Game 74: Reds at Mets

4:36 p.m. first pitch.

Phillips 4
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Byrd 7
Pena 2
Suarez 6
Smith 1
Hamilton 8

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Hamilton still 9th let them use him as a pitcher—-better yet maybe work him into Louisville line-up and recall a hitter.

Now 16 games back of Cards, 6.5 games back of WC teams.
Put a fork in us…players even look average/mediocre; sorry to say.
Absolutely embarrassing.
Actually looking forward to being a “seller” very soon.

Not much to add. Suarez has 6 errors already. Thought his defense would be better. Looks like we’re medium-well heading for well-done.

Make that 16.5…Cards won their 6th in a row.

I don’t know what I look forward to. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Reds’ management to do anything right when it comes to building a winning franchise. They have decided to save face for the sake of the all star game instead of doing what should have been done before the season started . They keep thinking they can still win with this roster when the average fan knows better. This organization is hopeless .

No one’s mentioned Josh Smith – you are kind people. And no one’s mentioned how we made a legendary figure out of Mr. Matz, with his 4 RBIs. Or how Adcock’s beard makes the late lamented clean shaven policy look like brilliant. Or how, if the Reds get a man on before the homerun, they can score more than one run in an inning, but if they rely on walks and hits of the single and double variety, they can’t score at all. Some charity needs a sponsor to donate every time the Reds leave two or three men on base without scoring – goldmine! ‘Scoring position’ for the Reds should now be redefined as home plate, just before the solo HR. And then there’s the pitching: assume for a moment that Cueto and Leake are gone, and that Homer comes back, what’s next year’s rotation going to look like? Won’t 2016 be just another ‘learn on the job’ year for the maybe-good-enough young pitchers auditioning this year? If that’s the case, maybe all this talk of ‘retooling,’ as opposed to ‘light the fuse and run’ rebuilding, is just wishful thinking. How did the Astros and Twins get good? Let’s do what they did.

Astros Targeting Cueto Over Hamels
By Zach Links June 28, 2015
MLB Trade Rumors
In recent weeks, the Astros have been connected to Phillies ace Cole Hamels, but it doesn’t sound as though he’s their top pitching target. Instead, it’s Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto that is atop Houston’s wish list, according to sources who spoke with Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle.

One of the main reasons for their preference of Cueto over Hamels is that the Astros are seeking out a 2015 rental or possibly someone whose contract runs for one more year. With a hefty contract that runs through 2018, Hamels simply doesn’t fit the bill. Cueto, meanwhile, is only owed the prorated portion of his 2015 salary of $10MM, which is a little over $5MM the rest of the way. Hamels, meanwhile, is set to earn the balance of his $22.5MM salary for the remainder of this season, $22.5MM in the next three seasons, and a $20MM option/$6MM buyout that can vest with good health and a certain number of innings pitched.

For his part, Hamels recently indicated that he would be “open-minded” to being traded to any team, including the Astros. Instead, it sounds like Houston has their attention focused on the Reds’ pitching, where other suitors include the Dodgers, Yankees, and Blue Jays, a source tells Drellich. All in all, Drellich hears that the Phillies have been pumping up the perception of the Astros’ interest as negotiating leverage in talks about Hamels.

The Astros are casting a wide net in their effort to add a solid starter to their rotation to go with Dallas Keuchel, Collin McHugh, Vincent Velasquez, and Lance McCullers. In addition to Cueto and Mike Leake, the Astros are doing their homework on A’s lefty Scott Kazmir, Brewers right-handers Matt Garza and Kyle Lohse, and White Sox right-hander Jeff Samardzija.

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