Game 73: Reds at Mets

Phillips 4
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Bruce 9
Byrd 8
Schumaker 7
De Jesus 6
Barnhart 2
Lorenzen 1

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Where’s Billy and why would Price ever play Schumaker in Center? He can’t field to save his life.

is there anything more depressing than looking at the reds starting lineup and seeing skippy and his .218 batting average on it? walt does not seem to understand that you have to be more than a former cardinal to bring veteran leadership to a team. it helps if you have some actual talent to go with it. no other gm would be playing him or the other backup infielders when you have outfield prospects doing well in the minors. there is no possible way any of them could be worse than skippy and the rejects the reds trot out there every day. and even if they are they are cheaper and deserve more than the last week of the season playing time the reds give their Sept. call ups. when you are this far out of first place and depending on the 8 teams in front of you in the wild card to all lose while your team struggles to get to .500 there is no excuse not to call them up and play them!

Yorman Rodriguez, please.

Hope I’m wrong, but Skip in CF does not sound good to me. Mediocre in LF, scary in RF, and potentially a disaster in CF. If Billy is unable to play, it’s a sad state of affairs that Skip is the best we have to replace him.

Exactly. If not for anything else, this is why Negrón should still be on this team. He’s just as good a hitter, if not better, than Schumaker and can run and field. I have a feeling his stay in AAA will be short but still.

My bad. I know 7 is LF. Don’t know what I was thinking and I was sober.

I knew…maybe you should…

NEXT MANAGER PLEASE —–sorry it is really an important problem 1950 since I have been a fan I have Reds in an apba league —-please WE FANS LOVE YOU.

doen’t matter who the next manager is as long as walt is in charge nothing will change. it is scarey to think he is the guy who will decide the reds future if they ever do decide to move any players. aside from the young group of starting pitchers the reds have every other prospect we keep hearing about in the reds system is just not ready to help the reds while the other teams in our division have no problem calling up players when they need help. the last thing this organization needs are more not ready for prime time players he will get in trades!

Well I have the Mets in my apba league…at least you don’t have them.


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