Game 70: Reds at Pirates (updated)

Hamilton 8

DeJesus 4

Votto 3

Frazier 5

Bruce 9

Byrd 7

Suarez 6

Barnhart 2

Leake 1

**** Brandon Phillips was scratched as of 3:15.

**** Phillips was scratched with a jammed left thumb. More later on and

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Barnhart 2 days in a row? I like this kid a LOT and I think he has a future here, but Pena has been our #1 since Mesoroco went down. Is Price writing the season off and playing the young guys, or is there a problem with Pena I haven’t heard about?

time to put back Hamilton in the leadoff spot or get rid of him —-the Reds are the most stupid line-up team in the nl —-please Cassillinior gasoline alley allow the fans to be fans get rid of Jocketty and get a GM that has an abilility to find good trades and good managers please.

Lmao. The Reds home page stats for last 7 games shows Pena catching 3 games and Barnhart 2 games. Who caught the other 2.

Last 7 days, not games. There was a rainout and off day in that span.

My dumb. Thanks.

its almost like Price cant put Hamilton then Votto. I mean really lets dump DeJesus in there. WHY???? Just leave Votto in the two hole. What does that hurt. Oh and the only reason Hamilton was in lead off was because Phillips was scratched. I am sure Hamilton will be back in the 9 hole when he comes back. This makes no sense. Really Phillips to me is a perfect 4 or 5 hole hitter. He doesnt walk and doesnt strike out. He always makes contact…

I still feel , with the current roster , Votto is the best choice for the lead off spot . Leave Hamiltin ninth and he will flourish .

1. first and foremost, he lacks speed
2. seldom if ever could steal
3. with nobody on – SP would go after him
4. more likely to hit l RBI HRs
5. waist of his power
He moves the game along when there are men
on base ahead of him. At minimum, he sets the
table for BB boys (Bruce, Byrd).

Interesting tid bit. Of the 5 NL games this afternoon, 3 teams (Cubs, Mets, Padres) had their SP in the 8 hole.

I saw that as well. It’s in vogue now; that is, as long as all know that the 9th hitter will have 1 less turn at the plate, on average. I am sure any team that deploys this
action thoroughly knows this.

BTW…I continue to believe that the fastest man in MLB, and most successful base runner would be better served batting as many times as possible;
ergo: batting in the 1 hole would serve the team for a number of reasons as
many of us have outline before. But I think we all find this topic ‘whipped to
death’. On a different note…the B-team is put in place today because the A-team
can’t hit the SP. Gotta wonder what would happen in the playoffs!?* (TIC)

Agree. I’m going to try to watch this trend daily to see if teams change, so it’s a once in awhile thing or not, I agree with you that Hamilton with his disruptiveness, which was on display in our 4 run 1st inning yesterday, should be sitting in the leadoff spot. Only got on once, but stole 2 bases, and scored a run.

any news about activity Reds may be doing—–THE ALLSTAR GAME STILL TAKING Cassillini and JOCKETTY” S TIME 1950 PLEASE MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO ALL MY APBA BUDDIES oh well the Air Force had some problems also.

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