How about this play?

Brandon Phillips turned another spectacular defensive play. Check out this double play in the eighth inning Thursday night vs. the Pirates.


As we have seen over the years, there is none better at acrobatic plays from
a second baseman. His ‘don’t waist time when there is a better way’ attitude
is rare and unique; haven’t seen that type of play since a Cards SS some time

BTW…to me, that is what BB is all about. You can have your HR and offensive outbursts, but pitching and superb D is what chimes my bells. I grew up watching
one of the arguably best CF of all time, yet he never really received his true accolades. It was ‘three-dog’. Anyone wanna guess whose nickname that was?
In any event, he could go get em just like Hamilton is and Hamilton reminds me
alot of him; however, he could do what I have not seen Hamilton do…he could go
back to the fence, find it and leap up a couple of feet (beyond) and rob would be HR hitters of their bounty. He was something. He was and is my all-time favorite MLB palyers. But, then again, I guess we all grow up with a favorite that seems indelibly etched in our minds; blinded by today’s up and coming.

“…best CF of all time.” Ok, I will admit I got carried away. In my mind, Mays was
the best…all-time.

Phillips was fantatic. That play was a game saver and then he wins it with the HR. WOW !

You guys are right on . Phillips is soooo good. He’s having a great year . Sure, he’s lost some power but I’m glad he’s a Red .

Yeah – awesome game for BP. Glad for him.

Two thoughts for those who know more to ponder: 1) is this a good time for the Reds to start playing good baseball? Better to stand pat and try to move up the standings, or blow it up between the All-Star game and the trade deadline? Does this modest run make the decision harder? and 2) has the previous generation’s devaluing of the stolen base produced a litter of catchers who can’t throw and is that what’s making Hamilton’s base stealing possible (and why pitchers don’t seem skilled at holding the runner at first – and sometimes second)? Finally, really love the way Dat Dude plays and the joy he plays with!

Unfortunately, it isn’t about production or playing super or poorly…it’s about the same thing you and I worry about every day; $$$. We (the Reds) just can’t keep paying higher and higher prices to keep these players in red. Some of the higher price salary players have to go to make room for lesser price salary players. We (fans) can’t fault the Reds (Castellini) for that; he put a much better team together over the last hand full of years and we nearly made it to the promised land. As time marches on, salaries will inevitably march on as well; this day is bound to happen, especially when you have talented and skilled players moving into their 30’s and they remain talented. Don’t you want to make more money the longer you stay with a company and perform? So does a ballplayer, just on a different pay scale.


One last note to take this conversation full circle…Castellinin gave us amazing talent for the last several years, unfortunately, we didn’t perform and now salaries have gotten in the way. Actually, that is why I am so negative toward Price; we don’t have time to train you! Hopefully, next manager will be ready to hit the track running and the players will start playing to their full potential; sad part is that we are on the
down side of that ‘hope’.

Phillips would help a number of teams and possibly play in the series again this year ,plus would bring a young hopeful or 2 on board.

the problem is no one wants to pay his salary. Which I dont understand, its not that bad. But defense is not looked at in the way it should and his offense is good, not great but good. This team has a lot of good trade pieces and it should trade a couple and keep a couple. If they need to trade Bruce or Phillips to pay Frazier then ok. I just dont want them to do what they have been which is pay 3 or 4 guys who basically can do nothing the same as paying Leake, Cueto, or Frazier.

Date (min. 70 games into season)
Road team (record) Home team (record) Combined record (win pct.)
June 26, 2015 Cubs (39-32) Cardinals (48-24) 87-56 (.608)
June 30, 1977 Cubs (47-24) Cardinals (41-33) 88-57 (.607)
Sept. 4, 1946 Cubs (72-57) Cardinals (82-49) 154-106 (.592)
Aug. 12, 1968 Cardinals (76-42) Cubs (63-55) 139-97 (.589)
Aug. 2, 1968 Cubs (56-52) Cardinals (71-37) 127-89 (.588)
July 31, 1967 Cardinals (62-40) Cubs (58-45) 120-85 (.585)
…we are really up against it, this season.

Unfortunately for Phillips, his power numbers have decreased over the last two seasons. Prior to 2014, he routinely hit 18 HR and 70-100 RBI. This season he is
projected to hit 9 HR and only 64 RBI. As an aside, batting him lead-off won’t help these number either. In any event, the guy is still stellar with the leather and has ok speed. One last note, over the last 2 1/2 seasons, his WAR is decreasing as well; plateauing at 1.7 for 2013 and 2014, 1.6 so far this season. Here is his remaining contract numbers:
2016 35 Cincinnati Reds $13,000,000
2017 36 Cincinnati Reds $14,000,000
Earliest Free Agent: 2018

I forgot to mention, he’ll be 34 on June 28th. I think teams will see him as a ‘declining player’ rather than a hot commodity. Therefore, his promised salaries may well be too healthy. This contract we signed was an all or none proposition; don’t think we thought we would ever want to trade him. So, here we are.

Good play by Phillips? Yes! Necessary play by Phillips? NOT IN THE LEAST BIT! Playing flashy for a losing team? Not sure I get it, but that is always how Brandon has rolled so I give him credit for sticking to who he is.

Not too sure what Hamilton thought yesterday. He literally stopped between lst and 2nd and attempted to go back to first after the C threw the ball to 2nd. However, the C saw him stop and he was tagged out after a brief rundown. Never seen him do that.

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