Price explains Cueto being pushed back

Both manager Bryan Price and Johnny Cueto agreed that the Reds ace could have pitched on Tuesday vs. the Pirates. Instead, Cueto is now starting on Friday vs. the Mets.

Cueto is going along with the plan and didn’t complain. But he also didn’t seem thrilled with the change.

“I don’t think anything. They’re the ones who know,” Cueto said via translator Tomas Vera.

Does he feel fine?

“Yeah, I could have pitched today but they’re the ones who know,” Cueto said.

Last month, Cueto missed a start because of right elbow stiffness. Price noted there was no new injury issue but the club also to give Cueto extra, extra rest to get him back to 100 percent.

“He had that little pocket of inflammation that has been an area where we’ve really tried to strengthen it when we skipped him after the Kansas City start and we haven’t gotten ourselves all the way back to 100 percent,” Price said. “It just seemed to make sense that we weren’t going to be able to get him there without giving him a little time off, and time for treatment and his strength back up. He could pitch. He could have pitched today just like he had the other starts. … I don’t see another window without having to do something with the roster and send somebody out and start to juggle and do things we didn’t want to do. We’re just taking advantage of a few days off.”

Price was asked if all was well with Cueto’s elbow.

“There’s nothing that’s inconsistent with what we’ve already dealt with this year,” Price replied. “All the MRI stuff he did in his elbow, all the structural stuff is great. That’s a non-issue. That little area of fatigue, I won’t say it’s nagging, but it’s been a pain in the backside and we’re trying to knock that out completely and get his strength where it needs to be and we shouldn’t have any issues the rest of the way.”

There will be more later on


Great example Price…he says he can pitch and he’s hot under the collar about the decision. You say he could pitch. Castellini says that he hasn’t given up on 2015 and we’re a hand full of games away from the WC. Yet, you decide to rest Cueto, our best, our numero uno SP, instead pitch a kid that has never pitched in the bigs. Why is it all or nothing? Why not start Cueto and limit his pitch count? How about letting him go 4 or so innings and then bring in the kid and see what he can do? We gotta win and gotta win now; we are fast approaching mid season and to play every game as if it’s the beginning of the season only shows or reveals a novice manager making, once again, a poor decision.

Couldn’t agree more . They’re going to trade him anyway . This organization continues it’s downward spiral .

This is the kind of crap reasoning that Price has become famous for and why he is rated by experts as one of the worst managers in baseball.

I guess it just comes down to wanting to make sure he’s a healthy Cueto come
mid July.

Wow! Price is so full of crap. Just admit you are shopping Cueto and be done with all the shifty eye lying.

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