Game 80: Brewers at Reds



I will give Price credit . Since he started batting Hamilton ninth , he’s been consistent. I do like that .

GREAT NEWS. According to Rosecrans article, Price says Reds are not ruling out Cingrani from moving into the rotation after rehab. Let’s see, he can’t handle the strain of relief pitching, so you’re going to make him a starter. DUH!

So you’d rather run Josh Smith out there every 5th day?

Not the point. He’s injury prone last 2 years. Going to ruin him. Seasons gone. Bring up Stephenson or go with what you got. It’s not going to make a difference for this year. What is your recommendation ?

TOW is correct. This season is gone; nothing can be done to salvage it. And, when the rosters expand, the Reds should shuffle through as many as possible to see what they have for 2016. What obviously will be interesting is the new blood we obtain from our trades; there is no question that we will be trading our Reds off after the all-star game. Remember all…we (Reds) cannot continue to support a $115-$120 million salary base; nor would I; certainly not without a great amount of production. And, the Reds and production are, based on current analysis, at odds. What Castellini does from here on out will define what the Reds are all about moving forward. Overall, he has done some very, very good things; the guys under him…not so much.

Bottomline…post all-star game…let the rebuilding begin; within reason. Contracts for consideration? Cueto, Leake, Chapman, Bruce & Phillips; maybe even just a couple on the list as we all know they won’t all go; as a presented and negotiated deal defines their future with the Reds. Lastly, we all have to keep an eye on the end of next season…our TV/Cable contract is renegotiated moving forward and it could and should entice Castellini to raise salary levels and deals, however that is a year + away and we have to make decisions today for expiring contracts the end of this season. Poor timing; some may say…

Reds’ front office is incompetent .

You mean Jocketty ? Who hired him ?

ex Cardinal part owner the Reds big smelly cheese.


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