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wow seems like the Reds hitters need to be there—he can be effective let him hit for Hamilton.

Dang…tenacity is the best way to describe these guys…
Cards 3, Cubs 2 F/10

You’re right Neb . That’s what winning franchises do , year after year . The Reds aren’t a winning franchise . One or two years of winning and then falling back into mediocrity is not a winning franchise.

Absolutely ridiculous, this time REDS get only 2 hits off Mets pitcher making his MLB debut. Over and over, I have said the REDS need hitters, and this really shows it. The pitching isn’t much better. When they do pitch good, hitting disappears, plus most of the time, cannot hold leads when they do get them, this team needs help in both areas. REDS have a lot of players other teams want, so PLEASE Mr. REDS GM
do something for once to help the team, or some one in Front Office make some moves either by trades or call ups. GET the team some help, already 13 games back,
isn’t it time to at least slow that part down some, be nice to win some games instead of win 1 or 2, then lose 4 or 5. Surely other fans see this. Please write in about your frustrations. Get the REDS to do something to help the team NOW!


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