Pena 2
Suarez 6
Schumaker 7
Cueto 1
Hamilton 8

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You have to be kidding me Price. We called up Yo-Rod yesterday and start SCHUMAKER over him??

Also, Byrd for last 6 games is .348/.348/.652/1.000 with 23AB 8H 2HR 3RBI. Skip in last 6 games has 3AB 1H 0HR 0RBI. Gotta sit a hot hand and start a LH hitter. Forget about playing Skip at 2nd and sitting Phillips who is batting .150 for last 5 games.

Yes, and to expound on your stat about Byrd…
He has done the following recently:
*has a 11 G hitting streak (interrupted by Price only)
* during that time he has 17 H in 49 AB or .347 BA
* has raised his lines from:

He clearly should have gone; several times…
Dunn, who played more than seven seasons in Cincinnati, belted 40 or more home runs in a season six times and exceeded 30 homers nine times, but he never got the opportunity to launch bombs in a Derby. Dunn still holds the record for the longest home run at Great American Ball Park — 535 feet on Aug. 10, 2004.

I can only imagine what that HR looked like. In 1998 I saw McGwire hit several out of Dodger Stadium in bp…little did I know he was 1/2 McGwire, 1/2 steroids. Yet, even then, I suspected something was going on as no one, dating back to 1962 was hitting ball after ball after ball out of Dodger stadium…even in bp. Sad days for MLB, I am afraid.

sorry…1962 was when Dodger Stadium opened.

What are you talking about . What does that have anything to do with the Reds or tonight’s lineup ?

That was probably the one that bounced on the street and into the river, I was there in right field that night.

I was talking about Dunner’s homer.

Must have been a sight to see.

It isn’t hard to see why the Reds are losers, 1st inning, Bruce on 3rd base, Pena hits the ball back to the 1st baseman, contact play is on, (which I hate) Bruce just gives up and walks into the out. I know that 95-99% of the time you are out, but come on, you can’t hustle for 90 feet? You never know what might happen, especially with a poor fielding team like the Nats. Not to mention, it just plain looks bad. The Reds have that “We are Losers”, poor attitude. This team sucks!

Correct. On a ‘contact play’ runner’s goal is 1) score, or 2) get into a run down play and get the batter to 2nd base. He literally ran 3/4 down the line and then walked into the tag, even before the hitter reached lst base. This, once again, exemplifies what the manager and coaching teach; basically leaving the running of the players up to them while on base. Many managers would not tolerate such a play by any player; Price does, as it has occurred a number of times since he was anointed manager.

The Reds and Cueto are leading Scherzer and the Nats into the 3rd leading 3-0. This could underline Cueto’s credentials this season and vault him ahead of the other 4 players and into the final spot on the all-star team. Knowing he pitches again on Sunday, the vote-in is more for Cueto than for him actually pitching in the mid-game.
Let’s go Cuet’s…it’s in your hands!

I don’t know if last night got Cueto onto the A-S team but it sure increased his trade value. Vintage stuff from a guy whose arm was surrounded by question marks. Not any more.


FINALLY, the hitless Reds show up and help Cueto. How many games has he lost because of poor production from his hitters on his team? REDS need plenty of hitters on the team plus some more starting pitchers of top quality, be it top prospects, BUT
and get same on the team, via smart top trades or call ups. But REDS do something to help the team before trade deadline comes and goes this year. Help the team out, for once!

rEDS NEED TO SHOW UP THIS TRADING PERIOD AND USE SOME OF THE SO CALLED BASEBALL EDUCATION AND QUIT PLAING AROUND AS IF THEY HAD THE MACHINE STII UP AND FIRING—-IF ANYTHING Jocketty should go bye- bye and the owner shoud forget the fact he knows anything and beg the Cardinals to let him come back—–fans need to let their baseball love out and fight to make this baseball proud again.

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