Game 81: Reds at Nationals 

Phillips 4

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Bruce 9

Byrd 7

Pena 2

Suarez 6

DeSclafani 1

Hamilton 8

**Reds optioned RHP Josh Smith to Double-A Pensacola and recalled OF Yorman Rodriguez from Triple-A Louisville. Thursday’s starting pitcher vs. Miami is currently “TBA”

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Anybody have any thoughts as to the Yorman Rodriguez move? I definitely agree with the call up, but it just seems to be strange timing. I don’t really see a whole lot of playing time available right now and I wouldn’t think they’d call him up to sit the bench.

Does seem strange to send down a pitcher and bring up an OF when Price just stated yesterday that he wanted to get Schumaker more playing time. Unless he’ll get sent back down when they call up a pitcher for Thursday.

I doubt they’d waste an option on him for 3 days on the bench. Would have been more likely for them to bring up Dominguez or Negrón if it was just temporary, although I’m not sure if it’s been 10 days on Negrón yet.

Speaking of call ups, what happened to Donovan Hand. Was called up pitched in relief one game, went 3 innings(which was longer than planned), kept Reds in game that lead to a win. Stats were: 3IP, 2H, OER, 1BB, 3K. 1.00WHIP, 0.00ERA.
In the meantime we keep the following and don’t give him a 2nd look.
Adcock 2G, 3IP, 3H, 2ER, 2BB, 3K, 1.67WHIP, 6.00ERA
Badenhop 3G, 2.2IP, 4H, 2ER, 1BB, 3K, 1.88WHIP, 6.75ERA
Contreras 3G, 3IP, 6H, 7ER, 4BB, 1K, 3.33WHIP, 21.00ERA (also 3HR)
Matteus 2G, 1.1IP, 6H, 4ER, 3BB, 1K, 6.75WHIP, 27.00ERA

Hand gave up 6-7 runs in one outing in AAA last week.

Hand just came up for a cup of coffee/fill in. At Bats he’s 1-5 w/ 5.31 ERA over 18 G and 57.2 IP. BAA = .289. Last 5 appearances at Bats:
6/6, 2.2 IP, 5 ER
6/11, 5 IP, 4 ER
6/23, 5.1 IP, 2 ER
6/28, 4.1 IP, 4 ER
7/2, 4 IP, 6 ER

Yeah I was referring to the 4 IP, 6 ER appearance

Yes, I think the bigs are a bit too big for him right now.
Needs work; not even sure we’ll see him when rosters
expand, but that is pure conjecture on my part.

Badenhop is actually pitching far better over time…
Last 7, 2.84 ERA, 6.1 IP, 2 ER
Last 15, 2.87 ERA. 15.2 IP, 5 ER
Last 30, 5.46 ERA, 31.1 IP, 19 ER
…and, he does have credentials…
2012 TB 3.03 ERA, 62.1 IP
2013 MIL 3.47 ERA, 62.1 IP
2014 BOS 2.29 ERA, 70.2 IP

Still don’t like the old Tony LaRussa batting a position player 9th. Sure hope Reds Front Office/The GM make some major trades that help the REDS. The team need hitters, especially ones that can hit with runners on; and pitching from starters on.
Hope Reds don’t just sit Yorman, hope he gets to play. Hope Reds men in charge of team, help the team and not waste the trade deadline by doing nothing. Well I can hope!

Reds need to change line-up so it would be more productie,such as Hamilton,Phillips,Votto, Bruce,Frazier,Byrd,Pena,Suarez and the pitcher.—-Also Bud Black as Manager and anybody but Jocketty.

Votto . Phillips , Fraizer . Byrd ,Bruce , Barnhart , Surarez , Pitcher , Hamton .


I like that one . At least Votto is protecting Hamilton . The Reds need to get that kid going .

That is right on.

Very close to opening day line up minus injuries that would slide others into new spots. Price cant allow Hamilton and Votto back to back. It was too destructive on opposing pitchers. Had to put a stop to that right away. Votto was having a MVP season during that stretch.


I am really becoming impressed with Suarez. 21 G, 73 AB, 3 HR, 13 RBI, .329/.372/.493/.865…more stick than leather (.925); still very impressive.
He may be having a case of the vapors out at SS trying to fit in with Phillips
and the Reds, as his F% was .968 with Detroit. He can also play 3B.
One of our better pickups.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
The Royals should make an aggressive play to acquire the Reds‘ Johnny Cueto prior to the deadline, opines ESPN’s Christina Kahrl. She feels that the Royals are already strong favorites to win the AL Central, but adding Cueto gives them the rotation depth necessary to be a force in shorter playoff series. With Cueto and perhaps a returning Kris Medlen in the fold, Kahrl notes, the Royals can be shielded from the need to start Jeremy Guthrie in a pivotal postseason contest.

Suarez is the real deal. Lineup should look as follows. How Hamilton is not 1 and Votto isn’t 2 anymore is one of the worst coaching blunders I’ve seen. Just awful.

Phillps- He’s just a way more consistent hitter than Bruce

Cubs appear to have it working…now…we better get it going, and soon…
2015 – 44-37 .522
2014 – 73-89 .451
2013 – 66-96 .407
2012 – 61-101 .377

“There are financial resources if [president of baseball operations] Theo [Epstein] needs money to make a deal,” said Kenney. “No one I trust more to figure out what to do [than] Theo and [GM] Jed [Hoyer].”

While it is not exactly surprising to learn that the rising Cubs have the ability and willingness to spend, it is nevertheless notable for the organization’s top business executive to state that fact so clearly as the trade season heats up. It seems clear from his comments that the team’s purse is at least somewhat open for the front office to utilize in an effort to reach the postseason this year. And the comments also seem to indicate that ownership is handing plenty of leeway to its high-profile baseball decision-makers.

Phillips has lost his power the last two seasons. And, over the last 8 G he’s batting
6 for 33 or .182. He’s got 5 HR and 31 RBI. He’s projected to hit 10 HR and 62 RBI this season. Here are his lines over his career while batting 4th and 5th:
4th: .278/.326/.438/.764
5th: .324/.371/.472/.843
This year, thus far, he’s slashed a .277/.314/.372/.686; a power drought.
Last time he hit with power was in 2013, when he was 30.
I have a feeling we are seeing his best batting days in the rear view mirror.

If we can get Houston, KC, and LA to battle over Cueto, then maybe we can get a nice young middle infielder like Seager. Trade Phillips for relief minor prospects

A few problems with trading Phillips…
1) his decline in power numbers
2) his remaining contract numbers
2016 35 Cincinnati Reds $13,000,000
2017 36 Cincinnati Reds $14,000,000
3) he has veto power over what team he is traded to.
I think the Reds shopped him before this year or earlier
this season, but nobody would bite or make an offer.
Where he could go is if he’s shackled to a Cueto, Leake
or Chapman kinda trade; multiple players. But again,
he’s got the veto power. Or, the Reds just attempt to
get him to go to another team in order to get out from
underneath his bloated contract, while no expecting much
in return. I think the Reds would do that.

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