Game 71: Reds at Pirates

Phillips 4
Votto 3
Frazier 5
Byrd 7
Pena 2
Suarez 6
Schumaker 9
DeSclafani 1
Hamilton 8

*Aroldis Chapman is “in transit” to Pittsburgh, Bryan Price said. Chapman, who missed two games on paternity leave, is expected to rejoin the club and be back on the roster in time for tonight’s game.

*From the MLB Network research department: Joey Votto sees more low pitches (54.7 percent of pitches) than typical (50.6 percent) because he is such a good low ball hitter – his .990 OPS in plate appearances ending down in the zone is second-best in the league behind Bryce Harper (.648 league average). Votto has 10 home runs off low pitches – one less than league leader Giancarlo Stanton.

*Also — Votto has reached base safely in 31 consecutive games, batting .312/.432/.596 in that stretch. Votto is batting .308 with a .419 on-base in 31 career PA vs. Pirates starter A.J. Burnett.

*Jay Bruce is 3-for-31 (.097) with 11 strikeouts lifetime vs. Burnett, hence his night off from the lineup.

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getting nights off against guys you can’t hit reminds me of Joe Morgan faking ailments to miss Steve Carlton. And yes that’s true.

Ha Ha – I guess Morgan should be banned since he potentially effected a game’s outcome negatively, unlike Rose who did not.

still no hot rumours and still Jocketty —–I guess the only hope is the Reds going to Montreal with a new owner—–wow break my heart / please act as if your still somewhat alive ., please

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