Game 79: Brewers at Reds

First pitch at 7:15 pm ET



Hamilton 9th why/ Jocketty still there why? pLEASE rEDS FANS START VOICING YOUR OPINIONS.

OK I’ll voice mine Hamilton is not a good lead off hitter that’s why he is batting ninth.

he is unable or simply not capa,able of drag bunting? The team should be using the players abilities —-study the Giants and the Cardinals.

Washington Nationals RHP Stephen Strasburg left Saturday’s 9-3 win over the San Francisco Giants in the fourth inning because of an injury. Seems to be following in the footsteps of Cingrani; too bad, he is thought to be ultra talented, but again, showing signs of being fragile. I remember awhile ago that they had this kid on a pitch count in his first few years.

My point exactly with this pitch count BS . Every team wants to protect their million dollar investments and they get hurt anyway , if you’re going to get hurt , you’re going to get hurt .

Interesting comparison on Frazier HR vs RBIs:
Stanton 27HR – 67 RBI
Arenado 24HR – 68 RBI
Harper 25 HR – 60 RBI
Frazier 25 HR – 54 RBI
Too many solo shots which may not be all Frazier’s fault.. Shared responsibility goes to offense for not getting enough baserunners.

Some talk about the trade that involved Arroyo. One of the best I think the Reds ever made…’unfortunately’…for Arroyo. He last pitched in 2014 and may never pitch again.
As I type this, I nearly cry as I think we all appreciated his tenacity and results; sorry to say.

Proved you can be a winner by pitching without having a blazing fastball. Would love to see more like him.

When I go to GABP I still wear with pride my Arroyo shirt he was the stability on that pitching staff that help it to become one of the best.

I have put down my comments down as what I think the Reds should do to help the team. But no one in the front office cares what the fans think. All Reds fans know the Reds need to make some major moves to get some hitters & pitchers. But as in years past, it will not be done. It’s useless to put down a persons opinions. So if the
owners & the GM are content being 15 games out in the standings, what can we fans do? Answer-nothing. The trade dead line will come and go and nothing will be done.

One fan, I just read, stated “voice your opinions, why? No one in the Front Office or GM will do any thing major to improve the team. So just get use to it fans. As I stated earlier, the trade dead line will come and go, the team will let players walk and get nothing in return. It is very sad to me that nothing will be done to improve the team. 15
games out and counting. So be it, no one cares it seems!

Fans can stay away from the ballpark. Don’t buy their licensed merchandise. Make it hurt their bottom line . That’s the only way they’ll listen .

Ain’t no way I’m not going to the ballpark I love the game too much and I love the Reds too much if you truly want to hurt them drop your TV subscription.

HoosierVirg, I would suggest you never complain about the organization since you are no different than the Cubs fans who would continue to show up and spend money all the while for a worthless product. Now look at their organization. As for the Reds, more bobble heads and fireworks bring out the sheep. As for the tv subscription you mentioned, as I do not have cable tv and purchased the MLB tv guide to watch on computer. Should I give that up even though I watch ANY game from ANY team and I do watch many teams other than the Reds? Going to the park and buying food / drinks/ souvenirs is the problem.

I have not complained about the organization I look at things through a analytical eye rather than an emotional one. Ballclubs get far more money from TV than they do from fans who attend a game.

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