Game 78: Brewers at Reds



Well, did Frazier get there?…final starting all-star lineup announced on Sunday.

A player I’ve been impressed with (hope I don’t jinx him) is Tucker Barnhart. Over the winter I was saying I didn’t think he would make it because he couldn’t hit. Well, between the winter months and spring training he obviously changed something. He has become a very good contact hitter and that combined with his catching skills has increased his value. Hope he continues.
Also, glad to see Votto and Frazier back in the #2 and #3 holes.

Good point. Actually, the bright spot (position) for the Reds over a number of years.
Pena – 56 G , 0 HR , 11 RBI, .298/.367/.340/.707
Barnhart – 25 G, 3 HR, 7 RBI, .296/.348/.444/.793
Funny, these slow lumbering type C’s are ‘get r done’ type players; their OBP is
incredible as is their AVG, their G calling above their level.
One of the Reds’ truly high spots; heck we can even look back awhile and see
another superior C for the Reds as a pickup…Mr. Hanigan.
The Reds get A+ on that position.

3-0 Brewers in the 4th…this is where either Votto and/or Frazier pad their numbers by hitting HRs…yet we lose, 3-1 or 3-2.

Sorry Neb, 9-0 already and a long way to go yet.

A total butt kicking tonight.

Or Bruce .

Or Bruce

Well same old REDS, blown away in another game. NO HITTING & LESS PITCHING. 15 games back and sinking more. Will the fans just get more excuses for
another year why the team couldn’t get this or that player in a trade. What’s it going to
take the fans just not go to the park, spend a large some of money, and watch the REDS just keep losing. Major moves have to be made and its past due. Got to get some top notch hitters and pitchers. REDS have players other teams want, so what
are the REDS waiting on? Probably waiting on the July trade deadline to come and go and do what they usually do, absolutely nothing!

Mercy me, this team is embarrassing to watch. 15 games back and sinking, is the GM/Front Office not going to get this team some hitters and pitchers. Year after year we fans hope, but nothing is done to try to improve the team. It will be the same for this trade deadline also. Nothing will get done and the REDS need some MAJOR help NOW! NOT EXCUSES-HITTERS & PITCHING NEEDED.

The Reds’ front office is incompetent.

Useless for a fan to leave a comment. The team is awful as it is. Nothing will be done to help the team. Trade deadline will come & go, no hitters or pitchers will come to the REDS just as in years past. 16 games out in the standings and the Front Office/GM will do nothing to improve the team. It only hurts the fans, the people in charge will continue to make a lot of money, while the team tumbles downward.

GOOD LUCK REDS been a fan for over 60 years. I get upset with the team now, I only hope the team will get help with some new hitters & pitchers via trades.

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